July 2009 NCLEX Support Group - page 21

I didn't see a July 09 support group thread up, so I thought I'd get it started. I'm taking the NCLEX-RN July 3rd for the first (and hopefully only) time. I figured I'd get it done before the... Read More

  1. by   jeanyis
    Taking it for the first and hopefully ONLY time on the 27th, will have results on the 29th. Good luck everyone! :rckn:
  2. by   brittney318
    just found out today that i passed! yay me!
  3. by   nursejoy23
    Tomorrow is the big day. Keep me in your prayers.
  4. by   b, bsn09
    July 27th is the big day for me. At 8 am..bright and early!
  5. by   b, bsn09
    Hopefully the 27th is a good day for us, Jeanyis!!
  6. by   mt_nurse
    i just found out from the california BON website that i passed with 75 questions! yayyyyyyyyy!!! i'm so happy i'm crying. thank the almighty and for all of your support.
  7. by   graciel0u
    hello everyone!! i found out this morning at 330am that i passed with 89 questions!!!!! i saw the BON website was updating their records so i decided to stay up and just check - even though i knew it would be too early since i took mine last friday (july 17). i've been so nervous. my friend who was there with me wasn't up there yet, so i thought mine wouldn't be, but decided to check anyways. then i saw my name. i was so surprised. i had to double-check and make sure it was me!! i'm soooooooo relieved and happy that i can finally say i'm a registered nurse!!

    i just want to thank everyone in this forum for all the support. it really helped me get through this stressful time!!

    good luck to everyone!! you can do this!!!!!
  8. by   CoffeeGeekRN
    Congrats everyone!
  9. by   yesdog
    Congratulations to everyone!!!!!
    I passed too!!!!
    Boy, I like the sound of that!
  10. by   haydensmommy05
    I took my NCLEX today and my computer shut off at 75 questions. I had no math calculations, and just a few sata's. Besides that it was all multiple choice. I won't find out until Thursday if I passed or not so this is going to be a long next couple of days!! I tried the pearson vue "trick" and got the pop up so that makes me feel a little bit more hopeful, but I'm still not going to believe anything until I see it in my quick results. Good luck to everyone who is taking their NCLEX in July!!!!! :wink2:
  11. by   b, bsn09
    ahh test date is getting close for me....
  12. by   mrs_smitty414
    When do you take yours b. bsn? I know its soooo nerve wracking!!!! I took mine for the 3rd freaking time on Tuesday and am DYING for my results. Walked outta there like there is no way in hell I passed....it was soo hard! But the only thing that is keeping me going is the Pearson Vue trick....I keep getting the pop up so I am praying to God that it works!!!! I am registered in CA so of course we dont have the 48 hour quick results! UGHHHHH!

    Just try and relax and no matter how hard it may be, be confident! You have studied and you know this stuff!!

    Good luck everyone! Hope I have good news soon! I just dont think I could take it a 4th time...........
  13. by   jannette194
    I tool my test on July 18th...... Im so scared I feel like I FAILED!!!!! iM GOING CRAZY WAITING FOR RESULTS. I did the pearson vue trick and it made me feel a little better But I cant trust it until I get my official results. Wish me luck in passing.....
    thanks goodness for allnurses