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  1. heartanimal

    Brandman Univ DNP 2016

    Hi, I am starting in January as well!!!
  2. heartanimal

    Brandman DNP

    Is there anyone going who attend Brandman or have plans to attend in the Spring?
  3. heartanimal

    North Ga College & State University FNP?

    It depends on what year you enter the classes are typically one day a week Tuesday or Thursday all day from 8-5.
  4. I have an interview for NGCSU coming up and don't know what to expect. We also have to write an essay on an article that will be presented to us!!! I am scared to pieces. I am not good at writing especially when I don't have a chance to look up information and rewrite my thought.
  5. heartanimal

    I Passed!!!!!

    Congrats on passing!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. heartanimal

    I just dunno...

    Congrats, You Did It!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. heartanimal

    I passed........I am a RN now!@!

    Congrats on passing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. heartanimal

    I passed........I am a RN now!@!

    When you go to the Georgia BON go to verification and then put in nursing and then type in your name. You don't have to put in a # and if your license is there you will see your name. It usually takes about 7-10 days for it to post after you pass.
  9. heartanimal

    It shut off after 75 questions...

    thanks for the encouragement. I have to keep going I have come to far to stop now.
  10. heartanimal

    Just failed Nclex-RN - Hints on Studying

    runnerbe thanks for your support I am now going to use Saunders, I was using Kaplan and hopefully I can use Suzanne plan. I have IM her and I am going to start on step 1 tomorrow.
  11. heartanimal

    It shut off after 75 questions...

    Ok the results are in I failed and I was not trying to have a pity party but it hurts alot. After all my studying and time I was really feeling bad but I have to look to the hills where my health comes from and that is the Lord and I have to keep on going. So I am asking that everybody keep me in your thoughts and prayers so I can keep going on.
  12. heartanimal

    Just failed Nclex-RN - Hints on Studying

    I am in the same situation. Unfortunately I failed the NCLEX also I found out today. I had 75 questions. I took the Kaplan class and I did their questions but I guess that was not enough. I am now looking to Suzanne for her plan since I have to wait at least 45 days before I can take it again. I was very discouraged about the results but I know that God did not bring me this far to leave me. I will just start studying all over again using a different method and wait patiently to take it again. I hurts really bad to have to sit through that again.
  13. heartanimal

    It shut off after 75 questions...

    I truly know how everyone who is waiting on their results feel. I took mine on June 7 and I am still waiting on my results. I am a nervous wreck. I have heard that if you did not get alot of priority questions you were not doing good. That is scary. I know that God is still in control so I will continue to trust in him and he will work it out.
  14. heartanimal

    I Passed!!!

    Congrats, hopefully I will be saying the same thing in a couple of hours.
  15. Congrats!!!! I am still anxiously waiting on my results. I know that God is good all the time and all the time God is good.
  16. heartanimal

    I think I failed for the 2nd time

    congrats again. I have 24 hrs left before I find out my results and I am doing everthing possible not to thing about it, but everywhere I turn in my house there is a nursing book, notes or flash cards. I want to sleep the day away so Saturday can be here (lol).

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