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  1. Oh that was fast. I thought It will take at least 6 wks to process because of the finger printing and license verification from california. Thanks for the reply :)
  2. My question is do I need to take ielts? Thanks
  3. I'm going to have a interview next wk. I want to know what should I expect. What kind of question do they usually ask? thanks.
  4. I don't understand. How come they didn't call me?? Did I say something wrong? Is it because i said the best time for me was afterlunch?? Now I regret saying afterlunch, I should have say at your convenient time.
  5. Guys what questions do they usually ask? I heard sometimes they ask behavioral question. Thanks
  6. I need help guys! pls.!! I really want this job!
  7. I'm a New grad nurse guys. Thanks Objective Seeking a position as Hemodialysis Nurse that will utilize my recent education, expertise and capabilities. Skills * Excellent ability to work under pressure with patience. * Comprehensive knowledge of Hemodialysis equipments especially the Gambro Phoenix machine and Fresenius 2008k. * BLS Certified ( Expires 08/2012 ) Education * Bachelor of Science in Nursing * Certified Hemodialysis Technician * Certified Nursing Assistant Work History Assistant Clinical Instructor/ Volunteer, 2010 - Present * Responsible for Supervising Dialysis Technician students in the application of theoretical knowledge in the clinical setting. * Teaching the students how to operate, maintain and troubleshoot the machine. * Ensuring students/patients safety at all time. Petroleum Supply Specialist, 2003 - 2006 US Army, Fort Campbell, KY * Responsible for Supervising and Managing the reception, storage and shipping of bulk or packaged petroleum-based products. * Honorably Discharged from the United States Army. * Received 2 Army Achievement Medals for being an Outstanding Soldier. * Received 1 Good Conduct Medal. Medical Records, 2001 - 2001 , Los Angeles * Responsible for maintaining patient files and statistics; responds to requests for medical records; performs clerical duties. CLINICAL EXPERIENCE * Diosdado P. Macapagal Memorial Hospital, Medical Surgical Ward - 2009 * Fatima Medical Center, Medical Surgical Ward - 2009 * Victoriano Luna Medical Center, Medical Surgical Ward - 2009 * Sacred Heart Hospital of Malolos Incorporation, Operating Room - 2009 * Iba health Center, Community Health - 2009 * Mariveles Mental Hospital, Psychiatric - 2009 * Dr. Jose Fabella Memorial Hospital, Pediatrics - 2009 * Batangas Regional Hospital, Delivery Room - 2009 * Valenzuela General Hospital, Obstetric - 2009 * Saint Michael Hospital, Operating Room - 2008 * Balitucan Regional Hospital, Operating Room - 2008 * Balitucan District Hospital, Delivery Room - 2008 * Lingunan Health Center, Community Health - 2008 LICENSES AND CERTIFICATIONS * Registered Nurse License Number: Expiration Date: * Dialysis Technician * Certified Nursing Assistant Certificate Number: REFERENCES: Program Director - Hemodialysis, Clinical Preceptor Telephone Number: Warrant Officer, United States Army Telephone Number: Staff Sergeant, United States Army Telephone Number: Sergeant, United States Army Telephone Number:
  8. Actually that's my problem too!
  9. I have to idea what to expect guys. What are the usual question to they normally ask? I need help guys. Thanks!
  10. Should I wear tie?? What about resume? Do i need to put the specific area I want to be? What about interivew? I'm kinda scared now, I dont know what to expect pls. help!
  11. jtanga

    Nursing home vs. Dialysis exp..

    Ok so which one is much better and can be use in the hospital as experience? I heard nursing home exp. is not consider as exp.if someone will apply in the hospital. What about dialysis??
  12. jtanga

    Scared of being In charge..

    Does anyone here scared of being in charge? Sometimes that's what I feel. Is this normal???
  13. jtanga

    What is the purpose of Interview?

  14. jtanga

    What is the purpose of Interview?

    I mean yeah one of the purpose is to know the person. But sometimes i feel like it's on the spot exam. It's all about what would you do in the situation like this, etc. For me they should not use it for assessing how the person work or judging their personality. Sometimes people get nervous and ending up messing their answer. There's a big difference between the real situation and by just answering.