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  1. apmarquez

    How to manage 14 to 20 patients

    Hi I am a new nurse and have been working as a nurse for 3 weeks. I work on a sub-acute rehab floor where I can have anywhere from 14 to 20 patients. I have been feeling very overwhelmed recently because I am finding it difficult to care for so many patients. I find it difficult to properly do my assessments with so many patients and can only do it on the new admissions I get. I have to do 2 med pass per shift but I keep getting detailed when I am doing them because I either get a new admission, or something is wrong with a patient, or a family member wants to talk to me. Also my patients are supposed to be subacute but I have a couple that I believe should be on an acute floor in a hospital. When I get a new admission I have to stay after my shift for an hour to do the charting for them. I also have a problem with some of the CNA's and making sure that they are completing their tasks properly I dont like having to babysit grown adults and make sure that they are doing their jobs which also puts me further behind. I also have a problem with their attitude that they give me I was told be preceptor that it was because I am new and so much younger than them. I am supposed to be in training still but have been left on my own for a week now with no preceptor.
  2. apmarquez

    Change of Shift Report Question

    Hi I am a new nurse and have been working on a rehab floor in a skilled nursing facility where I have 16 to 20 patients anyways I was wondering how to do a change of shift report for LTR because I was taught to do SBAR but with the many patients it doesn't work the nurse training me said it is okay to just report no changes for patients that didn't have anything recently going on. This is my second day working as a nurse
  3. apmarquez

    Pay for a new grad nurse working LTC?

    I wished I made that
  4. apmarquez

    265 questions is almost guaranteed if your a male.

    I just found out that passed my nclex exam in 79 questions today on my first attempt.
  5. apmarquez

    Nclex Wait time is killing me

    How do you cope with the stress and anxiety of waiting for you NCLEX results? I took my Nclex at about 1:30 pm yesterday and finished in 79 questions and since then I haven't been able to sleep or do anything to get my mind off it. I did the Pearson vue trick and got the good pop up but I am unsure of its accuracy because I heard some people still have failed when they got it.
  6. apmarquez

    265 questions is almost guaranteed if your a male.

    I am a guy and took mine today it shut off at 79 questions for me; hopefully I passed.
  7. apmarquez

    Need advice

    Why is it any of your business?
  8. apmarquez

    ATI comp predictor question

    Hi I just passed my ATI comp predictor and it said that I have a 97% of passing the NCLEX RN and I was wondering how accurate it is? Has any passed the comp predictor and failed the NCLEX?
  9. apmarquez

    Advice needed how to proceed

    You need to get an attorney and consult with them and get documentation about your medical issues.
  10. apmarquez

    ATI and UWORLD free nursing videos

    Will definitely check it out. Thank you
  11. apmarquez

    Current RN student

    In Florida you can challenge the state exam for cnas after completion of fundamentals or you can work as a nursing student for some facilities after completion of fundamentals.
  12. apmarquez

    How old were you when you started nursing school?

    I was 20 when i entered nursing school and will hopefully graduated in march at the age of 22 from the rn program