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I'm starting to get worried because I am really not sure how I did...:confused: :confused: I didn't seem to think the questions were all that hard, but, I know I missed alot too. I felt like some of... Read More

  1. by   pagandeva2000
    Quote from nurse2bmom
    I'm starting to get worried because I am really not sure how I did... I didn't seem to think the questions were all that hard, but, I know I missed alot too. I felt like some of the one's I didn't know, I should've known. Who's to say what the standard of hard is though. My test turned off at 85 (PN). Who thought their NCLEX was easy and did you pass or fail?

    Also...what's up with those 15 q's that don't count? Are those your 1st 15 to test your level or are they mixed throughout the test??

    Any response would be appreciated...
    Took NCLEX-PN last year, and it shut down at 85. Hardest exam I ever laid eyes on...and strange. But, yes, I passed. I wish the same for you. Good luck.
  2. by   FutureUSRN
    Generally, the harder it gets, the higher the chances that you nailed it....
  3. by   Jokerhill
    I was in and out of the testing center in less than an hour. I don't know if it was easy but they asked questions I knew the answers to. When I returned to the hotel where My wife and I stayed the night my wife thought I just forgot something and was going back. I was sure I passed, as I said I just knew the answers.
  4. by   Miss LVN
    OH LAWD! Ok, so I just got back home a lil while ago and I finished my exam at approx. 3:50 (starting at 11:0am). GIRLS & BOYS.........that was theeee most hardest test, harder than my hesi exit exam, I have ever taken!!So many questions with all possible answers. My first 3 were easy, but it started getting harder and somewhere in the middle it just kept getting harder and harder. Oh wait, and not to mention...so I was at 84, thinking for sure i'd be down in two clicks. Clicked next after 84, freakin screen goes gray!!!! I'm like, whhhaaaaaaaaat!! PN's minimum is 85, and I'm not a dumbass!!!! Screen pops up, "At this time you may take a break. Click yes if you wish to break and no to continue exam." I was like, geeeeeeeeeeeez, teasing me!! So it happened again at like 121 and I finally shut off at 193. The questions toward the end were killers, I thought. So just like you and the others, I sit and wait. I pray that we all pass!!
  5. by   wdiehl
    i cant even remember anymore what my test was about but i do know that i feel that it wasnt brain hard like memorization but priority and what would you do first or not the right answer but the best answer if i feel that i really thought it through and picked the best answer that i did ok but then i think how could i set myself up for failure just be prepared to take it over again and be prepared to have a misirable time untill you get you att again and spend 275 more $ because theres no way that i did well because i ran out of time and i probably saught to much into the question either way i know i failed i try to have faith but its hard im already working and have a job offer at a local hospital i just dont want to face them when i have to retake the test but what am i to do quit not!!!!!!!!! ive come too far ill get there i dont care if i have to take it 5 times i hope everyone out there is doing ok awaiting there results, good luck to us www
  6. by   DarciaMoonz
    My questions started out easy and then I don't know what happened. I know the test proctor heard me say "***, who came up with these questions, this is ridiculous". I felt like I failed. I felt like they were pretty hard. Many of them were priority questions, some peds, a few psych, and a few math questions (one of them a two part equation).
  7. by   GIRN
    I thought it was a terrible test. There were a lot of questions that had a couple of right answers...I looked them up in the parking lot after I left and even with the book...it was hard to know which answer they wanted. I took 2 hours to take the test even though it shut off after 75 and I did pass. This is such powerful motivation to keep up my license cause I NEVER want to have to take the NCLEX again!!! I can't imagine it after being out of school for a few years.

    For people that haven't taken the test yet...the best advice is to get as many practice questions in as possible through the CDs. And for people that are still in school....buy the practice books now and as you're covering the material in school, quiz yourself on the NCLEX material at the same time. We found that some of our instructors were using some of the same NCLEX books that we were, and they were taking some of their test material from those books. The questions on our test in school came straight out of some of the NCLEX books. So, if you're covering diabetes now, look up diabetes questions from NCLEX and know those inside and out. Chances are, your instructor will ask verbatim the same material that NCLEX wants you to know. GOOD LUCK!
  8. by   Jules A
    I didn't find it especially hard but I'm normally a pretty confident test taker so that helps. I did the PN test in 50 minutes, 85 questions. Since it shut off at the minimum number I was certain I had passed because I knew I didn't do so poorly that it wouldn't have given me some extra questions.
    We'll see what the RN test is like.
  9. by   purple1953reading
    I had a niece who took the test, and had to take all of the questions, and did not know if she didn't know that many answers or was just one of the unfortunate ones who had to take all the questons. Mine went from the beginning to more and more difficult questions. I was done in 20 minutes, and it took me longer to do the post was the room comfortable, chairs right height/ part than the exam. Felt like I couldn t have failed in that few questions> I thought that maybe people consider them difficult because they are like 5 part questions, with history, labs, meds, etc. Maybe people expect short one word answer questions, instead of having to analyze what lab results are normal, take in to consideration their age, sex, nationality, prior history, etc. They often post the results for schools on how many out of a given class pass, in the state nursing quarterly. Look up your school before you start is a good idea.
  10. by   Miss LVN
    i took mine april 4th and i am still waiting for results (nclex-pn). in school at every terms end we took a hesi test and at the end, we had an exit hesi exam which would let you pass if you scored 850 points. if you got anything under that, you didn't graduate. so i thought after all that and my review course, i was ready to take the nclex. so as i drove up to the pearson vue, i was nervous as hell and when i got in and answered the 1st 3 questions....haaay not bad, except i have a feeling it's going to get harder. oh and did it!! it would get harder and harder then they threw in a string of fairly easy ones like dosage/math questions. and then it would get extremely hard. like questions with the possible three answers! shoot, maybe four good answers even, but you had to prioritize! mine shut off at 193 and i was so heartbroken after. i felt like my brain was working so hard and boom, 193, done. i walked out feeling a lil different, like you know what, i think i passed. but then it all changed again when i started calling the friends. "were the last three hard?" "did your questions go from easy to hard" i got all those questions from classmates and friends, and i thought, oh crap i'm done, i'm a gonner, i didn't make it probably. let me tell you all, every night has been a living nightmare for me. i feel so sorry for my hubby....who would want to hear my voice whining every day?!!! so i wait like most of you guys. i'm going to church in an hour and i will pray and i'm going to pray for you all too!
  11. by   jls1117
    Quote from RNsRWe
    "Easy" is relative. What I might consider an easy question, another might consider difficult, and vice versa. Didn't you know people in school who easily answered questions you found hard? Did that make the questions hard or easy?

    As long as the questions you get and answer correctly are at or above the minimum passing standard, you pass. Doesn't matter if you found them easy or hard. Some of the questions I got I rememeber thinking "this is for a NURSING exam, not a pre-requ for brain surgeons??". But some of them got me thinking "this is too easy, I must be failing this exam to get such a simple, straightforward question".

    I passed the exam with both types of questions on my screen. Which questions were at the minimum standard, which were above or below, I couldn't say, no one here can either.

    A former classmate of mine swore her test was way too easy, and she didn't believe that she likely got about half of them wrong. She felt she aced it, lol. And another found the test a total mind-wringer, sweating all the way through, and she didn't believe she could even have gotten 25% right, let alone 50%. They both passed.
    i thought mine was easy...well coz it was the second time around for me and it stopped at 78....i dunno if its coz i was really prepared for it this time...coz i graduated in december..took a review class then n studied, then took it on March, but failed so i started studying again..so its kinda like i never stopped studying ever since i started around January..so when i re-took the exam i went thru 78 questions in about 2 hours...maybe i got so used answering questions coz i practiced more than 1000 questions during my review...
  12. by   blackmama
    i feel the same way too..