Ready to slay the NCLEX beast in 28 hours.

  1. Hi, I been lurking in this NCLEX board for three months..I graduated in May 2006 and tommorow, I am going to take the NCLEX for the first time...I got a lot of advice on what to do on this board..Like get the Saunders NCLEX and Kaplan NCLEX books..Well I did..I also considered that Saunders had a lot of information..I got advice that I maybe should just do the many questions and understand the rationales from the CD..People also said to do the many Kaplan questions because that most reseambled the NCLEX..Well I did and suprisingly my scores shot up toward the end since I got the hang of Kaplan's strategy..I also got information from this board about that I should learn about infection control (respiratory precautions, droplets precautions, etc from helpful links from posters), also priority questions (Kaplan text: Which patient to see first), and other stuff..A lot of people said that they had a lot of priority questions in their NCLEX so I focused myself on that..Well I hope it will make me pass..To be honest with you, I think I cannot study anymore after 3 long months..I believe that I did prepare myself and hopefully I will report back saying it went well...
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  3. by   FutureUSRN
    Goodluck! If you believe in prayers, don't forget it. Pray to your God and that will help a lot.
  4. by   crb613
    Good Luck to you! It sounds like you are try to relax & let it soak in. Reading your post was like reading about myself....Saunders for content & rationales...Kaplan Trainer CD to test my ability to understand & answer q's. I passed w/75! Let us know when you pass
  5. by   Chiefy
    Good luck today Bala Shark!!!! Remember to relas, take your time and go with the flow. I'll be thinking of you!

    Best wishes for your test today.
  6. by   RNKay31
    Wishi9ng you all the best, remember to breathe, and take your breaks, God's richest blessings to you.
  7. by   JenNJFLCA
    Good luck Bala Shark!! You sound like you're very well prepared!! I can't wait to hear the good news!!
  8. by   quinze
    Good luck! I'm sure you'll do great! My thoughts will be with you.
  9. by   DolphinRN84
    Good luck Bala Shark!!
  10. by   hlfpnt
    Good luck!
  11. by   dijaqrn
    :heartbeat Ditto!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Good luck tomorrow:heartbeat
  12. by   sweetnnurse
    good luck Bala Shark you seem confident and ready. All the best!!
  13. by   bamagrl
    Best of luck to you! :wink2:
  14. by   DreamChaser80
    i am a newly lpn grad (aug.) i just got a job at a hospital. i have to work as a nurse tech untill i pass the boards. i have been doing the sauders q&a cd and the delmars cd. i have only been getting 60%. i am so frustraited, i want to take the nclex asap but i am so nervouse i dont know what i know. i am not sure where or what i should be focusing on. please if there is any advice i desparitly need it.