nclex nightmare

  1. I graduated nursing(RN) school in may 05, i did ok in school. i took boards the first time in july 05, 141 questions i failed. i had taken the hurst review, really didnt think it helped. i continued studying round 2 in september 265 questions, same result. In december 05 i got sick, well my legs were numb and tingling then in january my hands were numb and tingling, i was diagnosed with MS in april 06. but i once again went to take the nclex, same results, in 2008 i took the kaplan review, afterwards i felt really good about the test but once again 265 questions and i failed. in jume 2009 i decided to take pn boards i had 86 questions and passed. yesterday i took the rn nclex again, 75questions, got home tried the pearson vue trick, it allowed me to get to the cc page so i guess i failed. i dont know where to go from here i have taken that test seven times and failed. do i give up, do i give it one more try, so confused. i would really like to take a refresher course not a review a course. any suggestions, i am at a lose.
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  3. by   NurseLoveJoy88
    My advice to you is not to give up. Take the refresher course and hope for the best. You passed PN boards so that is a wonderful accomplishment. Good luck to you and God bless.
  4. by   ktliz
    Do you think test anxiety has anything to do with it?
  5. by   mfr69
    Don't give up! Change the way you study! Look back and figure out what was a common thing you did when you were studying for all these tests. Did you study by yourself? Did you read and re-read all the books? By the time I got out of nursing school, I felt that I shouldn't study from the books again. I got all the study CDs I could get from my peers.... I copied them and on a daily basis, every morning, I sat down and forced myself to do the test questions. Then, for every question-whether I got it right or wrong- I read the rationale. I make sure I understand it. If not, I go back to the books, for reference only, to look up that particular topic. Remember now, the questions are going to be on the computer then you might as well study that way. I also made a point of doing these computer questions every morning as soon as I wake up because my test was scheduled in the morning so I wanted to condition myself. Every time I practiced at home, I pretend it is the real test- I turned off any noise around me, I have already had a light breakfast, etc... By the time I took the real test, I felt relaxed and was already used to it. I hope my pointers help. Don't give... you've already done 99% of it.
  6. by   kukula
    Dont give up. What I did to prepare for my NCLEX was going to the local library and do the computer NCLEX questions. I did it over and over again. Somehow these practice questions allow to set your mind on the right tract on HOW to answer the questions. Dont look in to the questions too much. One thing I noticed with NCLEX questions is its not too deep into technicals like anatomy or physiology. Always remeber ADPIE. Many questions go back to the nursing process over and over again. Also Maslows hierarchy of needs. Remember ABC. I hope you pass the NCLEX soon. Good luck
  7. by   Mrs. SnowStormRN
    DON'T GIVE UP, my next door neighbor passed on the 8th try!!!
  8. by   AZMOMO2
    The community colleges usually have a refresher course usually they contain a required clinical component though.
  9. by   Lola89
    Hi there. I would say to not give up! I recommend doing 200 Qs a day, look at rationales. Write down the stuff that you got wrong, before going to over it. Do the LaCharity book!! sooo helpful.
    Pick 2-3 sources, stick to those. If you can, get the Kaplan Qbank and do as many Qs as you can. Go over how you studied before and see what you think you did wrong. Did you spend a lot of times on Qs when doing the test, did you get so anxious that you over thought them. I would say, spend as much time as you can on the first 20 Qs.
    Be introspective, there must be something that you were doing that wasn't very effective.
    You can do this!!!
  10. by   traumaRUs
    Moving to NCLEX forum.
  11. by   NurseRedbone
    Don't give up. Take it until you pass. Pray, pray, pray.
  12. by   caliotter3
    Take the test again. If not successful, repeat it again. You will pass, as long as you keep trying.