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Help picking a Job offer


Hi I have gotten 2 job offers 2 hours from where I currently live I intend to move. I am conflicted which one to take one is at women's hospital and the other is kindred. The kindred one pays a bit more but I heard it is super hard and exhausting. I also heard though that the experience is really good. the other job said that they are open to negotiating pay. I may get another job offer for the same hospital system as the women's hospital.

Edit: they are both for med-surg positions. I eventually want to be an ICU nurse and kindred said they would cross train me but their ICU nurse to patient ratio is 3 to 1 which seems to high too me.

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The kindred position doesn't accept covid patients so there's that.

Kindred is offering $31.50 plus a $3.00 night diff and $2.00 weekend diff. The women's hospital is offering $29.63 (though they are open for negotiating I asked for $31.00) with a $3.50 night diff and $8.25 weekend diff.


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nothing is easy number one. nursing in general is super hard. ICU is super hard, med surg is super hard. where I work in the OR is super hard. Nothing is easy. No nursing job is "easy" otherwise we wouldn't be paid the money we do. Now that's out of the way, since you want to do ICU nursing in the future you have to think of what will give you that CHALLENGE. you can't expect to take an 'easy job" then you go to the ICU and you're suffering. Plus don't ICU jobs have a 2:1 ratio? But that is my two cents. Every job you take requires practice. Anyway write a pros and cons of each job with the following.

1 commute (is it easy to get to? is it bus friendly? can you drive there no problem?)

2. money (if that is your priority fine especially if you have kids to feed or live in a apt or a house and you got to pay hefty bills but other than that it shouldn't be the only factor to your choice)

3. if you can see yourself work there for more than two years (you don't want to be quitting after a month especially if you've left your first job under a year)

4. the atmosphere of the place. VERY IMPORTANT. When I started my first nursing job, I left after 6 months because the environment was toxic as hell. when you interviewed there did you like the manager, did you get a good vibe of the place.

5. benefits

6. growth opportunities (think of the future not the now)

I can't tell you what to choose because your instincts know and you yourself know what you want and only you know what your priorities are but these are the things to consider. Even if you choose one over the other and you regret it, don't. there is no such thing as the right or wrong decision. You make one and you make it right. listen to your guts! there is always that one option you're leaning toward more than the other. take it!

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Both commutes are even? How often would you have to work weekends? If it's every other weekend like most places, then that $8.25 weekend diff is going to add up pretty quickly. Do a bit of math. Women's Hospital might actually be a better deal.

I'm also suspicious of a hospital with the reputation of being "super hard and exhausting" and willing to cross train for the ICU with a 3:1 ratio (how the hell is that even ICU?).

Of course check out the bennies. What is your medical insurance going to cost you in either place and what is the quality of available options?

With just the information you've provided, I'd be leaning toward Women's. Comparable pay, no reputation of "super hard and exhausting". The bigger bucks and the ICU cross training won't matter too much if it's not doable to stay there.

Get a few more fine details before making your decision.

I am moving and kindred is only 4 by car from the house I will be moving I decided to go.with kindred because they offered me $33.00/hr and I talked with some nurses that worked they said the experience will be invaluable. I love my current job but I am leaving because it is in a small town also has a drug problem and the state mental hospital is located here. I.work nights and cant stand working nights in a small town am also OK with working weekends.