My thoughts about NCLEX-RN (passed with 75Q)

  1. The NCLEX questions seemed more straightforward and easier than Kaplan. However, if you didnt know the answer they were tough to narrow down. I'm notoriously bad at SATA, but I found that my SATA questions were very simple ("If a patient has xyz condition you would expect to find these symptoms"). They didn't seem to be passing level questions. My test focused on prioritization and infection control, which I've been hearing a lot lately. I'm also notoriously bad with meds. It was a relief that most of my 5-6 med questions were things I could easily narrow down. And some were med+prioritization questions: You have the following 4 patients, which person should get their meds first. I thought for sure I'd do horrendous on meds, but it didn't turn out that way. No OB, no direct peds questions, no psych.

    To be honest, I was nervous during the entire test, my heart was pounding and at times I found myself stuck on particular questions. I just said "well I'll never be sure" and clicked NEXT to move on.

    I studied only with Kaplan, took the live review, did all qtrainers and every qbank question, and made flashcards for topics I didn't know. It worked because I passed with 75 questions. There's no need to go crazy and buy every review book there is, unless your content knowledge is more than a bit rusty.

    I hope this gives someone some hope. I know I read through tons and tons of posts before I took mine and I always appreciated any help I could get.
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    Congrats and thanks for sharing your experience!
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    I take the boards on 7-7-09 so I am starting to get a bit nervous as the time is getting closer. I am doing Kaplan, and I love it. I really didn't think the live review was all that great, but I love all the online information/questions. I have done all the question trainers except question trainer 7....almost all of the qbank as well. I think i have about 300 left. I also had a Sylvia Rayfield review from the Incredibly Easy series, which was provided by my employer. I hope all of these questions really do help...Thanks again for the 411...
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    congrats! i passed too! so happy for us! woooohhhooooo!
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    Thank you so much for the post! Congratulations!
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    Congrats! I take mine this Thursday. Hope I will be like you, coming on here to say I passed.
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    Congrats! I take mine in early July. I am only doing Kaplan as well and getting in the 58-67% on the Qbank questions and 55-59% on the Question Trainers (1-4). I still got about 20% of the Qbank questions left and Question Trainers 5-7 to go.

    I also take notes on what I don't remember when going through my Qbank reviews. For the areas I am really bad in, I go to Saunders and do content review of that area ONLY. I'm hoping to pass!
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    Thanks everyone! I'm glad it's behind me and I hope to help anyone I can.