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  1. Chiefy

    LPN boards after 1 yr of RN program?

    You'll have to check but I thought that you have to have certain rotations out of the way. And also we would have to be an LPN in NH. I may be wrong but I remember students asking before we graduated. And several found that they couldn't do it because they had pedi or maternity last before graduating. But I could be totally wrong! Sorry!
  2. Chiefy

    Did I pass or fail?

    Great Job! Celebrate all the hard work. Definitely pays off!!! Congratulations!
  3. Chiefy

    3rd time

    Im sorry to hear this. Take some time and regroup. It's just a bump in the road. Im sure you will get past this soon. Take care!
  4. Chiefy

    NCLEX shut off at 75...

    Best wishes! You should be so so proud of yourself. Good luck with your traveling.
  5. Chiefy

    Hi All passed 2nd time using Kaplan!

    I back you on this one. Kaplan really helped me the 2nd time around. Also-to the rest-stay positive.
  6. Chiefy

    frustated with job search!!

    I hope you get the position you interviewed for. I was hired to my position before graduating. But I understand what you are saying. My hospital only hired in house. And there were double the applicants in house as there were positions. My floor is hurting for help. Im not sure what the story is. I know that there were 3 new grads that started on my floor. And they only wanted so many grads on a shift.
  7. Chiefy

    Anyone really love where they work?

    Sorry that you are being treated so bad. I do love where I work. I am a new grad (May 06). Most of the coworkers I've encountered have been great. I know that I need to grow thick skin but I probably wouldn't last with what you are going through. I hope things work out for you!
  8. Chiefy

    Lawrence General???

    I can't comment on the floor. Have never stepped foot on it. But I do work at LGH and absolutely love it there. Couldn't be happier. I've worked for them for almost 2 years.
  9. Chiefy

    Just took the nclex..

    Good luck with your results. I was a repeat taker also. I went in with a different feeling the 2nd time. I knew I was prepared. All that studying really paid off. I couldn't be happier with what Im doing. Let us know!
  10. Chiefy

    Renal floor for new graduate?

    I am a new grad on this type of floor. We have a dialysis center right on the floor. But it is not run by the hospital. Most of our patients are renal issues but we do have a mix of med surg in there without out renal issues. I love my job. I have been through a class and now can do peritoneal dialysis runs on my own. In the dialysis center there are nurses that do the dialysis but that is all they do. What Im saying is that they don't work out on the floor. On days the nurses usually have anywhere from 4 to 6 patients. Same with evenings. On the night shift can have up to 10. 5 patients can be plenty. Most of the patients we have are the older population. So at times they can take up a lot of time because they may need a lot of assistance. We don't have good luck with aides. We are always short. I don' t mind doing ADL's with my patients. Im working days right now. My orientation with a preceptor is 400 hours or 10 weeks. Mine is longer than 10 weeks because Im not working 40 hours a week.
  11. Chiefy

    How to study a second time around using kaplan again

    Im in agreement with the above posters. I failed my first try. Took a couple days off. The second time I sat for hours and hours just doing questions. When I wasn't doing the Kaplan Questions--I would do the chapters in my Saunders Comprehensive and make sure I could answer the questions at the ends. But I really needed to work on my nerves. I read the question. I put the answers into true/false so I could at least narrow it down to 1 or 2 if I didn't know the actual answer. And then I would go back and read the question to make sure I was understanding. Im a great one for adding info that isn't there. Best wishes to you. This is just a bump in the road. You will get past it!
  12. Chiefy

    So wrecked

    It's just so frightening being so new. But I know with time I will grow more comfortable with this. But I just don't have all the questions and statments down. So I probably sound like I fumble. But I do get very nervous because Im not cozy in my own skin. Im working on it!!!! Everything will come together with exposure and experiences. We worked so hard to get here--anything is possible. I love what Im doing so thats all that matters. How are the staff you are working with? How many hours a week are you going to do?
  13. Chiefy

    So wrecked

    Best wishes with your new job! It's so exciting but nerve wracking at the same time. We did one week of 7 to3's that included the movies, policies, signing off on technique and so on. It made for a very long week. But I've been on the floor for about 5 weeks now. I really like it. The day flys by so quickly. Yesterday was my least favorite day so far. The assignment was just horrible. But this is life and we made it through. I've been taking on two patients of my own and then helping my preceptor with hers. Good luck with training for charge nurse. I give you credit for that. I don't feel ready. I panic when I have to talk to a doctor or family member. Best of luck.
  14. Chiefy

    nursing career is a discourAGE

    Im very sorry to hear this. I do know how you feel. I had also failed. Give yourself some time and get back up and do it again. I was just thankful that it wasn't a one shot deal. Take care!
  15. Chiefy

    Have any of you gotten 265?'s and passed?

    Congratulations! Job well done and something you never have to do again. Enjoy!
  16. Chiefy

    I'm Never Taking NCLEX Again Because......

    Congrats! So so happy for you. Do something fun this weekend. Best wishes in your new career.