NCLEX-RN Today(265)...Losing hope..Last question

  1. Hello all-
    First I want to say hi, because this is my first time using the forum. I have read a lot of your postings and I want to congratulate those that have passed! I am in desperate need of some guidance. I took the NCLEX-RN today and *know* I failed. I had 265 questions. I keep hearing of people who passed but then I keep hearing of more people who have failed with 265 questions. I felt stupid the entire time! I couldn't breathe and was so nervous when I just kept seeing those numbers go up that I am sure that i didn't concentrate as well as I should have. I have been sick all day and in the fetal position. I can't think... sleep... or even function I do not remember the last question I had and I can't remember whether I got it right or wrong. Is the success of a 265 question exam REALLY based on only the last question???? Please help... 265/pass or 265/fail... or just anyone willing to help out. Thanks and Happy Valentine's day!
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    relax & take a deep breath. now that you've done that...go get yourself some sort of snack/treat. now you've done that...

    onto your question. as i understand it, if one takes the entire 265 questions on nclex-rn, the machine wasn't completely sure if you were above the minimum competency level. that's a good thing cause it continued to give you chances to prove yourself.

    now as far as getting the last question correct & passing/failing is all based on the level of competency that question was. for example....if you were above the minimum competency at the last question & got that answer correct or's my understanding that you pass. if however, the last question is below the competency level & you got that correct or failed. it's totally based on how you'd answered the last minimum competency level question. that could have come at question #263...but because you stayed within the starting medium level...the computer continued to give you questions.

    my understanding is that the computer is adaptive gives you questions based on how you answered previous ones. it's designed to bump-up the level of difficulty each time you've mastered a particular level question. it also likes to see strings of correct answers as well. now what typically happens with people who take the entire test is that they start answering questions correctly...then start missing a bunch....then start getting a bunch correct again. this goes on most of their test....hence them teetering along the starting medium level questions. the idea that the test seems very hard is a good one cause that means you've been getting the harder ones that require assessment skills & critical thinking. those questions that don't present the obvious answers are the types the computer looks for to see how the perspective nsg will process. those questions often times will give little information to see if the nsg knows they'll have to either do further assessing before implementing safely. that's why you'll see a lot of priority & delegation questions & less recall or comprehension type questions like those you've received in school.

    anyhoo....the thing to do now is just relax...don't beat yourself up...& try to do something that you've put off while studying. treat yourself for you deserve it!

    hope this helps ~ cheers!
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  4. by   Fun2, RN, BSN
    I hope you feel better soon, I can only imagine the anxiety that comes with taking the NCLEX, and waiting for the results.

    I have read about many nurses who did have 265 questions, knew they failed, and actually PASSED!

    SO, maybe you will too.

    Good luck whatever the outcome. If you do end up not passing, don't give up. You've made it this far, study up some more, and try again.
  5. by   Mommy2Maddy
    Just know this... just because you got 265 questions it doesn't mean you failed at all and it doesn't matter if you got the last one right or wrong. I don't know where people get that, but it's all hearsay.

    All that matters is you gave it your best shot. Stay positive and know that you gave it all you could. If you fail don't let it get you down (I've failed twice and I'm getting ready for the 3rd), just pick yourself and get ready for it again. It's all in the luck of the draw. It doesn't matter if you were a great student, an average, student or a terrible student. Anyone can pass and anyone can fail.

    I'm sure you did fantastic and I look forward to reading your post that says....

    I've PASSED! I'm an official RN!!!!

    Best of luck - Brandi
  6. by   ashlynurse
    I have some words of encouragement (hopefully). I am a RN, only have been one for 2 weeks. I too had all 265 gut-wrenching questions. I PASSED !!! My best friend also had 265 questions, she also PASSED. We both walked out of there knowing that we had failed. We were preparing ourselves to retake again in 45 days. That was the worst day of my entire life (good thing we never have to take it again).

    PLEASE.... take my word for it, try to do something fun to get your mind off of the test. I was with my family the entire weekend. I kept so busy, I barely had any "personal" time. That was the only way I could get thru the 5 days of anguish.

    Keep us posted and I know your feeling.
    ~ashley, RN
    :chuckle try to laugh and smile, think good thoughts
  7. by   Tweety
    The number of questions is only the number of questions. Try to relax, you can survive this regardless of the results. No need to make yourself sick and withdraw from life. Be good to yourself.
  8. by   eudemonist_too
    When I finally take the NCLEX, I too will probably feel like you! I'm always my biggest critic... always hard on myself. I feel like I do poorly on all of my exams now, but end up doing well. So, listen to the great advice that all of these wonderful people have been giving (I can tell they're nurses), and treat yourself to something nice (or just relax).

    I am definitely coming to this website for support when I take the NCLEX!!! You guys make me smile!!!!
  9. by   nrschris
    yes i had 265 also. it was the most gut wrenching experience ever. no one will understand - no matter how you try to explain the feeling. at least no one who had 265. i felt like you - i couldn't stop crying that night! but like everyone told me - there is hope!!! and i can say that with confidence because i passed. i couldn't believe it - but i did. a classmate of mine also had 265 and she passed too. and so will you, i can feel it. please, i know it will be hard too, but relax and be good to yourself. be proud that you came this far - really. all my anxiety was a waste of time, because i came out of it with an rn id...just think positive and sign your name all over the place with rn at the end to keep good thoughts in your head. and if it's in your religion - pray pray pray! i prayed every day - novenas as a matter of fact. it's in god's hands now and at least it will be some sense of meditation for you while you wait. good luck to you and you will be in my thoughts!!!!

    christy, rn
    :melody: :melody: :melody:
  10. by   DutchgirlRN
    I had 265 questions. I was distraught because I found out just that morning that my best friend had a seizure, fell hit the floor and passed away. I knew he would have wanted me to take my test, so I did. I knew I had failed, knew the computer should have stopped at 75, was mortified when I passed 150 and chalked it up to good practice for the next time. I passed! I found out the day my friend was buried. I had the strangest of emotions that day. Crying all day, part of the time because I was so happy I passed and part of the time because my heart was breaking over losing my best friend. The strangest day of emotions I've ever had. Moral of this story. No matter what the circumstances you can never be sure pass/fail until you see it in writting. Soon we'll be reading that you passed!
  11. by   lildiza
    hey chris sorry to bother you. Funny enough i am a new graduate and i just took my boards on Monday. i think i really really failed because i got in there and froze like a fish in the freezer i spent so much time hoping that my question would end on 75 but i was wrong it ended at 265 i prayed and prayed and infarct did novena couple of days before the exam. i am scared dont even know what to do got a lot of medication calculation that i kept failing and it kept coming back. ohh myy please just wanted to say pray for me my result comes out tommorow
  12. by   Silverdragon102
    This thread is a few years old.

    Hang in there many people pass with max number of questions. Good luck
  13. by   BYUNurse
    I took it last week and was 150% sure I failed after taking all 265 questions. It took 5 hours. I was sweating by the end and could hardly focus. I had to say many little prayers to keep me going. After the test I was a wreck for two days, looking at the next possible time I could take the test.

    I found out two days later that I PASSED! I looked at these forums for the first time which gave me some hope. I even did the Pearson Vue Trick which also gave me hope. But nothing can really soothe you, I know. But you CAN PASS WITH 265 questions!! Don't give up!
  14. by   QueenBEEZ
    Hi, I was wondering what the Pearson Vue trick was?


    ps. I took the test today had 265 questions, stayed the whole 6 hours, I know I failed, but it's okay, I'll just take it again. :typing