soooo happy

  1. i cant explain my feelings.. i finally passed. i really love this forum.. Im so happy to be a nurse now.. i went a hard struggle i dont know how i did it but hey i made it .. i cant say thank you enough .. im so thankful .. im going to celebrate this weekend... whwootoototot whooot.. tnx so much and if theres any advice you need from me. i will be more than happy to answer.. i quit dentistry world as a receptionist .. but my office is sad cuz they wont see me there anymore..
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  3. by   suzy253
    Congratulations!! Awesome feeling, isn't it?
  4. by   Leilah75_RN
    grats and enjoy yer new career
  5. by   Achoo!
    Great job! WooHoo!!
  6. by   sirI
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  7. by   muffie
    hey brand new nurse !!!

    welcome to the club of tired sore feet

    hope it brings you all the warm fuzzies it brings to me
  8. by   onduty23
    what did you use to pass?
  9. by   luv2shop19mall
    i dont know what different thing i did. i seriously thought i failed it.. i went to a review seminar one week beofre my exam.. i guess it worked..
  10. by   sandey37
  11. by   Paleobug
    You finally did it girl! I knew your day would come. Congratulations!
  12. by   gRacie_307
    congratulations, luv2shop19mall!!! :smiley_aa
  13. by   Beeanurse
    Studying now for my second attempt and scared but I will pass too.. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good job..
  14. by   nadu13
    U did it...Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!