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  1. michelle02

    help please

    I graduated in 2005 BSN-RN ... i have taken the nclex four times and still did not pass, i have tried kaplan, ncsbn, feuer, saunders ... what frustrates me the most is that i was a good student, atleast the top5 in our class. the first time i failed really devastated me, not even my professors believed that i failed, they thought i was joking. second try felt the same way ... I got married and have a wonderful supportive husband that always encourage me to try again and never give up ... but still no success ... i wanted to enroll in a refresher course class, i feel like i am not good with studying by myself, i am better in a classroom setting ... but CSN said they only accept people who already passed the nclex but did not practice(work) for a long time and wants to renew their license ... i would really love to enroll in that refresher course class i think that will help me a lot because it's been more than 5yrs since i graduated ... i don't want to go back to kaplan because it did not work for me before ... any suggestions? i am registered in california because my husband and i are originally from LA, but last year we moved here in vegas because we could not afford california anymore ... but we still plan to move back to cali when i pass my exam ... right now we live with my brother, and my hubby got transfered from hs job so we are still good in terms of financial needs. i just want to know if there are other classroom review for nclex here in vegas ... or refresher course i can eroll in ... thank you
  2. michelle02

    can i take LVN exam?

    i failed the nclex RN for the 3rd time ... my relatives suggest that i take the LVN exam ... i have eligibility in CA, do i need to submit an application for LVN? or do i just sign in pearsonvue and schedule an exam for LVN?
  3. michelle02

    feuer nursing review

    i failed nclex 3 times already ... please help me ... i have tried kaplan, saunders, suzzane's plan and ncsbn review course ... i even enrolled in sycamore nurses review center that did not help at all, what a waste of time and money ... i like the feuer cds ... my friend let me borrow her cds, but out of 25 cds i only have # 2, 3, 12, 14, 18, 19, 23, 24, 25 ... i am missing a lot of cds because she said somebody borrowed it and returned them incomplete ... i wish i have all of them they are very nice and not boring ... i listen to it everyday and it does not make me sleepy, the lectures are lively and very informative ... it's like being in the live lecture yourself ...
  4. i wanted to enroll in excell review but their class in burbank already started ... i am going to take the nclex-rn for the 4th time and i really need a good review class to refreshen my memory and also give me some confidence ... i saw sycamorenurses.com and they have a review class also which is starting soon ... i hope you guys can give me some feedback, if i should enroll there or not ... thanks
  5. michelle02

    Tell me about martin review

    i also tried kaplan, suzzane's plan, ncsbn review ... but still failed ... super depressing ... now i am goint to try for the 4th time but i don't know where to study ... my aunt said she attended martin and she passed but she's LVN ... im taking the RN ... and martin is based in chicago ... most of my RN friends suggest excell, they really liked it and passed, but unfortunately their review started already, i live in LA county area, and excell is also based in chicago, they have review class in burbank CA which is near where i live but it started aug30, i was not able to make it in the list ... i saw this other website sycamorenurses.com ... it's cheap and i saw some posts here in allnurses and said they passed with sycamorenurses ... i just want to know if anybody knows anything about sycamore nurses review class ... thanks
  6. michelle02

    looking for a studying parner in los angeles area!!!

    i also live in the valley, canoga park ... and i am going to take the nclex-rn ... been looking for a good review place ...
  7. michelle02

    Excell Nclex-RN review

    i already called excell but their review started aug30 ... unfortunately i missed it ... the next one will be january2010 ... huhuhu ... does anybody know sycamorenurses.com? i saw their website and they also offer review classes ... i just want to know if they are good ... thank you
  8. i already failed the nclex-rn 3times and i really feel like i already had 3 strikes and i should just quit coz im out ... but my husband is really very supportive and i am willing to take it again ... i have tried kaplan, suzzane's plan and ncsbn reviews, i did my best in all the previous exams, i don't know why i still failed ... we are running low on budget now and i am really shy to ask my husband for review class money plus another $275 for re-taking the exam ... i found this website sycamorenurses.com they offer live lectures and it's the cheapest i found ... i just hope they can really help me to pass ... has anyone tried this class before? can you guys give me some feedback ... thank you so much ;0)
  9. michelle02

    Excell Nclex-RN review

    im looking online but i could not find them ... can you please give me the number and address of excel ... thank you
  10. michelle02

    classroom based review

    does anybody know a very good classroom based review i don't do well with online review and books ... i really need lectures and classroom environment just like when we were in school ... one of my friend told me there's a review place in chatsworth california that is classroom based and they will tutor/review you until you pass ... but unfortunately she forgot the name of the place and lost the phone number i live in Los Angeles/San Fernando Valley/Calabasas area ... please let me know if there is a good review place around here ... thank you