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  1. Lola89

    NP working as RN in Florida

    Hello everyone, If anyone can please answer this question I would greatly appreciate it. Can someone that has their Nurse practitioner license work as a registered nurse in the state of Florida? I know that in New york you can but we have 2 separate licenses in NY ... only one license in Florida that gets upgraded to ARNP. Thank you, Ruth
  2. Lola89

    Leaving My First Job - Advice?

    Hi, I just had to reply to your post as I just left my med-surg job after being there for 7 months for my dream job in OB. I really did not enjoy med-surg, we worked with 7-8 pts on nights and this was a small rural hospital! anyways. Although the staff was very supportive, I really did not enjoy my job. The level of stress was not manageable. I never had time to 'think' either. And apparently some say that that is normal for a nursing job but I refuse to accept that. There is no reason for anyone to feel that way, on top of feeling that they are not safe. I totally get that you feel bad about leaving so soon but this is your life and you are the one that has to go home with your unhappy self. In my case, everyone was very supportive of me leaving and understood. It's med-surg, they are used to people leaving. Plus, leaving a job early mainly looks bad to the person looking at your resume and you already have a job offer! I would suggest, take a moment...do you feel the way you do because you are new and going through growing pains, or is it because you just don't enjoy this job and probably won't no matter how long you stay there. If it's the latter, then go for it!!! Good luck to you.
  3. Lola89

    clinic job vs hospital job

    I started working at a hospital because I felt that I would not be gaining any real RN experience at a clinic and boy do I wish I actually worked at a clinic. I can go into all the reasons why I don't like floor nursing but that is for another post. I think you have to stop and think about what your career goals are, where do you truly want to be and why. Why do you feel that it is not real RN experience? who said that the hospital is the only place where you can get that. Being a nurse means a lot more than knowing how to hang IV bags and suction a pt. Yes, working at a hospital is good experience but don't minimize the experience that you can get at a clinic. I wish I could tell you what to do exactly, I know what the right answer is for me but because I know what working at a hospital is really like. Go w/your gut instinct, at least this is a good predicament...choosing between 2 jobs :) best of luck.
  4. Lola89

    Lenox Hill Hospital - New Grad RN

    Hello, I was wondering how did you both go about applying? Did you just submit your application online or did you go in person? I have been applying there like crazy and have not heard a beep. Thank you!
  5. Lola89

    nclex nightmare

    Hi there. I would say to not give up! I recommend doing 200 Qs a day, look at rationales. Write down the stuff that you got wrong, before going to bed...read over it. Do the LaCharity book!! sooo helpful. Pick 2-3 sources, stick to those. If you can, get the Kaplan Qbank and do as many Qs as you can. Go over how you studied before and see what you think you did wrong. Did you spend a lot of times on Qs when doing the test, did you get so anxious that you over thought them. I would say, spend as much time as you can on the first 20 Qs. Be introspective, there must be something that you were doing that wasn't very effective. You can do this!!!
  6. Lola89

    OB certifications

    Thank you for the replies, good to know.
  7. Lola89

    OB certifications

    I am a new grad interested in Women's health jobs. I wanted to know if it is necessary to get some certifications like EFM to make me a more attractive canditate or do you think that it doesn't matter since the job might provide me with those certifications. What other type of certifications would be helpful? Thank you.
  8. Lola89

    A question for career changers.

    I worked in corporate america for 9 years. I am not sure what everyone is talking about here, but there as much backstabbing in corporate america as in healthcare. I met quite a few who had a "god" complex. You think doctors are annoying, at least you know that they are smart! try dealing w/someone who thinks there are god just because they were a suit and can walk around like the own the world, but have nothing up there. In corporate america you can get very far depending on how good you are at kissing a$$. There are plenty of slackers there as well and you end up doing their job. There is A LOT of racism, just look at who wears the suit! There is also plenty of gossip. I don't think that one environment is better than the other, it just depends on your experience. No job is perfect, everywhere you go you will have to deal with nasty co-workers and BS. That is life.
  9. Lola89

    Can a shy student become an effective nurse?

    tuahla, it is so funny that you mentioned how your personality might be better suited for a job behind a computer because that's what i did for 9 years! and I hated it. I posted earlier on this thread about how shy I am. Nursing is so diverse, there's a spot for you. Shy nurses get jobs all the time! Yes, many are extroverts but you will just be the introverted one like I am. As long as you do a good job taking care of a patient, that is all that matters. I can't say enough about this forum, it allows us to come together and support each other. You are not alone :)
  10. Lola89

    can u be a nurse with hyperhidrosis?

    Hi there, I am currently a nursing student, I saw this post a couple of days ago and I at the time I couldn't replied so I sent myself the link to reply later. I too suffer from this embarrassing condition and I too wondered the exact same thing you are wondering about. I came to the conclusion that that could not stop me, if I made decisions based on this...I wouldn't leave my house! You were wondering about the patients, well you will be wearing gloves most of the time that you are touching patients so they are not even going to notice The one thing that I do struggle with is putting on the gloves. Some times the nurse preceptors actually have to wait until I put them on, 'cause it takes forever! I usually say, 'oh, my hands get so sticky from this purell' (unfortunately the one at the hospital is not the same as you buy in the drug store, I think it has something else in it so as not to dry your hands). Most people just agree. They do look at me weird sometimes, but I just don't pay any mind to it. I make sure that there is a box full of large gloves available, since it is easier to put on. Also, there are sinks in every patient's room (for the most part) so I make sure to wash my hands a lot, and that helps. Also, before putting on the gloves I move them around to unstick them and when inserting my hands I try to put pressure with the back of my hands to make it a little easier since that part is not so sweaty ( this a little difficult to describe). I just started doing my practicum working the night shift and I noticed that my body temp is not so high at night so there's less sweating. I wish that I could tell you, just do this and it cures it. Unfortunately, we have to live w/this. I heard about the surgery but I am too scare to try it since one of the side effects is compensatory sweating in some unusual parts. At least is "normal" to sweat from your hands. I am considering medication for some days. Do not let this stop you, you will be surprised how creative you can get. If this is your passion, go for it!!!
  11. Lola89

    Med error in nursing school!

    I am also a student, you probably want to hear from experience nurses. But these are my thoughts. You got your med error over with! They say that everyone makes mistakes, if you haven't then you wonder when it will be your turn. This was your turn and it is over. It sounds like you followed protocol as a student by asking your instructor and giving the reasoning. Don't want to place blame on your instructor but he/she should have double checked you. The fact that you feel guilty and realized what you could have done differently, will make you a great nurse!
  12. Lola89

    Accepted job at NYP-Cornell!

    Congratulations!! I was wondering if you could give more details about the NLN pharm exam? How did you prepare? Did you take the practice test? If so, was that helpful. Sorry for all the questions but I am very curious as I am looking to apply there soon. Thank you!
  13. Thank you! Didn't know that you could get the kindle reader for Mac, just downloaded it and got the Kaplan RN. Wooo hooo! I love free stuff :) tkm2005, the picture of the book says PN review but the one that downloads is the RN review, just click into the book.
  14. Lola89

    Can a shy student become an effective nurse?

    Hi everyone. Thanks for putting up this post. I am also a very shy person as well. I am full of anxiety before beginning my clinicals. I have been told time and time again throughout my life that I need to speak up, you are too quiet, etc. I have been feeling lately very overwhelmed, always feeling anxious and nervous. I also draw a blank when I get asked a question by the instructor, when being observed performing a skill, my hands shake! It is very embarrassing. I feel like an idiot, as most everyone seems to perform so well on the spot. Reading this post made me realize that I am not alone and that I'm not totally crazy that I went into nursing although I am very shy. I think there should be a support group out there :)
  15. Lola89

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE my job

    That is a beautiful story. Thanks for sharing it. It's good to take the time to point out the positives in this field, so easy to get caught up in the negatives. Stories like this make me realize that I'm making the right choice to go into nursing :)
  16. Lola89

    Are my classmates delusional??

    Hello everyone, I was recently in a study session with some of classmates for a Microbiology class. We started talking about nursing in general and I jokingly said we are going to be professional a$$ wipers! (btw, I was just joking no need to comment on this :)) But they both looked at me with puzzled looks and said that we don't have to do that as nurses that CNAs do that. I asked them, if a patient has an accident while under your care what are you going to do? They looked uncomfortable with this question and just answered that they are aware that as a nurse those situations are not common. One claimed that her entire family was in nursing and she knows first hand that nurses hardly have to do that. It just baffles me how many people go into nursing thinking that this things are beneath them? As experienced nurses how often are you faced with that situation, where you have to clean up a patient's feces and vomit. I honestly thought that you have do that often.

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