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  1. jtanga

    Bad sbar?

    This is the 2nd time I was called from charge office because someone reported me from day shift rn that my report is not good. Its not organized and missing the key points. I questioned them how is it possible? I have a sbar sheet? my manager even told me the way i report is not icu standard. I feel like theyre kinda warning. I need help??
  2. jtanga

    Flexiseal and tylenol suppository

    But even though its not effective is it contraindicated to give it ?
  3. Is there a note in the manual saying that we cannot put tylenol suppository when pt currently has flexiseal? I know its kinda common sense but just wondering.. tylenol dissolved fast
  4. jtanga

    Is this happened to you guys?

    It's weird, the recruiter asked me to submit a copy of my Social Security and vetpro form ( dependent practitioner form.) then an unopened official transcript 2 days after my interview. I submitted the SS and the form but not the transcript because my school is taking forever to release it.I told to the recruiter that I'ts already in the process..After 3 days I received a letter that I'm not been accepted for the job because they've chosen other applicant... It's soooo weird why bother asking me for that then they will just gonna drop me like that??? They even called my supervisor. Is this happen to you guys??? I'm going to call the recruiter on monday:( . I was really sure that they're interested to me, even in the interview they told to me if my packet will be chosen then they will ask for the transcript
  5. I'm having a hard time finding the right description for assistant clinical instructor.. pls. help. thanks :)
  6. How long should I wait after the interview before they call me to inform that im not selected.,
  7. jtanga

    working for davita

    I had an interview last week tuesday. My question is Do i have to call the facility to inform if I'm not selected for the job??
  8. Does it take 2 wks? 3 days?.. I had an interview in Davita and I don't know how long should I wait before I move on, hahahaa.. I'm not even sure If I did good in the interview.
  9. My friend told me that Nursing Home exp. is not really considered as exp. Can anyone here verify this?.. Thanks
  10. yeah I will :)
  11. jtanga

    opinions on ncsbn review

    The actual review sucks, its a bullet type review not a comprehensive review. But i like the qbank..
  12. I had an interview guys yesterday. I'm not even sure if I did good, all my answers kinda sucks i think. Oh well next time I'm going to make sure that I'm well prepared. I didn't have enough time to prepare because the interview was sudden and unexpected.
  13. jtanga

    Studying hard but still gettin 60% on practice test

    If ur using saunders ur score should be ranging from 70+ - 80+ . Kaplan should be 60 + , good luck
  14. Huhu I'm not even sure if I did good in my Interview..
  15. Since nov. 2010
  16. jtanga

    Pearson Vue Trick - Does it Work Every Time? Part 2

    Good luck on your Official Result