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  1. Bala Shark

    Do you report other nurses often?

    Here are some of my reports that were given to managment on my performance..Most dont deal with patient safety I believe: 1. "Bala Shark did not chart for several patients on so and so day." My explanation: The reason why I did not chart because the physical thearpist had the charts so I am not going to stay over time for two hours and wait for the charts to come back on stable patients who are in a nursing home..I would get into trouble for staying so long.. 2. "Bala Shark did not clean the medication cart and it has a big stain.." Yea, I tried cleaning it but the stain would not come off.. 3. "Bala Shark does not know what correct blood pressure is.." From doing research on blood pressure by text books, it can range from 90/50 to 135/90..Most people disagree with me on this but I have the papers to back it up with..Still people would not listen and think I am clueless.. There is a lot more...
  2. Bala Shark

    Do you report other nurses often?

    I seen med errors done by other nurses..I never did report them. If I was the one who did the error, I bet I would be in the DONs office being written up....I look at this way, there was no harm to the patient so why report.. I still would not report..I dont rat anyone out!
  3. Bala Shark

    Do you report other nurses often?

    I never reported any nurse before and I am quite proud of it....It is quite alarming thou, that I see that some reports to managment are so minor and they still get reported..
  4. Bala Shark

    Giving meds late o.k.?

    In the real world, nurses in nuring homes have to pass out medications to about 50 patients..And that is one nurse doing that..Say, you have 50 patients and all of them have 9 am medications..Sorry to say but it would be impossible to do..Some pateints will recieve their meds late if they are the last ones to recieve the medication..Some would be very late... You can go by NCLEX and their own rules about 30 minutes to 1 hour after or before in passing medication, but in the real world, it is quite different on what is acceptable..
  5. Bala Shark

    Kaiser LVN's... laid-off?

    The county hospitals in California, most of them stopped hiring LVNs and changed to RNs only.
  6. Bala Shark

    Kaiser LVN's... laid-off?

    I think because of the IV situation....LVNs cannot do that..
  7. Bala Shark

    any lvns here do home health?

    I graduated last year and got a home health job (private duty)..The agency required a year experience and I had only 8 months but they hired me anyway...I see two patients a week for 40 hours..It is laid back at times.. In my opinion, the family are the supervisors..They are the ones that are going to judge you...It is a very independent job..One of my patients that I see, I am the only one at their home, most of the time..
  8. That is good that you will not rat anyone out...I know a lot of people will disagree with me, but you are okay.. It must be hard deaing with people who are out to get you..
  9. I seen nurses forget to pass a medication out..Due to the fact there is one nurse to 50 patients in a typical LTC..Would you report this? From your statement it would seem like you would.. I never did rat a nurse out becuse of this because I looked at the circumstances involvled.. A DON once told me that everyone misses a medication from time to time, EVERYONE...It happens...
  10. I enjoy life, I am going to forget this..... I remember my first job, I had to pass meds to 50 residents in a LTC..Because of the work load, I forgot to dispense and over looked one single medication..Then I got backstabbbed by a co worker and fired..
  11. I am tired of backstabbers! I never ratted a person out ever!
  12. Hi, I graduated last year...I got reported many times in the past and lost jobs...Now, I am fearful of every co worker I meet..I dont trust no one...I am sometimes very defensive and hostile in a way to my co workers..I guess it is a defense mechnisim.. I was wondering, if a co worker tells you what you did, and then informs manangment, is that still back stabbing? Also, every reporting, never dealt with patient safety..
  13. Bala Shark

    Nurses that write their own orders

    The DON's way of thinking is that, if they do get a call back, it would be a very very fast , "okay" and then a hang up..Phone call will last 3 seconds..
  14. Bala Shark

    Nurses that write their own orders

    I saw it before also..And the DON was doing it when the MD does not call back..But it was for little stuff like transporting a hospice patient that expired out of the facilty..There were probably a lot of others also..
  15. Bala Shark

    New Grad LVN California... where to work?

    Hi, I graduated last year in California..I know nursing homes hire new grads all the time.. You should look in the nursing home before you accept the job..I know some are way understaffed and it would not be a good idea to go into a job like that..
  16. Bala Shark

    Please recommend me the best LVN NCLEX review book