PASSED NCLEX- PN WITH 86 questions!!!! - page 2

i just got my quick results from pearsons and i passed yeaaaa. when i left that testing center thursday the 14th i was certain that i had failed and failed badly. i came home and was preparing to... Read More

  1. by   TheNewCuteNurse
    yayy congrats
  2. by   Want to be aware
    I am Vera-New GPN-but now I am an LPN! I passed!!! I am floating....don't have to study and now I can start a new career at almost fifty!
  3. by   +one
  4. by   Want to be aware
  5. by   Silverdragon102
  6. by   Want to be aware
    I love that I am a part of a community that so freely and joyously support each other. I am feeling somewhat worn out now, my program was a year, give or take a week or so...
  7. by   USCkittykat73
    Hi Vera New GPN.. CONGRATULATIONS from the bottom of my heart! You deserve a very BIG celebration!!!!!!
  8. by   sweetmya
    Congrats guys. So happy for you two. Goodluck with the new career.
  9. by   John--RN
    That is AWESOME!!!!
  10. by   faith2468
    Has everyone pass the nclex lvn who computer shut off at 85 or 86 questions
  11. by   idesire
  12. by   JS1979LPN
    My test is in 2 weeks and i am flipping out. I go to the library and study for hours and i feel like nothing is sticking. Please help. Any good ways to study for NCLEX PN.