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  1. onduty23

    seizures due to hypoglycemia? situation

    the pt suffer from hypoglycemia in history
  2. onduty23

    seizures due to hypoglycemia? situation

  3. if you are outside hospital setting and patient has a seizure episode due to being hypoglycemia. if seizure just finish about three minutes ago is it ok to give them oral gel by mouth if they are conscious?
  4. i have davis but looking to see if others are better any recomendations?
  5. onduty23

    future graduate advice

    if you can avoid med surg do it
  6. onduty23

    fed up- cant get a job

    congrats on finding the job
  7. onduty23


  8. onduty23


    when doctor say they want stool clear after the prep what do they mean? do they want liquid stool or white stool?
  9. i keep getting them mixed up. is their any visual label of both?
  10. onduty23

    question about creatinine clearance test

    after would make sense
  11. onduty23

    help with blood tubes!!!

    red blood gives life
  12. onduty23

    pain meds

    a bit confused say i have percocet q4 i give it it last four hours. but before percocet is up patient ask for iv dilaudid. i always thought you waited until one pain med was finish before you gave another. but patient and other nurses are telling to give the dilaudid even thou the percocet is still q4. how does pain meds schedule work? do i wait for it to finish then give dilaudid
  13. onduty23

    For those that wanted Drug lists.

  14. onduty23

    when to call doc wows?

    thanks a million
  15. onduty23

    For those that wanted Drug lists.

    i like it too
  16. onduty23


    sorry i left times 3 part out. but i meant it. thanks all for filling in my gaps i appreciate it