Please I Need Help With My Nclex

  1. Hello all !!! I writing because i hope someone here with experience can help , i recently just failed my nclex exam for the second time , now i am scared to write it again and fail , please can anyone point me in a direction that might help please !!! i studied so hard for it and yet failed , what am i doing wrong ? im so down and confused , all the materials i have been studying with have not helped so far .
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  4. by   meanmaryjean
    Without knowing what you previously did to prepare- it is hard to offer an opinion. Can you add some detail?
  5. by   Aliens05
    I'll just tell ya what I did, I passed first time with 75 questions (however I will admit I felt like I guessed on about 95% of the questions). What I did was for one month after graduating, I did about 30-40 questions on the NCLEX RN mastery app almost every day. I believe its like...30 or 40 bucks. Some days at work if I was bored I would do more like 75 questions, but that wasn't most days. I also went back and re-completed some of the 150 question final exam questions off of the ATI (our school used the online ATI, not sure if yours did or not). In addtion to those two things I went through and just hammered home common lab values. I feel like its probably kind of all over the board in terms of what your exam will focus on if its mostly peds, geriatrics, specific disease processes, neonatal, its basically luck of the draw in terms of what yours will focus on, there is absolutely no way to know. I will say that basically just understanding how to answer the questions, and to be able to know which 2 of the 4 answers are the incorrect ones right off is kind of an important skill, that I think the ATI does help alot with, as well as the NCLEX Mastery RN app because it will give explanations as to why which ones are right and wrong so you can go back and evaluate yourself. The test is kinda one of those that takes a mix of practicing similar questions, and knowledge both combined. Without one of those 2 things you likely wont do the best, you need to have both practice in answering NCLEX style questions, and at least a base of knowledge.

    Good luck, if you have any more questions I would be happy to answer, I just took my NCLEX in July so it has been relatively recent experience for me.
  6. by   NICU Guy
    Find someone who can tutor you or at least analyze why you choose the answers that you are choosing. We have no idea where you are going wrong. Do you have a lack of knowledge of content, reading too much into the questions, not understanding what the question is asking you? That needs to be determined by a good independent observer, not online. You can buy all the programs and books that are out there, but if you have problems with NCLEX style questions, they will not do you any good.
  7. by   apmarquez
    Use Uworld
  8. by   abari2
    Try Kaplan.... are u strong in content or do u need help with test taking strategies? Or both
  9. by   RNrhythm
    I used ATI exclusively because it came with my program. My test scores were OK and ATI said I was ready.
    However, I also hired a friend, a hypnotherapist, to help me prepare. I provided pictures of the front door and lobby of the test site and we had several test preparation hypnotherapy sessions up until the day before my test. Test preparation is one of her core businesses.
    I passed with the minimum number of questions and was out of there in 45 minutes. I do not know how much the hypnotherapy helped, if any, but I would do it again. (Hypnotherapy did not help at all with weight loss, by the way, which I tried the year before.)
  10. by   Chrispy11
    Kaplan worked for me. 75 questions. If you tried and failed twice, Kaplan might be a good idea since they offer a guarantee. Whatever you're doing so far may not be working, or it's nerves. I think some states require remediation if you haven't passed by the third time. Don't give up, but you need to change something. Not sure what since you didn't elaborate. Best of luck to you.
  11. by   Crysruiz
    I personally used Uworld graduated in 2015 failed twice gave up restarted this summer and just passed the test Friday 10/19. My license # just posted on breeze. The rationals really help. Don't rush stay focused and you'll do great !
  12. by   Nursing STLY
    Hypnotherapy how did this help please explain interested in anything at this point
  13. by   Nursing STLY
    @cruruiz I am using uworld getting 50, 60, 70 and some 80 reading rationales but it's a lot gives me more anxiety my test next month. Seeking a volunteer tutor because I'm not working and have spent so much money on study courses and resources.