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Graduated RN in May 09, loved my heme/onc floor but got laid off; now about to start my new job on cardiac step down :)

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  1. MLMRN1120

    Shift change and visitation in ICU/stepdown

    Our unit is also locked. We are the only ICU in the hospital that has 22 hour visiting. I do believe in family centered care, but we have had many issues with our visiting policy. As we do bedside report, it sometimes becomes an issue that the visitors in the room are not immediate family members and we ask people to leave (politely) as many things said during report are sensitive/private. One of the biggest problems we have is people who refuse to leave during this report hour. Our unit is very large and by the time security assists the visitors out, it will be like 730. Our 'no visiting' time is 7-8 am and pm. In these cases, the visitors finally leave but are then chomping at the bit to be let back in at exactly 8pm, while the oncoming rn is trying to rush in and do their assessment! I don't mind this except when report is delayed by the visitors overstaying their welcome. The response we get from a lot of people when asked to leave is 'we can't stay for this hour? That's so stupid' yep. Gotta love it.
  2. MLMRN1120

    is this legal

    I'm having trouble believing that as well. I work in micu and our hospital policy does not allow narcotics/sedatives to be run without a pump under ANY circumstances! And palliative care definitely does not = murder. Whoever was involved in this supposed situation was dead wrong (no pun intended) and could be in for a ton of trouble
  3. This was something that I really had to get over when I was a new grad. Now that I'm in icu I feel like the docs are a bit more receptive and respecting of the nurses, they value our input for the most part. On the floor was a completely different story, I work in a large teaching hospital where (some not all) of the residents present with a god complex of sorts and a 'how dare this lowly nurse try to advise me' attitude. The difference between me now and me 3 years ago is I do not tolerate being belittled by arrogant docs anymore. I can remember a time when I would call for something important and doc would basically speak to me like I was a child. That's something I will no longer accept, but it took a while before I was confident enough in my practice to tell them so. One incident I remember occurred on another nurses patient around change of shift about 630. All the docs were coming onto the floor...long story short, i was sharing the room with this other nurse and walked in to see my patient. His roommate seemed..off, wasn't making much sense. I poked my head into the hallway and asked the nurse 'is 30a ox3?' apparently he had been. I said we might need a rrt stroke alert, come see him. Resident walking down the hall says not to bother with rrt bc he's here to see patient. I didn't feel right about it so I called it anyway to get neuro on board. Rrt comes, neuro comes, resident throws me under bus saying that I overreacted and wasting time because patient was 'talking funny when he woke up' as he rolled his eyes like a teenager. So at this point patient had come wandering out of his room and was basically walking into a wall..(think windup toy that hits a wall) yep that's normal. So end result, yep patient went to stat head ct and this nurse learned to never let belittling docs make me question my best judgement! Sorry this was so long :)
  4. MLMRN1120

    1st Nursing Cartoon caption contest - win $100

    Boy, that staffing office is getting pretty creative!
  5. MLMRN1120

    Funny dreams about your job as a nurse

    Omg these dreams make me crazy! I can't tell you how many times I've woken up in a cold sweat thinking I've been at work all night and haven't passed meds or assessed one patient! Needless to say, I was in my bed and not at work. I also used to have nightmares about the first code I saw. I was actually still a First semester nursing student, so not directly involved, but there in the room and it was messy to say the least.That was 3 years ago and I find that the nightmare returns when I've had a rough week or another code at work
  6. MLMRN1120

    Care plan medication section

    I would think D5LR would be a combination of 5% Dextrose and Lactated Ringer's solution..
  7. MLMRN1120

    Failed Med/Surg by 3/10 point

    I was OBSESSED with 3x5 cards in nursing school! I have been out of school 3 years and still have been unable to part with the four shoeboxes of note cards divided by class then further divided by semester/ subject lol. I'll get over it eventually but right now it feels like I'd be trashing 3 years of my life! I've never failed a semester but I will say if you really want to be a nurse then you'll get back on the horse and conquer school!!! Good luck
  8. I work on a med surg tele unit in pa. Most nights (I work 7p-7a), I can expect to get at least 2 admissions, Sometimes 3. Our max is 6:1, generally high acuity. usually the first one from the ED arrives as I am in report, which is a nice unsafe and stressful start to the shift, as the ED will often send up several patients between 1900-1920. Rarely have any dc's, they occur more on days on my unit. Edit to add: our usual amount as a whole can be up to 12-15 admits per night
  9. MLMRN1120

    day shift vs. night shift *vent*

    i think the night vs. day shift debate has gone on long enough :) Nobody is perfect, nurses should all work together and not be at odds with each other. I am a night shifter, and I have worked days. I wouldn't say that either shift is easier per se, but I am definitely sticking to night shift because days seem a bit crowded to me with students, administrators, meals, etc... I agree the tardiness is something to bring up with a manager, I come to work super early so as not to begin my shift in a rush. It does drive me crazy when day shift comes in late, but I usually let it roll off my back, since I'm happy to be leaving! lol
  10. MLMRN1120

    Tell me how you made >$100K or more per year

    I made over $100k last year by working a full-time job in the city, and a PRN job where I make a great hourly rate. I am also a workaholic and pick up at least 1 or 2 OT shifts per week. Hopefully it'll all be worth it when I buy my first house :)
  11. MLMRN1120

    Coworkers that SLEEP on the job....arrrggghh!!!

    I absolutely HATE this at my workplace! I have been here for 9 months, I came from another hospital where it was not done, and my 2nd prn job it doesn't happen either. Once I started night shift here, I was shocked to find out that just about everyone goes on "break", where they will go to the locker room with blankets and pillows and SLEEP! like for 2-3 hours! It is freaking unbelievable to me that people think that this is ok. Each nurse will find their partner for the night, and they agree to cover each other for "break". Everyone knows by this point NOT to ask me to cover them. I'm sorry but I provide good thorough care for my patients and I don't wish to be responsible for 6 patients in addition to my 6 for a few hours. Some of our patients are high acuity and my license is on the line! Now, I am not in any way judging people who do this at work, but for myself personally i think it is wrong. Everyone who does it on my floor has the same excuse, "oh i don't get enough sleep during the day"...Believe me, I completely understand: I have a full-time job, a part-time job, and I am a full-time RN-BSN student.. I just keep busy and stay awake, it is my job and i chose to work night shift. I just don't get it. Thanks for letting me rant lol.
  12. MLMRN1120

    I'm ALWAYS tired *sigh*

    I have been on night shift for over 2 yrs now and I am in the same boat! Exhausted all the time, and all I wanna do is sleep on my days off..this has led to me picking up massive amounts of overtime since I don't enjoy my days off anyway..I've started taking daily vitamins and b12 and also trying to eat healthier and increase my exercise in an effort to psych my body out, make it think it is more energetic than I actually feel.. it stinks, hang in there!
  13. MLMRN1120

    Considering SICU

    Thanks everyone for the encouragement and advice! I put my bid in for the job, and am looking forward to moving to another level in my career...Can't wait :)
  14. MLMRN1120

    Considering SICU

    Hello everyone: I have been a Telemetry/Med-Surg RN for a little over two years. Recently, I received a glowing yearly evaluation and was offered the opportunity to bid on an open SICU position (7p-7a). The hospital where I work is large, urban Level I Trauma ED, etc..I've been told that the SICU there has a lot of post-trauma patients, which has piqued my interest, as I would like to advance my career. So here are my questions: *If you are a current SICU/former med-surg RN, how difficult was the transition? *What is the best advice you would give to someone who is just entering critical care? Any other info, suggestions would be helpful..thanks!
  15. MLMRN1120

    What is your de-stress?

    i crochet baby blankets...keeps my hands busy so I don't strangle anyone who dares to stress me out lol.. I also play with my border collie, yoga and kickboxing, and a few adult beverages don't hurt either!