Nclex 3000

  1. Heard about NCLEX3000 .Can anyone tell me where can i find this material free of cost!
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  3. by   Tweety
    Try asking on the NCLEX forum or the International Forum. Good luck.
  4. by   suebird3
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  5. by   RNsRWe
    Quote from har_jotkaur
    Heard about NCLEX3000 .Can anyone tell me where can i find this material free of cost!
  6. by   LadyT618
    Wow, this is cool. Wish I knew about this when I was taking it (although I didn't pay for my copy anyway).
  7. by   DolphinRN84
    Wow. I actually have the software, but found it didn't really help me all that much. Still passed I found alot of "bugs" with the software. Good luck studying!
  8. by   charebec65
    I'm getting ready to take the NCLEX PN but tried this just for the challenge. I really liked it and was surprised that there were questions I'd seen on my Saunders NCLEX PN review cd too. I actually did pretty well on it. I just finished the PN program last week and start taking some pre-req's for the ADN program at a local college this fall.
  9. by   willdgate
    N-clex 3000 is okay, I used it a bit
  10. by   LadyT618
    it was a good way to increase my tally of questions before taking the exam.....I got tired though, I only did a little under 2000 (with only about 200 from this program).
  11. by   tiggerwannab
    I tried this link and it says that it is not available without the password. Do you have another link?
  12. by   Matilda50
    The newer version of that Nclex 3500 RN and Lipincott sells this CD check their website.
  13. by   tiggerwannab
    I have the nclex rn 3500, I am looking for the nclex pn 3000. Thanks for the reply.
  14. by   Matilda50
    Lipincott sells that one to. go to and type in nclex 3000 it shouyld bring it up.