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  1. luv2shop19mall

    What's In Your Pocket?

    lets see ive been a nurse for less than one year and when i have pockets in my pants , i have my cell phone,different ink pens that dont work , quarters, and my little notebook . i cant live without a sharpie so that when i cant find my patients to give medicine to ill keep in the narcotic drawer and label them. hahah.
  2. luv2shop19mall

    wdiehl has passed lvn

    im so happy for you. now you can join us in the fantastic world of nursing. be ready for sore feet ..
  3. luv2shop19mall

    Never enough time....

    im glad im not the only one feeling this way. i felt so burned outalready on my 1st week. they told me that i was going to be on orientation and all of a sudden im passing meds to 35 patients, with no namebands and its alzheimers.. unit i mean if i asked the residents theyre name. they wouldnt know it. i dont know what to 2.. im trying to get used to it. but it seems like theres not enough time to do everything. but i dont care i still eat.. ;(
  4. luv2shop19mall

    being a new grad... ;(

    tnx for all your advice. i really appreciate it. today is my day off and i was jus thinking that i havent seen the director of nursing since the day i got hired. i mean i envy them . what is she there for?? im so stressed out .. i just feel like i can never fininsh my work but im one of them nurse that i look like i cant be spoken too becuz i look so busy. i hope i can find a rouitne soon..
  5. theres lots of places out there that need nurses. i work for a faiclity that is also understaffed % i feel bad. the residents call the nurses all the time and noone responds. thats sad.but i dotn know what to do. .. ;(
  6. luv2shop19mall

    being a new grad... ;(

    [i know everyday when i do things i get better at it. i just need to build my confidence back up but when i was in school and read the books they teach you stuff that not even applied at the real stuff. why?? do they make you go through torture and this is what ends up happeing. .:roll i felt discouraged at first but i think ill be okay but med pass for me today 1st time.. residents have no id band so if im not good at memorizing i would have given it to wrong residents. no way! i make sure i reverify w/ someone ebcuz i worked hard to get my license.. :smilecoffeecup:
  7. luv2shop19mall

    First Day on the Job!

    well you do need to bring your own pen becuz they have no pens anywhere and highlighters pts info and my lvn thats triaining me has no patience. but the other nurse overwhelemed me in one day where i looked like i was going to pass out. i work for a alzheimers locked facility. the residents are nice and i try to be a good nurse. but i see others .. and they are not the type of nurse i would want when i get sick.
  8. luv2shop19mall

    What di I do, getting frustrated

    i totally fee what you feel . i also care about my residents. just seeing them in the dining room i just go in there and start talking to them. im a new grad and i was passing my meds today. but i know how to read the MAR AND the nurses dont sign the medication right away. i feel bad and i deifnitely knw if osha was there.. shish.. it would be so bad . the residents dont even get changed and when they are walking and wandering around i can smell them.. they have no rn supervisor for 3-11 and one rn supervisor the whole day .. i dont know what to do. i feel strange also..i feel bad. ;(
  9. luv2shop19mall

    What di I do, getting frustrated

    omg. i thought i was the only feeling so weird.. well i worked for a alzheimers unit also and let me tell you .. im a new grad and when i pass my meds i always sign the mar book well the nurse thats suppose to orientate me has no patience to orientate me and if i didnt ask her who she gave the meds too since theres no signature. !!! i hate it. its so disorganized and i dont understand why people are like that. i dont care. i am not like that. i worked for alzheimers and i see it this way. when i get older i wouldnt want anyone doing that to me.. thats why i am compassionate and i cant see myself like that. some people just go to get paid.. ;(
  10. luv2shop19mall

    being a new grad... ;(

    I started orientation on the floor on friday and was so overwhelmed.. i didnt eat breakfast, or lunch and when i got home.. whoooo..my back was hurting.today i was passing meds to the residents and i work for a alzheimers unit.. i felt so bad.. i just started and im already passing meds. i feel so nervous.. but i try to calm down. is there any new grad feeling the same way.:roll and ive been becomign very forgetful not knowing what day it is.. :smilecoffeecup: give me suggestions. im such a new bee. i feel so awkward. :smilecoffeeIlovecof
  11. luv2shop19mall

    A new Cali nurse!

    congrats to you it feels great huh seeing your name next to that license number and noone can understand the happiness except for the person that passed. im happy for everyone on here that passed .. this forum is great.
  12. luv2shop19mall

    Pretty Sure i failed today :(

    wow..we all felt the same way. i cant beleive how nclex would be that bad. im soo ohappy for all of us nurses.. now i can show with confidence. haahah
  13. luv2shop19mall

    Can you recomend me the best book or review material

    suanders is good the newest edition is this for pn or for rn? well send me a pm message and maybe we can talk cuz i have some reveiwers. its for pn. thanks.
  14. luv2shop19mall

    soooo happy

    thanks for your post. im so happy now.. :balloons: :monkeydance: :welcome: thanks to my brain.. finally!
  15. luv2shop19mall

    soooo happy

    tnx for your support.. i remember we kept insipiring each other. i just got hired and ready to work next week. :balloons: :welcome: im so bored.
  16. luv2shop19mall


    congrats to you... I bet youre floating in the air w/ happines.. :welcome: :balloons: :beer: i too paaaaased 2 wweekks ago and today i got my office license.. whootwhoot. thanks sacramento..