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  1. forsty

    Twu spring 2015 np in denton (dallas )

    Best of luck,time is a killer.Dont know exactly how long its gonna take to hear something.Fingers crossed.
  2. forsty

    Twu spring 2015 np in denton (dallas )

    Hi I called TWU office, they told me that acceptance or rejection will be sent only after or close to thanksgiving. Thanks for the reply I will let you know if I receive anything acceptance/rejection. Best of luck.
  3. Hi everyone. Anyone applied for np programme in denton for 2015 spring. Thanks:no:
  4. forsty

    Twu np spring 2015 denton

    Hi everyone, Anyone applied for 2015 spring in twu dallas for np programme. Thanks
  5. forsty

    my story ends with RN

    i brought nclex4000,i think it cost 50$,i dont know much about kapaln, it's really expensive,i used kapaln strategy book with kaplan trainer cd it was really good,best wishes for your exam,
  6. forsty

    my story ends with RN

    thanks for the wish,after 3 long years now i realized the importance fulfilling our dream,always i had hidden feeling inside me while i was working on other job,------Please fulfill your dream-work hard and get it
  7. forsty

    It's official, I'm a RN

  8. forsty

    PRAISE GOD! I pass the Nclex-RN on the 5th try!!!

  9. forsty

    my story ends with RN

    thanks it hurts if you are nurse without license ,its a great pleasure to be Registered nurse
  10. forsty

    Pearsonvue Trick - Does it Work Every Time? Part 2

    am from new york
  11. forsty

    my story ends with RN

    best wishes for your exam,i will pray for u all
  12. forsty

    my story ends with RN

    hi i wrote my nclex -rn twice,i was one of the best student during my nursing programme ,my tutors assured me that i will pass in first attempt i never put any hard work after my graduation i enjoyed a lot, all my friend says i can grasp every thing very fast, it was true ,i can remember and study very fast ,i think that made me too late to become rn, i wrote nclex-rn in 2007 sept even before my exam i use to solve 20 questions that’s all. after writing rn, i become completely lost i failed ,specially below average in all criteria, i left nursing i started working as sales man and all,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,recently my father –in- law got cardiac problems and went to hospital ,their i was waiting in the visitors room, suddenly i saw someone who was some what familiar, she came close to me and introduced herself, she was my class mate during graduation ,she was below average girl who was working as rn ,she asked me which hospital you are working ,i become nummm, that night i was not able to sleep, then i decided to start my nclex-rn from a scratch, next morning i went to shop and brought saunders 4th edition book and started my preparation and god blessed with nclex-rn. i just wanted to say things will become reality when u are attracted to it ( see you tube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mullafffqoq------by bob proctor on the secret) i used------------- 1 saunders 4 th edition 2 lecharity 3 nclex4000( nclex questions are very similar but the software don’t have bookmark ,it’s the worst part of it) 4 kaplan strategy book—solved full cd of trainer helped a lot 5 allnurses.com—thz forum gave lot of tips on nclex specially infection control, special thanks to all who replied to all my question and gave lot of suggestions to pass rn, special thanks to [color=#1750ff]caliotter3 who usually replies all mails from every one, some times my enquires remain unanswered ,it makes me sad ,i request all to reply every questions from any one, my tip----read medication completely form med -surg ,maternity and specially psychiatry, read all theory from saunders 4 th edition, by heart saunders first 21 chapters and solve over 6000 questions you will pass and must believe in yourself and god.(i wrote my nclex-rn on 10th of dec,i got 140 questions (20 med,3-maternity,5-6-pead,2- sound related questions,1-drag and drop,1-ekg,7-8 sata(based on infection control)10-delegation,rest all priority based stuffs),----best wishes to all,,,,,,,,,,:yeah::yeah::yeah::yeah::yeah::yeah::yeah:
  13. forsty


    thank you very much
  14. forsty

    break vs computer shut off

    hi i recently wrote nclex with 140 questions & computer shut off ,when i was on 60,computer asked for break,my questions is one of my friend who got 75,computer asked break at 71,so it made me think like if computer is going to shut off on 75 it will give you a break around 70s,but if u get a break on 60s that means its going to cross above 80s,-----------is that true ,,,,,,any idea:o:o:o
  15. forsty


    hi i passed,now how can i find job,any idea