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awaiting for Schedule A visa..
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FutureUSRN specializes in awaiting for Schedule A visa...

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  1. FutureUSRN

    To those nurses planning to work in US without agency

    Direct hire is better than agency. However, due to the retrogression, facilities or hospitals are shying away from hiring foreign nurses because it is a long wait for them. My personal experience was that I was interviewed by the hospital and was able to pass it. After learning that if they petition me, it will take years, they backed-out. Most HRs think that using agency will speed up the process and that's why some will refer you to their recruiters. However, be careful, the recruiters will let you sign a contract that is one-sided in favor of them. Using Agencies (Registries) is another tricky matter. Some will really exploit nurses. They have hidden charges that you don't know and can't escape once you start working for them. I have friend who received a paycheck ( - 200$). Yes, it's negative. Negative two hundred dollars. The next month she received 35$ paycheck. Not enough to survive another month.
  2. FutureUSRN

    Please read concerning July Bulletin

    Dear Suzzane, what happens after this surge of AOS applications in the US? Will there be a long retrogression? Are we seeing two or three years retrogression for the Philippines' EB3?
  3. FutureUSRN

    Agencies, recruitment

    I even found a contract that says "if the agency cannot find an employer for the client (nurse), the client shall pay the agency with all the expenses incurred plus 20,000 USD"... Can you imagine that?
  4. FutureUSRN

    NVC Revised Visa Bulletin, What does it mean

    Very true...for that reason, my lawyer is filing my I-140 this coming August....getting a visa is another story....I have no problem waiting actually...I am still enjoying my life....it's summer time, you know... regarding trusting the Visa Bulletin or not....it's up to us individually....but with the recent events, I would look at it but wouldn't trust it.....it will always have a shade of doubt in my eyes....
  5. FutureUSRN

    NVC Revised Visa Bulletin, What does it mean

    It means, three months of waiting.... it means, we have ample time to prepare all our documents... it means , we have enough time to plan our way forward.... it means, we cannot trust the visa bulletins anymore....
  6. FutureUSRN

    Retrogression Is Not Over

    Retrogression starts again before it ended......it isn't really over....hang-on and wait for October bulletin...that is if we can still trust the DOS Visa Bulletin....
  7. FutureUSRN

    Retrogression back on track .... a rumor???

    Does it mean it will be current in October as new numbers will come in?
  8. FutureUSRN

    CIR is finished

    If the DOS will revise the July Bulletin to make all EB-3 Visas retrogressed, then it would somehow help nurses push the Schedule A only bridge....I am thinking positively....hopefully, something good will come out of bad things...
  9. FutureUSRN

    Retrogression Is Not Over

    Let's listen to Suzzane. She's always right.
  10. FutureUSRN

    Retrogression is OVER!!!! For now...

    Try premium processing....it may help you.
  11. FutureUSRN

    retrogression in this october again???

    If you are just at the beginning stage such as at the filing of the I-140 stage, I would suggest that your petition be filed using the premium processing so that by July, you got it approved (or denied). If lady luck strikes, you could be one of the many who could be interviewed. This 2+ month window is also good for those who are already in the US and are changing their status. It will help them get an EAD, even if retrogression kicks in again in September or October. There are so many ways to skin a cat, but there are only a handful of ways to get a "visa number".
  12. FutureUSRN

    Visa Bulletin

    It means "visa numbers" are available to all applicants, even for Change of Status.
  13. FutureUSRN

    Visa Bulletin

    Yes, it could retrogress heavily in October. However, I do not see that the Philippines will suffer that much compared to India and China. The new CIR could affect new application. This is what I am worried about. NO TO CIR!
  14. FutureUSRN

    Visa Bulletin

    EB3 is current for July!...Yipee!
  15. FutureUSRN

    Retrogression is OVER!!!! For now...

    Wowowee!.....Yipee!...This is really good news for all of us. See you all in the USA.
  16. FutureUSRN

    Immigration News and Updates

    I agree that it is better for this current CIR to be dead for now....there is nothing in it that will help foreign nurses...it's all about border security and legalization of illegals....much worse, nurse will get fewer points in the "merit-based system" than other professionals. Visa recapture or atleast forward movement in the priority dates will give us hope.