Just took nclex today and I feel cheated

  1. So I took the nclex today. A little background on myself, I went to school at an adn program in Texas and I was an ok student. I made some a's a lot b's and some c's. I graduated in may and I got a graduate nurse position at a large hospital in the dfw area a month after I graduated. So I had a lot riding on this test and I was stressed like all of you here. I took Kaplan's class and used the q trainers and qbanks as my primary study aide. I studied for about 3 weeks doing 50 to 100 questions daily and reviewed the rationales. I didn't go over much content, and I averaged in the high 50's to low 60's on the qbanks and qtrainers. So after worrying for 3 weeks, today came and I took nclex. It was funny cause I wasnt really anxious or nervous this morning I went in and took the test and got 75 question with maybe 10 sata and that was it. I was over in about an hour and it was one of the most anti climatic experiences in my life. After basically 2 years of this test looming over me it was all over. I left feeling clueless, if you told me I missed every question I would believe you. Right after it was over I couldnt tell if it was hard, easy, or if I passed or failed. All of the time I spent studying felt like wasted time. The questions on the exam things I've never even heard of before and when there was a topic I knew the answers were things I wouldn't have ever thought of. Frankly I felt cheated. How can this possibly be a test of minimum competency, when the questions were no.........unique? I don't even know how to phrase it. There was a topic on here about how the test was a joke. I agree!Oh yeah I did the pvt trick and I got the good pop up much to my amazement. So it looks as if I may have passed. It the trick works which it see,s as if it does seeing from this site, I can only thank the hand of god for letting me pass cause I had no clue what I was doing on that test.I know that was long but I had to vent. I wish everyone well in there studies and nclex.
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  3. by   mingK
    I took the test today too and got the good pop-up but I can barely believe it. I was so nervous and I only got 4 SATA although I DID get quite a few drop and drags and prioritization/delegation questions. I was almost crying as mine shut off at 75 too. I couldn't believe it and I didn't/don't know what to think! I am so nervous!
  4. by   abasima23
    [font=courier new]congratulations[color=#00ff00][font=courier new].

    i will be taking mine on the 26 of this july and i pray i should pass just like you
  5. by   MiahMSN
    This is what freaks the **** out of me! Several of my classmates have taken it and they have ALL said that it was the most obscure test ever! (<----what does that even mean? lol )....but I will continue with my studies and leave the rest in His hands!

    Congrats on passing and thanks for sharing your experience!
  6. by   clewi102
    Sejl90, you feel that way about the test because you actually used Kaplan's practice questions which are more difficult. I felt the same way after my exam. You know more than you think. Good luck on your new job. Congrats
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    Quote from Mya2bRN
    This is what freaks the **** out of me! Several of my classmates have taken it and they have ALL said that it was the most obscure test ever! (<----what does that even mean? lol )....but I will continue with my studies and leave the rest in His hands!

    Congrats on passing and thanks for sharing your experience!
    I agree. The questions I got were very ambiguous & some were even repetitive. Still, I passed with 85 questions (the minimum for nclex-pn).
  8. by   alyiana
    I felt the same way when I took my test on June 26, 2012. I just wasn't sure what to think about it, but they say that if you feel bad about it, then you did good. Congratulations!!!!

    Also, when did you apply for your job? I'm moving from AL to TX (Austin) in a couple of weeks. It seems like I'm a bit late for applying for a job.
  9. by   Sejl90
    [[[[[[@clewi102 I guess you're right, I did those kaplan practice questions religiously and wrote down the rationale to every question i got wrong. So maybe i was like brain washed or something lol]]]]]] [[[ @alyiana I applied for the job i have now in march. It was the only application of the 35 or so that i put in that called me back and interviewed me. I'm not sure how it is in Austin but the job market in Dallas-Fort Worth is tight even though i got a job rather quickly oddly enough. If you were to come to the dfw area i would start looking now cause i think some of the internships and GN positions are going to start taking apps soon.]]]]]]] sorry for the lack of paragraphs it wont let me create space.
  10. by   oztizz184
    wow thanks for your rant! Made my answers that I had answered! Soo happy that you passed!
  11. by   chuckster
    I think everyone's experience with the NCLEX is a bit different.

    I was (and still am) an older, second career student with three prior degrees including a masters. I've always done very well on standardized tests - nearly 1400 on the older, non-recentered SATs (95th percentile), top 10% on the GMATs, 99th on the TEAS, etc., all with either minimal or no prep (the guidance counselors at my high school were adamant that there was no way to prep for the SAT and any review course would be a waste of your parents money). For the NCLEX, I used my usual intensive, self-study, short duration rountine to prep (took a week off from work and did the Elsivier on-line review and the Silvestri book for maybe 6 - 8 hrs each day, with frequent breaks to jog or bicycle). When I got to the test - I'd scheduled it for late morning, expecting to be done in time for nice late lunch with a few celebratory adult beverages - I was stunned when the machine didn't shut off after question 75. No sweat, I figured, I guess I'm not as smart as I thought but surely the test would stop after a few more questions. At question 100, it got really weird. I started getting a lot of math questions, which are really my strong suit and even today, I'm certain I got those right. Long story short, 4 hours (of which at least 30 mins was bathroom break time due to my stop at Starbucks) and 265 questions later, the test finally stopped. I was now certain that I had messed up big time and on the way home, was already planning a new and different study routine for attempt number 2. I was so sure I'd messed up, I never bothered to check the state web site (they show you as having an active - or if you haven't passed, pending - nursing license within about 24 hours after you leave the PV test site. It was only after I started getting congratulatory calls and e-mails from friends and fellow students that I realized I passed.

    Like I said, I think everyone's test is a different experience.
  12. by   libran1984
    i truly truly lucked out on my nclex. it seemed to cover 3 basic things.


    delegation of responsibility

    i felt like i failed and passed having only been provided the minimum # of questions.
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  13. by   Creamsoda
    I probably took it about 4 years ago as a canadian with 3 years experience. It was a wierd test with really obscure questions relating to meds I've never heard of ect. I felt like I failed it AND i had to drive 12 hrs to take it! What a pain. Mine ended with 75 questions too. I totally get how you feel scammed, but sounds like you probably passed. You never have to do it again!
  14. by   ToughingItOut
    Well, if you're getting mostly difficult and obscure questions, you might just doing well on the exam. The NCLEX is computer guided and designed to determine minimum competency in the least amount of time and questions, so it's really when you start getting a lot of easy questions that you should be worried. Maybe some of the obscure questions were experimental and didn't count? Good luck to anyone who is about to take it - you'll do great!