1. Well if you are taking the test in CALIFORNIA it does in fact take 2-4 weeks to get your results. I got my results today!! IT has been 3 weeks of excruciatingly painful waiting but I am now an RN!! To all of you out there taking the NCLEX: You will feel like you failed miserably (I did and shut off at 75 questions). I was a nervous wreck and had tons of anxiety. Keep your head up you probably passed.

    If you haven't taken it yet I got mostly delegation, which patient would you see first and safety/isolation precautions. Sooooo STUDY THOSE GOOD!!!! I also took Kaplan and felt that the questions were very similar in format.

    So Good luck to all of you future NCLEX takers and GOD BLESS!!!!!!

    Kamie Young, RN
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    Wow, congratulations! Did you wait for the mail or did it take 3 weeks for your name to pop up on the CA BRN website?
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    Congratulations! I had to wait 2 days to get my results and that was torturous, so I can imagine what you went through for 3 weeks!
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    It took 3 weeks just for my name to pop up! : ) I just got my RN card in the mail yesterday!!
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    wooowww congrats! that was a long wait.. i cant imagine myself waiting... its barely 2days since i took the test. im so nervous, i cant function well.. huhuh
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    wow that must have been the longest 3weeks of your life ... congratulations!
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    Hi kamilee, were you an international student? Because i know that international students may take up to 2 to 4 weeks to get result from the mail. Im from CA but until now i dont have my result nor my name hasnt been on the website yet and ive been worried! I know its been drilled that it may take 3 to 10 days to appear on the web! Also i checked with the brn that my file is complete! Did u really wait 3 weeks for your name to show up and a letter by mail? Thanks and congratulations!!!