I can not stop crying or smiling

  1. I am a NURSE! It never sounded so good. When I checked my mail I saw a letter from the board in the box and opened it right away. I am a NURSE!!!!!

    Thank you for all of your great thoughts. See good things do happen on Friday the 13th.

    So much gratitude to all.
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    Congratulations!!! Well done!!! How many ppl have you called so far? :wink2:
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    One day I will be a nurse too
  8. by   RNKay31
    Congratulation nurse
  9. by   slou!
    CONGRATULATIONS! Ah I am so excited for you, because I can only imagine how I will be feeling when I finally become a nurse! It is still 4 years away, but still! Congrats again, RN !
    :smiley_aa balloons:
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    Awesome! Great work!
  11. by   Nursing28
    Yah..........congrats....I know what you are feeling........New Nurse in the house....................Go CELEBRATE!!!!!!!!!!!! Your next FutureNurse35
  12. by   AuntieRN
    Congrats!!!!! and BTW that's exactly how I was last week when I found out I passed. I could not stop crying or smiling. I kept telling my sister over and over. OMG I am an RN now...its so exciting..I am so happy for you!!!
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    congrats to you RN I know how you feel I got my results FRIDAYTHE 13 I guess who ever said it was an unlucky day never took the NCLEX. play lotto adn use #13 it's now our lcky number:roll TabbycoleyRN ( I just love typing that!)