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  1. by   4RiversLPN
    I took my NCLEX today at 10am...I got 85 questions and felt like a complete moron! And I wanted to do the PVT but it still saying "ready for delivery" UGH!!! I was the second in my class to take it. The first girl got her quick results today and passed. I'm so anxious to see my results so I can either celebrate or go straight to work`on preparing for my next attempt.
  2. by   Jayden123
    Thank you guys for replying to my post about being scared it does not work in 2011. I am glad to know it has been working for you guys. What about did anyone get the credit card page this year? I am just so nervous, I swear it would be my luck it stopped working for me! Ahhhhhh! I also called my school today and they are not sending my transcripts until tomorrow! So I prob won't find out until next week!
  3. by   Jozerx60
    OMG people pvt trick is legit ... i took this test on fri. and it just posted to the BON website I AM OFFICIALLY AN R.N. THANK GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!............ GOOD LUCK TO EVERYBODY
  4. by   sciencer
    Quote from dragonhunter
    Phew! My "Unnoficial" Quick Result is that I PASSED! I sure hope that that is not wrong, even though I know it is "unofficial"! There is nothing on the BON website yet ,but it says they are doing system maintenance and some scores might not be avaialable. I hope that's the only reason they aren't showing up yet!
    Yay!!! CONGRATULTIONS!!! I KNEW it!!!!
  5. by   dezello
    does anyone ever get the "good" pop up and NOT pass? I took the test today and got the good pop up with a cut off at 75 questions. I feel good but is there a chance I didn't pass? Only one math question, Lots of delegation and priority.
  6. by   Arr.enn2010
    stop worrying!! you rocked it out! i only had 2 math questions. the compentency level for the test is the analysis & application level type questions aka priority, delegation etc...the ones that make you critically think

  7. by   rzyzzy
    I took the Nclex-PN earlier today - I remembered this thread, and followed the instructions - I got the good pop-up . I had 85 questions. I did 980 on the Hesi PN, so I didn't expect to be nervous for this test, but I still am.

    I'll update in a couple days when I get my results back...
  8. by   jaybird6501
    I just signed onto this forum....Hello to everyone....I took my NCLEX-PN the good pop up.....Im in TX.....really hoping its correct.....Good luck to all!!
  9. by   RNlovesherPharmD
    Took the NCLEX 1/11/11, <1 hour with 75 ?s, and did the trick...IT WORKED!!! 1/12/11 the BON had my license number available for me
  10. by   diannerenee
    I am a believer in the Pearson Vue trick! I took my NCLEX RN on Friday (Bad day to take the NCLEX....the suspense of the weekend will kill you!) January 7, came home and got the "good " pop up! Despite all of the success stories, I STILL was not a believer and paid the $7.95 to Pearson Vue on Sunday to find out I had indeed passed. My license number was posted to the board by 9:30 monday morning and my license arrived in the mail yesterday! Two classmates took their NCLEX yesterday, did the Pearson Vue trick, got the good pop up and it shows they passed today! It works!!!! Congratulations to all the new nurses out there!
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  11. by   diannerenee
    Good luck to all who are getting ready to test!
  12. by   rzyzzy
    FYI - I took the NCLEX-PN in Arizona yesterday -

    the computer shut down @ 85 questions...

    I got the "good" pop up a couple of hours later....

    today @ 10 am the state updated their website - The trick worked, I did pass!
  13. by   JayBe
    When I took my NCLEX-PN in Sep 2009, I tried the Pearson Vue trick. I got the good pop-up and the next day I found out Idid pass. Today, I took the NCLEX-RN and again I got the good pop-up. I have not heard of one case where somebody got the good popup and failed. If anyone knows differently, please let me know. My test finished at 75 questions and that freaked me out. I thought for sure that I failed. I was even afraid to try the Pearson Vue trick this time,