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  1. Want to be aware

    Medicare wellness visit

    I am an LPN who got fired from a job that I had for three weeks. They hired me because a doctor needed a nurse to do MWV's and he moved to a new office on his own. He told me to hurry over the questions and get them done. In addition I was to perform sticks and run a lab. In that first week I had two patients who could not perform the clock test. One of them was a patient confined to a wheelchair with COPD on o2. The other was on morphine sulfate and a patient who had just finished his first round of chemo. That day we got behind and the doctor got angry did not even let me finish the MWV'sThey overbooked patients for MWV,s and regular office visits. The day after I was fired for not being able to to perform the duties of the job they had a patient scheduled on my lab schedule and a patient on the doctors schedule at the same time. Two different people at the same time.I was the only nurse. The office manager was doing partial vitals to rush and did even know the difference between resp and pulse. I had a school desk for a lab chair and was using a pillow to prop arms on. Large persons could not fit in the school desk. I think they were expecting me to do the welcome to medicare visits which I thought had to be done by a mid level provider. Now I have been fired as a nurse.
  2. Want to be aware

    I am heartbroken I got fired for the first time as a nurse

    Thank you for the kind comments. Many of the patients are elderly. I am not rushing elderly patients blood draws shots labs. I was using a school desk and propping peoples arms on a pillow for a lab chair. I worked in a very fast paced pediatric clinical and did it well before being laid off. The office manager suggested we use a cut in half pool noodle for lab. It was a very lovely office but not well thought out clinically.
  3. In May I got laid off my 1.5 nursing job at a clinic and landed a job three weeks ago in a physician practice. The doctor was moving out of a several care group to on his own. They hired me as the only nurse and they wanted me to run the lab too. I had not done labs for many years but they said the receptionist worked at medic several years and she could train me. The launch date was August 4. I was nervous but I had many successful sticks and needed help with a few. I was also learning the new emr and we has 18 patients the first day. I was expected to do MAWV visits in 15 mins, room and do vitals do all labs answer phone messages run the labs and learn to check in and check out patients, do injections, nurse visits. The office manager occasionally roomed and the doctor would jump ahead and room patients if not done to his time frame. The office manager put down pulse readings as respirations. I worked so hard learning the lab procedures and I finally achieved the perfect TB bubble! I was proud of my accomplishments of the last week and a half. Then the office manager called in hr and they fired me for not being able to perform the duties of the job. BTW they didn't wanted me to rush the answers on the Medicare wellness visits to save time and get more money which I did not want to do.
  4. Want to be aware

    Anyone done HEDIS with Outcomes Inc?

    I have been working for Outcomes for two weeks and I have had to copy and scan paper charts as well as hybrid charts. For example they want ALL progress notes for OB charts, and ALL progress notes for immunization charts from 1998-2011. That is hundreds of pages to copy, then scan then download not to mention save all in one document so it can be uploaded. All for the low low price of 4.50 a chart. The scanner jams u a lot too. Is their anyone else dealing with this? It is not worth it!
  5. Want to be aware

    Frustrated Psych. nurse

    My supervisor changed my sick time to annual. He completely re-filled out my tIme sheet. One of the days was "a hazardous driving day" but I had diarrhea and nausea, almost threw up. I also have severe chronic neck and shoulder pain and my doc put me on flexeril told me to go home and rest. I even had a note for that day. I never get a lunch break. There is just no time no time. I am so tired and frustrated. However, these emotioncons are super cool.....
  6. Want to be aware

    LTC State Staffing Tables Jan.2008

    I have been working in an assisted living faciity since August. It is my first nursing job. We have about 22 now, varying degrees of care. I have had to work alone with 14 and up. We are expected to do dining chem sticks med pass toileting (if we are alone, the toileting can get rough) And we carry pagers. Is this ok? I rearely have more than 1 caregiver if I have 1.
  7. Want to be aware

    Just when you thought corrections nursing was bad, it gets worse

    Corrections plays by its own set of rules.
  8. Want to be aware

    Just when you thought corrections nursing was bad, it gets worse

    That is hilarious!
  9. Want to be aware

    Just when you thought corrections nursing was bad, it gets worse

    I worked in a correctional facility for over four years as a mental health advocate. I have seen incidents where mentally ill inmates were restrained and not allowed to go to the bathroom. Sometimes they become constipated because they are on constant display as in a suicide or behavior watch. And yes, the mentally ill sometimes smear feces. You just need the insight to know how to handle it and take responsibilty for the humane treatment of patients that happen to be inmates. I myself had to report sexual harassment by male officers on more than one occassion. I am now a new LPN. And I know that when I advocated (as a mental health advocate) to the fair health and mental health treatment of inmates I was doing the right thing.
  10. Want to be aware

    PASSED NCLEX- PN WITH 86 questions!!!!

    I love that I am a part of a community that so freely and joyously support each othe:redbeather. I am feeling somewhat worn out now, my program was a year, give or take a week or so...
  11. Want to be aware

    PASSED NCLEX- PN WITH 86 questions!!!!

  12. Want to be aware

    PASSED NCLEX- PN WITH 86 questions!!!!

    I am Vera-New GPN-but now I am an LPN! I passed!!! I am floating....don't have to study and now I can start a new career at almost fifty!
  13. Want to be aware

    How old is too old?!?!?

    I am 49 and just finished LPN school in April I have never been so popular with the "younger crowd" in my life. And the oldest lady in our class was 62! Age is just a number.