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I PASSED! I PASSED! I PASSED! I am in complete shock. This was my 6th time taking it! SUZANNE'S PLAN WORKS!!! I am one that can prove that!! Thank you EVERYONE for all of your support, which... Read More

  1. by   kemerick
    Hi! Just to let all of you know who are unsure of how or what to study to pass the NCLEX, do SUZANNE'S PLAN, which is at the top of this forum. Please trust me! I took this test 5 other times before passing and I have studied everything and everyway to study. I did every book, and I do mean every book, flashcards, tapes, online reviews, even went to Kaplan (and still failed). I studied alone and met with groups, even with other classmates. For some reason, none of those worked for me, which I would never understand since I did well in school. I will HONESTLY say that I graduated with a couple of people who were not so smart with books or clinicals and they passed their first time, so how do you think that made me feel? I quit studying after the 5th time, 4 years ago, giving up, telling myself that nursing was not for me. Yes, I had a lot of turmoil in my life, but still didn't understand why I couldn't pass the test, despite everything going on, because "I knew my stuff".

    Well, I started thinking about nursing again this past June. My life is stable, finally so happy, have a beautiful 10 month old daughter, and a husband who is probably the greatest man I have ever met (along with my dad). I didn't really decide to start studying until September. Nursing kept popping in my head and I finally told myself to start studying again. I found this website, which I truly think is a blessing, because I honestly don't know that I would have studied again if I wouldn't have found this. I read Suzannes posting, asked a couple of the other people who followed her plan if they would recommend it, and well, here I am today. I remember thinking how am I going to find time with my baby. But you know what, I found time, somehow, someway, and I tell you it all paid off. Nursing is what I want to do and I made it happen. This forum is a forum I will ALWAYS recommend for NCLEXer's to join. EVERYONE is so positive and so real! They have all been there. They will help you out in anyway they can. They listen! And trust me, with my whining, they still listened and guided me in the right direction, with the right preparation.

    As I started saying in the beginning how I have used every book in the past, well at least for me, they did not work. SUZANNE'S plan did. It isn't hard and doesn't take up your entire day. I probably did a couple hours of day, if that. Anyone who has questions on what book they should use or what would we recommend, I'm telling you from my past experiences, that Suzanne's plan is the only plan that works and she has her information posted at the top of the forum. Good luck everyone! It can be done!!!!!
  2. by   serousanguineous
    What a RELIEF eh?
  3. by   miss_cy
    congratz!!! kemerick! wwooohooo!!!!! god works so great and awesome! all right! btw...suzzanes plan u said??? wer will i read that? is it posted somewer here in this forums?? can u paste it in to ur reply to this msg the direct url to "suzzanes plan" tnx!
  4. by   suzy253
    Congratulations!!! I bet you're still on cloud 9!!!
  5. by   kemerick
    I don't know how to paste Suzanne's postiong, but on the top of this NCLEX forum, she is on the top, I believe the 4th "sticky".
  6. by   Sunshine97
    congratulation am proud of you
  7. by   edward12
    CONGRATULATIONS !!! :hatparty::hatparty::hatparty:
    I also failed my Nclex exam, (i also reviewed at Kaplan).
    You really inspire us!!
  8. by   edward12
    I'm now using Suzanne's Plan!!!
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    Congratulations to you!!! :smiley_aa It feels so good to have it done! Now you can move forward. All my best to you!
  12. by   k607
    Quote from kemerick
    I PASSED! I PASSED! I PASSED! I am in complete shock. This was my 6th time taking it! SUZANNE'S PLAN WORKS!!! I am one that can prove that!! Thank you EVERYONE for all of your support, which you all have motivated me and pushed me to do my best. Thank you for all of your prayers, which I never had before, and he must have been listening!
    After you've finished the book, what did Suzanne tell you to do next? I'm really curious...tnx!! I would really appreciate it....:spin:
  13. by   Cherybaby
    Good job, kemerick!!!! Proud of you, Love!