Just took the Nclex-rn today

  1. Hi guys finally i was able to take the much dreaded nclex-rn earlier today at 8am. My test stopped at 75 thanked god coz i didnt want to endure more questions my mind might get too tired coz i barely slept last night because of excitement and anxiety. Anyway i had a lot of priority questions, meds, a little psyche, infection control and 1 select all that apply. I got hard questions often, but mixed with some easy ones, i dont know, hope i pass. But pass or not i would say the exam is very doable as long as you had a good review and suzanne was right you just need one book and that's the the saunders comprehensive review for the nclex-rn, you dont need those expensive online courses, everything is in saunders you just have to know the strategy on how to answer tough questions coz you can easily fall for those distracters if you dont read and understand each and every question. The waiting part sucks, anxiety is building up again, hope i make it, but if not then i just have to accept it and try again, never loose hope.
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  3. by   obnurse2004
    It sounds to me like you passed your boards. When I took my boards, I also had 75 questions. I had a lot of priority questions, charge nurse questions, and a few weird questions involving traction! I really thought that I failed but I found out two days later that I was a RN. :spin: I hope that you find out soon--it will be a good Christmas present!
  4. by   chichimitchi
    my hats off to you nindot!
  5. by   EricJRN
    Good luck, Nindot.
  6. by   DolphinRN84
    All the best with your results!
  7. by   mauloa
    Keep us updated when you get your results nindot!

    p.s. are you a Filipino (Visayan)? nindot means pretty or beautiful
  8. by   nindot
    Thank you guys for your replies and for wishing me goodluck, hope next week my results will be on the CA website, i applied with my SSN so hopefully if i pass i would be able to see it in 3-5 days(though they say that's not always the case), but if my name wont appear o-oh i smell trouble hehe hope not. By the way pmadams yes im Filipino, my dad is from southern leyte but i grew up in manila, i know some common visayan words because of my dad and i dont know, ive always liked the sound of the word "nindot" that's why i picked it for a screen name.
  9. by   rafRN
    goodluck to you nindot.......!!!!!
  10. by   gumdrop
    :spin: good luck to you! keep us posted! I'll be taking my exam early next year and i'm hoping to get suzanne's program. God bless..
  11. by   gRacie_307
    hi,nindot! wish you luck! do pray & read the sticky about "what-will-do-while-waiting-4-nclex"! god bless!!
  12. by   RN BSN 2009
    Good luck! Let us know the results!
  13. by   mauloa
    Hey nindot, is there any results yet? Happy Holidays!
  14. by   nindot
    Quote from pmadams
    Hey nindot, is there any results yet? Happy Holidays!
    hope i can say yes to you but unfortunately im from california and i just took the exam last friday, so its impossible that i would be able to have my test result already, if im lucky i'd know it in 3 days but that's bare minimum, the average is ten days. Anyway to all of you who have replied to my post and have wished me goodluck thank you so much!