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Took the nclex-rn today (I'm a 2nd time nclex-rn taker, & the first time got to 225 questions--this time around, I was much better prepared--I think!):uhoh3: I dunno what to think..this test was... Read More

  1. by   RNsRWe
    Congrats!! And, of COURSE your first NCLEX was harder....you didn't know as much as you do now, and found it easier!

    You can relax and breathe again!

  2. by   truern
  3. by   eysmacaspac
    i also stopped at 75 and i really cried after because from what i've heard, if your questions are hard and long that's a good sign..mine were so short..many questions about meds..some meds were just my first time to see..my last question was even shorter...but i passed...so, you will never know. yes..keep the faith...it will be God's will! goodluck..
  4. by   eysmacaspac
    Quote from sunny2006
    i passed!!!!

    i checked on my board of nursing (mn), and my results were up the next day (and for free!!)...

    this exam i found much easier....looking back, i had alot of general questions (like positioning, etc!)...i was pessimistic, cause my first nclex i took was much harder, and has alot more priority questions on it....really! weird, huh!

    i'm just soooooooooo happy i passed, guys! thank you so much for your kind words!!

    p.s. this time i studied w/ kaplan online--and their questions were very similar to my 2nd exam! praise god!

  5. by   rkrs6673
    Congrats!!!!-- Sunny2006
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    Congrats, You Did It!!!!!!!!!!!