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  1. DarciaMoonz

    Considering Move From Connecticut To Ohio

    thanx barefootlady. No I haven't yet, but that will be my next stop.
  2. DarciaMoonz

    Considering Move From Connecticut To Ohio

    Hi All:-) I have a few questions to ask, and search is getting me confused lol. I am currently licensed in CT as a LPN, but am looking to move to another state. I have decided on either moving to Pennsylvania, or Ohio, but wanted more info about nursing in Ohio, specifically average pay rate and cost of living. I have been a LPN here for a little over a year, and my current pay rate (depending on where I go) is anywhere from $21.00/hr-$23.00/hr. COL here in CT is usually equal to or more than what anyone can afford, but I am comfortable and have become accustomed to getting paid a certain amount here. My average take home pay after the goverment gets finished ripping my check apart is usually between $730.00-$800/wk. What can expect in terms of pay, job availability, and housing in OH. Any and all answers are greatly appreciated and any websites that can give some ideas would be wonderful. Thanx Everybody for your help:-)
  3. DarciaMoonz

    Do you say you're a nurse...

    I say I'm a nurse. I took the state boards and as long as that last letter in the title that I have worked so hard to get says "nurse", than that is what I am. When people have a question or need me for something on the floor (be it to speak with a family member of a resident via phone or face to face, or to speak with others involved in the care of a resident) they ask for the nurse, not the registered nurse, not the licensed practical nurse, not the advanced practicing nurse, But the nurse :-)
  4. DarciaMoonz

    Why is it that some CNA/LPN/RN think it's ok....

    It doesn't bother me. I work with a team of spanish speaking cnas (whom I love) and I am actually slowly learning the language just from listening to them. I don't see why some people take it to heart. What is that you are trying to find out from their conversation. If it doesn't concern you and it is of private matters than why are you so curious and causing yourself undo stress to hear. To me it is just being plain nosy. Better yet how would you feel if you went to another country and they told you that you could not speak english in front of them? Maybe it is done out of respect to not offend anyone because what they may or may not be saying is laced with racy terms. This is supposed to be America, One of the most diverse countries in the world. We do have many foreign people here and they deserve the same respect of cultural practices as we do. Also some cultures are more animated when speaking than others, so what you may see as being a heated debate may be nothing at all. I say as long as they (geez I hate that term "they", it seems so impersonal) speak english when addressing any concerns to you or when gathering information to get whatever work assignment done, then it shouldn't be an issue. Did you ever stop to think that it may be easier for them to convey information to one another using their native tongue being that it has been spoken by them far more than our language?
  5. DarciaMoonz

    LPN Starting Salary

    It depends on a few things on how much you get paid. One: is location. Some states pay more than others. Two: The facility type. Generally nursing homes pay more. I think it's because they utilize the LPN more than the hospital setting which usually hire RNs. Three: Would be shift. Nights and evenings pay more than days. Those are only a few factors to consider.
  6. DarciaMoonz

    Do you get paid enough for what you do?

    I am pretty happy with the amount I get paid. It really isn't too much more than what I was making as a Surgical Technologist, but it's okay. I have to say I have reached my goal, or my "what I want to get after I finsh school. I can pay my rent, and other priority bills and still be left with a little something to buy a book or two for myself. I work days so in all honesty I wasn't expecting to get paid very much. After I am done getting everything together, I am going to enroll in the RN program.:-)
  7. DarciaMoonz

    What Is Going On?????

    Have you tried career builder? They are pretty good. It took me a while to find a job too. The other thing that you could try is just apply even if they don't have anything posted for the job that you are looking for. Things change daily, so you never know. When you go online look and apply for places that say they hire graduate nurses. good luck to you and don't give up.
  8. DarciaMoonz

    What do YOU do as an LPN?

    In Connecticut, I think we all do the same. But my duties consist of:-Assessments-FSBS (fingersticks)-Wound treatments and any other treatment on my unit-I.V. therapy (when I have one)-Setting up or taking someone off a CAPD cycler-Manual exchanges for CAPD residents-Vaccinations for flu/placements of Mantoux and reading of it-writing tx orders for small stuff like skin tears (i.e. clean with NS, apply bacitracin, and cover with DCD) the supervisor reviews it and signs off on it-A ton of paperwork-have to do all of my own V/S (they don't allow these to be delegated off at the facility I am currently at which I think is a bummer, and it would save me so much time, if I didn't have to do that in addition to the brutal med pass on my unit)-g/j tubefeeds-supposed to help feed at lunch time, but I have right now 31 residents on my unit and I am lucky if I can finish the med pass at 11!!I am supposed to do all of this stuff and be done by 3 p.m. (hahahaha, I do real world nursing, NOT book nursing, but I think some don't know the difference. Man I wish I was on the day my supervisor was working my unit, I heard it was a hoot, and now she isn't so pushy about me or the others getting things done because she knows how difficult it is lol)
  9. DarciaMoonz

    Feeling Unappreciated

    I don't feel as "bruised" now as I did when I posted this. I just go in there now, and do what I am supposed to do, what I was trained to do. I have been working a bit harder now, don't know if it is because I am trying to prove something to them or to myself. I was asked whether or not I was staying or going because now they are down another nurse who basically said "screw them", of course using words more colorful than I can post up here. I go back because of the people I care for during my 8-10 hours that I am there. I go back for their families who need some support (emotionally, or just an ear to listen to their concerns), I go back because I don't think it matters where I go, the same problems with persist. The only difference between some place else and where I am now, is my being familiar with most of the faces and attitudes. Unfortunately healthcare has too many disparities for me to fix alone, and change is slow, but it is coming. All of the supervisors are wonderful, but like stated above, I and my other co-workers all have to deal with the "warm body syndrome" that seems to be plaguing the healthcare community. And that being said, I plan to continue on my path of nursing and be the best that I can be. Stay informed about new policies and procedures to make the best my best. I have just learned to go by what I believe, "becareful who you trust". I am learning to say no and not feel so guilty about later too, so kudos to me. It may seem like a meaningless step to some, but for me its a giant leap.
  10. DarciaMoonz

    I want to do something else

    I can relate to all of that stuff on your list, but I think it will get better... I hope it will anyways. I've only gotten out of work on time twice, and that was during the first two days of orientation. Now I get out an hour or so later, and go home shower off all the icky stuff, and hit the sac. I've tried to explain to my friends who are not doing this that it is more of a mental and emotional drain than it is physical and that is why when I get home I don't want to be bothered. Well whatever you chose to do, I hope you find what feels right for you, good luck.
  11. DarciaMoonz

    nurses are vastly underpaid and vastly unappreciated!

    I wish more people were aware that we're not ignoring you or minimizing your needs, but we can't always stop in the middle of something to get to them the moment you ask. Case in point, there is a particular patient who thinks that she is supposed to be first for everything. I have explained to her, that I have three people on insulin who need their blood sugars checked, and need to be treated first because they may need insulin. Her reply "well smoking starts in a few minutes, so I need my meds first and my cigarettes". My silent reply is something that I would probably be banned for (heehee), but I just continue what I was doing and she waits, and gets upset, but I think that I am right priority wise. I told her that we need to switch places so she can see what it is like having so many people wanting to be first and the amount of stress we go through, she laughed and said my job was easy. I laughed with her because she has no idea:-)
  12. DarciaMoonz

    Feeling Unappreciated

    Hey all, I will try to keep this short. Yesterday when I was at work, I thought everything was going fine. I was able to do all of my treatments (one which takes almost an hour by itself) and do my med pass. I had completed most of my paperwork during lunch, so I felt great. Well I was sitting down with the APRN and we were talking about me asking to become the regular 7-3 nurse on the floor I was on. I had my doubts about the availability of it, but felt like it wouldn't hurt to inquire about it anyways. Well apparently there has been some "talk" about how I don't leave on time, and how I am not able to do everything (whatever that entails), and I felt hurt after that. I am not I.V. certified yet, so I have to call someone who is to manage them, I am not CAPD certified yet, and once again I have to call someone who is. I have 30+ residents to pass meds on and most the med pass is brutal. I come to work on time, always happy and confident that I will get better at this, but yesterday cast doubt on my abilities. I haven't been a nurse long, not even for sixth months yet and this happens. I wanted to go into the office and scream because the first week I worked, I had just begun my orientation I was talked into working a double on my day off!!!! because they couldn't get anyone else to do it. Many times when they didn't have anybody, since I have been there, I have worked when no one else wanted to. I have even stayed because my relief didn't show up or call to say she wasn't coming. I don't do a "knock there socks off job" because I am still learning, but I think I do a damned good one... well I thought I did. Patients and families compliment me on my bedside manner, and I have been told by many that they like me better than their regular nurse. Anyways, after hearing that, and being given a warning for "call outs" (I had got very sick, and even though I told the doc. I will return to work the next day, it was adviced that I didn't d/t the fever and vertigo) I told the supervisor that I don't think I will be there much longer. Now they are trying to be ultra nice to me and I hate it:angryfire. Even called me today to see how I was doing!!!!!!!! I really don't want to go back there, but I have bills to pay and can't afford to be out of work. The shift is what I was looking for, and it's full time. I just feel intimidated now, and am not sure how to react. They are already losing a damned good infection control nurse, a DNS who actually did the facility some good since I've been there, and a super nights nurse. Can they afford to lose anyone else. The facility already has a bad rep., and it seems that the people they need to get rid of are the ones that stay. I am hurt, scared, and confused:(
  13. DarciaMoonz

    Jobs for LPN's....is it true???

    I live in Connecticut, and there seems to be a descent amount of jobs. As for the hospital, it depends on what department. Like one of the local hospitals here hires LPNs, some work the floors but most seem to end up in dialysis. The pay isn't much, but the experience is great especially if you float. Most of the job openings are for LTC, and home care. It also depends on the shift your looking for. I prefer days (like most of everyone else), and it seemed to me that there were no jobs because the shift I was looking for at the time, was almost NEVER available. The shift that seems to have the most openings is 3p-11p, which is not for me. But I agree with the other posters, just look around. Many times, for instance here, a position will be open, but not posted in the newspaper, or anywhere. The job I have now, is f/t days (once again very hard to get), I got from just taking a day and filling out apps. at a variety of places. Congrats for choosing nursing as a career and good luck to you.
  14. DarciaMoonz

    How has Nursing changed you?

    I don't feel any different really. More stressed sometimes due to the fact that I am still fairly new to nursing. People sometimes treat me different and I don't always like it. I feel like I am the same person now as I was when I was a CNA. I only changed/added to the care I provide to people. Some days are better than others, and I guess it is to be expected. I am happy to say that I am a nurse and am proud of having accomplished such a challenging course:-)
  15. DarciaMoonz

    LPN Employment Poll

  16. DarciaMoonz

    My First Med. Error

    Yeah, I found out very fast that real world nursing is wayyyyyy different from what I was doing in school. I have work experience in surgery which is fast paced, but.... I guess I can't really use that as experience because I only had to deal with one patient, although there was usually a number of residents, plus the main surgeon all with their hands out for instruments. I am really considering going back to the O.R. as a tech. The pay is the same, but it is an environment I am familiar with and one I enjoyed alot. Some days I question why my career choice. The facility is very understaffed for whatever reason. I am just more careful, and let people know that I can't be interrupted when preparing meds because I don't want to give them or give their loved one the wrong medication. It is working out pretty well so far, even though I got chewed out by a resident because she was " sitting in this chair for five minutes, and you won't tell me where my sister is", after I had explained to her I don't know her sister or where she may be, but I could find out after I was threw preparing meds for the woman whom I had prepared for eyedrop instillation. It's an interesting job to say the least. Happy Nurse's Week to you all