i stopped at 75! help me im nervous..

  1. i took mine yesterday at 8 am and it stopped at 75 items. Im so scared!!!! ..when i think all about my answer, i feel they are wrong ..by the way do the facilitators in the pearson knows at that time if you passed by failed...coz she congratulates me that i stopped at 75..does she give me a hint.?
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  3. by   Imafloat
    I took mine today at 8:30, it was a 9:00 appt but they let me take it as soon as they processed me.

    I felt sicker leaving the room then starting the test. My computer stopped at 75 too, it took me an hour to get 75. The Pearson Vue lady told me that she thought I passed, she said when people get 75 questions and finish in an hour or so they usually pass. Trust me, I am not falling for it, until see a liscense number next to my name I won't believe I passed.
  4. by   FredericksX
    *grin* We're all of a kind. I took my exam yesterday and I also stopped at 75. It took me about an hour and fifteen minutes to get to 75. When I left the room I was completely hollow. Some of the questions were no-brainers, but interspersed were some definite stumpers. Yesterday when I came home I swore up and down I'd failed. This morning I've had some quiet time to think, and I believe there's a *chance* I might not have failed (even going in cold to the Kaplan Q-bank I never scored lower than 55%, and I figure 55% would be considered passing on the NCLEX, so...? ::hopeful shrug:: ), but I'm still making some contingency plans just in case I do end up not making it (I'm working on my limited permit; if I fail the NCLEX I lose my permit and, essentially, my job). Making plans has helped me cope a bit. I just can't stand the wait to find out how I did. I know not to take the exam on a Thursday or Friday.
  5. by   Imafloat
    Fred, not sure what state you are in but my state has yesterdays results posted already, have you checked your BON website?
  6. by   FredericksX
    I'm in NY. I was told the results from the NCLEX wouldn't be posted until two business days after taking the test. I searched for a possible license and nothing's up BUT my permit's still coming up as valid...so that's encouraging maybe? *fingers crossed hard enough to numb the tips*

    ETA - PS, MyBSNin06, if NY is one of the states that puts up license information on the Board webpage next day please tell me so. I promise to do no hurt to the messenger. I'd rather know what my results are, good or bad, than agonize over them this weekend.
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  7. by   RN BSN 2009
    Good luck!
  8. by   rafRN
    goodluck to all of you!!!!!just remember that almost passed at 75%.
  9. by   precy
    I took mine last week and passed with 75. I suggest not to go over your notes to figure out if you answered correctly the nclex questions that you had coz there's nothing you can do to change your answer. It will just make you sick like I did. It's good that it only took 2 days when I learned that I passed. Actually, when I went out of the testing center, I was already thinking of choosing the next schedule for the retake. I know that some may fail or pass at 75 questions but if your going to ask my "vibrations", it says you passed. Goodluck!
  10. by   EricJRN
    Good luck, Kryssie! The proctors don't have access to your results. NCLEX candidates as a whole usually pass (~85% for first-time, US-educated testers), regardless of the number of questions or length of time spent on the exam.
  11. by   dijaqrn
    Goodluck to all of you
  12. by   DolphinRN84
    Best of luck with your results! Let us know when you find out.
  13. by   kryssie
    thanks to everyone..i do hope when the mail comes, i can post here that i passed..by the way, how long does the BON-CALI. mail the result?
  14. by   RNKay31
    Best wishes to you hun