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  1. apmarquez

    Has anybody else switched from an RN job to a CNA job?

    Just want to say being an RN gives you valuable skills that can be used in many other careers such as management, people skills, there are lots of things you can do.
  2. apmarquez

    Help picking a Job offer

    I am moving and kindred is only 4 by car from the house I will be moving I decided to go.with kindred because they offered me $33.00/hr and I talked with some nurses that worked they said the experience will be invaluable. I love my current job but I am leaving because it is in a small town also has a drug problem and the state mental hospital is located here. I.work nights and cant stand working nights in a small town am also OK with working weekends.
  3. apmarquez

    Help picking a Job offer

    Hi I have gotten 2 job offers 2 hours from where I currently live I intend to move. I am conflicted which one to take one is at women's hospital and the other is kindred. The kindred one pays a bit more but I heard it is super hard and exhausting. I also heard though that the experience is really good. the other job said that they are open to negotiating pay. I may get another job offer for the same hospital system as the women's hospital. Edit: they are both for med-surg positions. I eventually want to be an ICU nurse and kindred said they would cross train me but their ICU nurse to patient ratio is 3 to 1 which seems to high too me.
  4. apmarquez

    Falsely accused of not passing patient meds

    What country are you from?
  5. apmarquez

    Could the police learn something from nurses?

    Yeah they could if we have to have a license to practice nursing they should so need to get licensure and under go more extensive training and take a national exam to be an officer.
  6. apmarquez

    Quiting my current job?

    Hello everyone, I am considering quitting my current job because the covid19 pandemic has been affecting my hospital. It looks like going forward the nurses at my hospital will be put on call more often due to low cenus. I work at a very small rural hospital and I had originally intended to quit in October and move to a city but I am considering doing it sooner due to the lack of hours. I have 1 year experience as a nurse in June and 1 year of hospital experience in October.
  7. apmarquez

    Which nurses are considered frontline?

    I feel every nurse is a frontline worker that works in direct patient care.
  8. Here's an article I found that constitutes pt abandonment. It seems a lot of the posters are misinformed about what is pt abandonment. Hope it helps. https://nurseguidance.com/abandonment-what-it-is-and-is-not/?amp https://www.ndbon.org/RegulationsPractice/PracticeStatements/Abandonment.asp
  9. I work in a rural hospital in the southwest Nd my hospitals CEO gave an interview to the local paper in the next town over stating how there might be layoffs or the hospital might shutdown due to decreasing revenue. When confronted by hospital staff he denied it obviously and said the newspaper twisted his words🙄. I moved halfway cross the country for this job and I have started to look for a new one in my home state.
  10. apmarquez

    Discussing salary with co workers

    Federal law protects employees when sharing information about pay.
  11. apmarquez

    I am lost

    Okay I talked to my employer they said that I didn't have to do anything with my license and that it should be okay. But I am going to talk to the BON in new Mexico about applying for a new license. Thank you all for your help.
  12. apmarquez

    I am lost

    Okay. I live in florida and my new job is in new Mexico. I asked the recruiter about that today thank you for telling me.
  13. apmarquez

    I am lost

    I have a compact license and my new job is located in a compact state. Thank you I never thought of using Airbnb but I think I will do that until I find a place to live.
  14. apmarquez

    I am lost

    Hi, I am feeling lost on what to do in my current situation. I was offered a job and accepted it at a hospital out of the state that is currently half way across the country from me. It pays much better than my current job and I get way less patients. My current problem is staying at my job in a SNF. I really hate my current job and I dread going into work every day. I am a new nurse and I feel completely and totally incompetent. I was only given a week and a half of training. I feel like there is no help and a lack of support and anytime I ask for help my supervisor gets angry. I just feel so overwhelmed with all my patients. I have anywhere from 15- 20 patients. I just don't know when the right time to quit is. I want to quit once I have all the money I need saved up. I start my new job in late October. I feel like I am constantly forgetting to do something.
  15. I am a peasant compared to the rest of you. I am a new grad in a SNF in Tampa, Fl. I get paid $24.50/hr plus an astounding $1.00 differential for my shift so the grand total is $25.50/hr.
  16. apmarquez

    Nclex Wait time is killing me

    I hate the waiting it is driving me more insane then the exam