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I need advice!

Im already burned out and bored with nursing career. Sometimes I asked my self is this the job Im going to retire? I just recently enrolled in the NP program to advance my career and because my gibill bill will expire soon but I am already regretting it. I feel like Im just doing it to get out of bedside care and for the money. I need advice guys.


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What do you really want to do? Being an NP is more stressful than bedside nursing. You are responsible, on YOUR license, for appropriately diagnosing, planning care, prescribing, etc. for each patient you encounter. To me, that's much more stressful than the bedside was. That being said, it sounds like you may be burned out. If so, taking a break and reevaluating may be a good idea. I wish you the best and hope you can take care of yourself.

Im not sure what I really want now.When I graduted and passed nclex I was so happy and motivated. After years of working I noticed being a nurse is not really a enjoyable job. Dont get me wrong I love helping people and thats the reason why Im still a Nurse.


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