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  1. MiahMSN

    FNP student disliking family practice

    Thanks for the replies. I agree, I need to try a different clinical setting, which is why I'm hoping I can do my last 80hrs in urgent care (or even retail clinic might be interesting). And I agree, not every nurse needs to go to NP school just because. Nursing is a second career for me and I knew I didn't want to do bedside for long. I like the the thought of being a provider and continuing to care for pt's in a clinical capacity without breaking my back. And I wouldn't say it's trendy, at least not in my area. Maybe because I'm in California, but surprisingly many of my coworkers are not interested in NP because the pay isn't that significant starting off and I would say majority of the nurses I've come across are all about the $. I just have to find my happy NP place lol
  2. Post-masters FNP student here, will graduate in May 2017. I'm starting to realize I dislike family practice and can't see myself doing this. It seems a like a never ending rat race, not enough time to see pts, finish charts, review labs, and the thought of 9-5 mon-fri just depresses me lol. It doesn't help that I'm an RN in Los Angeles and will likely take a pay cut as an NP. To make up for this, I plan to keep my RN case management job and move into per diem which is $68/hr and I already know I won't make this as an NP, which sucks. I'm just having all types of doubts about NP now that I see it up close and personal. Anyone else have this experience and decided to go into a specialty area and really enjoy it? My program allows me to do 80 clinical hrs in a speciality area my last semester, so I'm going to see if I can do this in urgent care as I really have an interest in area and like the hours. I'm willing to work for my money, but I don't want to sweat for my money, ESPECIALLY when it's a pay cut, and that's the feeling I get with family practice.
  3. MiahMSN

    California- 5 years limit for pharmacology

    I am in the exact same boat. Got my MSN may 2012 (in which I took advanced pharmacology fall 2011). I will finish my post masters May 2017. According to the BRN (it took a week of calling to actually get someone), by the time I will apply for my NP license, my pharmacology would be pass the 5 year mark, and thus I would need to retake it. So I am now enrolled in advanced pharmacology....the exact same class at the same school I took it and received an A in 2011 (much cheaper to take it there than my current school). Also remember, it is not when you completed your MSN program, but when you completed the actual pharmacology class, is when the 5 year timer kicks in.
  4. MiahMSN

    Psych NP vs Adult/Gero NP

    You can find a school much cheaper than that. Try Husson University, University of South Alabama, Indiana State University, University of Southern Indiana, Northern Kentucky University, and Eastern Kentucky a university. I have an MSN already so I was looking for the most affordable program available, and was torn between a post-masters in FNP and PMHNP. I decided to go with FNP. I found these school and a few others by doing research on this site then researching the schools individually. All were at least $600 or less/unit. They are great state schools with online format and excellent pass rates. I went with Husson University...so far so good! You should look into them. $88k is way too much, in my opinion.
  5. MiahMSN

    Online NP School suggestions

    I'm doing a post-master's FNP with Husson University in Bangor, Maine. I'm in California. Chose Husson after researching dozens (and I do mean DOZENS) of online programs. They were one of the most affordable and the program director is AMAZING! It's only $548/unit and they have 100% pass rate for FNP with ANCC. They do not find your preceptors for you if you are out of state, but if you give the clinical coordinator leads, she will go to bat for you trying to help. I was having a hard time finding my pediatric placement, which is our first clinical rotation that I'm in now. Well she called one clinic on my list and was initially told no, but ended up getting a yes (how she did it, I'm not sure lol). So I would look into Husson (Husson University). It has an awesome reputation in Maine. Like I said, I already have a Masters (did a direct-entry MSN with clinical nurse leader option a few years ago) so I only have to do the FNP didactic courses and clinical. I believe the regular MSN NP is 2 years or so, so I'm now with the rest of the MSN students for pediatric didactic and clinical which is our first rotation. Summer will be family/adult health 1, fall Women's Health, and finish up Spring 2017 with family/adult health 2. Although online, we do several synchronous online classes throughout the semester where we video conference through zoom with our professor (they are about 4hr classes). We also have a 1 week intensive before summer semester starts where we have to come to campus for a week and go over suturing, ECG reading, radiographs, etc. (you can stay in on-campus housing for cheap). I know this is lengthy, but wanted to provide as much info as possible and pay it forward with giving back with helpful information, as I've come to this site for years and used it as a great resource. Allnurses is actually how I found Husson as it was listed in a thread for online NP programs and I added the school to my list to research and it ended up being the best program for my needs and bank account, as I'm paying for the program myself without loans (but regardless you're doing a post masters or the full MSN NP, you can't beat $548/unit!). Hope this helps. Good luck!
  6. MiahMSN

    Need Help Preparing for PostMasters FNP program

    I love YouTube so I'll definitely check him out, thanks!
  7. Hi! I completed a direct-entry MSN with CNL role option in 2012 and will start a post masters FNP program in January 2016. My MSN includd advanced pharm, advanced patho and advanced health assessment, and since its been within 5 years, I don't have to take them again for my post masters. However, I really want to brush up on pharm and patho, before I start. We'll have a 3 day intensive health assessment refresher before clinicals in January, so that's helpful. But I still want to refresh the other 2. Any recommendations?? Thanks!
  8. MiahMSN

    Is this true? Salary Question

    i would love to get Loan Repayment as well. Did you apply the NHSC loan repayment?
  9. Yes. I'm a MSN CNL and my program included the 3 advanced courses required for most post masters: advanced patho, advanced pharm and advanced health assessment. As long as they were within the last 5 years, most will accept. I'll start a post masters FNP in the spring and plan to be finished by May 2017, God willing!!
  10. MiahMSN

    Is this true? Salary Question

    This, too, also worries me! I am starting an FNP post-masters program in the spring as I already have a direct-entry MSN with CNL role option and have been a nurse for going on 4 years now. I am now a nurse case manager (inpatient) and work for the highest paid healthcare organization in California. Well I'm transferring from LA to central valley with my organization, and for them central valley is considered a part of the northern Cal region, so the nurses make the same as bay/San Francisco. Well I'm going to be making $76/hr as an inpatient nurse case manager, which is a $22 jump from the $54 I make now. I'm so freaking perplexed by the salary difference between southern and northern cal, it has me questioning if I should do NP at all?? Now I do believe in not doing things for the money, but money is just as important to me as job satisfaction, and I do not apologize for it. But in the end, I know that I want to be a primary care provider. I also know that I'm unique given the organization I work for and that I'm in California. What also pushes me to stick with pursuing NP is the fact that if I ever leave California and practice as an NP in another city, say Atlanta or Houston which are two that I'm considering for the future, I would make more in those cities as an NP than an RN...definitely wouldn't be making the $54 or $76 as an RN there, but as an NP, I could get close. So I guess it all depends on where youre living and what you are willing to accept.
  11. MiahMSN

    From Medical assistant-FNP/DNP

    303 views and not one like. This site is something else sometimes. Congrats to you! Job well done! What a great example of perseverance and dedication. Best of luck in your new role and the DNP program!
  12. MiahMSN

    NP school reputation

    Synaptic NP, it seems you are arguing brick and morter vs online, and I could be wrong, but I think JulesA is referring to quality of program and specifically for profit schools. The two are not one in the same, IMO, as I know of several quality public and private institutions with online NP programs that likely allow for "open book" unless exams are proctored.
  13. Thanks, Juan! It makes me nervous because it's a big commitment to have to fight with the BRN after the fact. Ive found so many great programs outside of California with great pass rates, I don't want to be limited to the few programs in Cali! Glad to hear of you and your colleagues.
  14. I'm applying to post-masters FNP programs for spring admission and the programs I've selected are all out of state (due to flexibility with online didactic, limited campus visits, cost, etc). I am aware that if I do not attend one of the BRN approved NP programs within Cali, that the program has to be accredited and I have to pass one of the national NP exams (national exam is not needed to practice as an NP when you've completed an approved NP program within Cali, although your employer may require it). My question is did any of you have any problems applying for your license with the BRN once you passed your exam? also, the University of Southen Indiana states that California residents are not eligible to complete their program because they are not recognized by the BRN. I find this so odd because their NP program is both accredited and eligible to sit for both national exams, which is whats required for Cali if your school is out of state. So its so confusing why they would not be recognized. And it's so hard to get someone on the phone at the BRN to clarify. i just want to have a good idea of the process and any hurdles that I may encounter. I greatly appreciate if anyone can share their experience! Thanks!
  15. MiahMSN

    From the files of "You can't make this up".

    Um, as an NP aren't you considered an APRN?