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  1. whirlwind

    Alberta LPN

    just a question.. would it be possible that we, the applicants hired by capital health via mercan would directly submit our credentials to clpna for assessment? although we also submitted the same requirements to mercan? what are the outcomes for such action?
  2. whirlwind

    application to ca brn

    it was the reapplication fee of 75usd, send thru money order. anyhow, we'll try to contact ca bon. hope there will be an answer for this... thank you always...
  3. whirlwind

    application to ca brn

    i mean the retake application fee...(sorry for the error) they returned it stating that it is a refund for overpaid application/license fee. what is the problem with this? and thank you for your reply...
  4. whirlwind

    application to ca brn

    my sister applied for a retake application to ca bon last dec 2007. (it will be her 3rd take) up to this time, she did not received any eligibility letter and all she receives is a reimbursement cheques of the nclex fees stating in the form that it is an excess of the application fees. she paid the exact amount indicated and is wondering why bon is returning such fees. any comment on this? another thing is, her last exam date was july 2007. applied a retake dec 2007(but has not receive any letter of eligibility from bon despite efforts of calling and sending them emails.) this is the month of july and her file is already a year with bon. is there a chance that bon will destroy such file if an applicant did not reapply within one year? or is there a time frame when a file in the bon be valied or not? and can she apply thru pearson vue despite the unavailability of the eligibility letter? any replies would be much appreciated. thank you.
  5. whirlwind

    Working in Kuwait

    i was once working in a private hospital in kuwait. the salary in the government hospitals are far more satisfying than that of the private ones. the working conditions are far better because you have the chance to handle and take care of different cases not found in private hospitals. although ministry hospitals are old in terms of buildings, equipments for good patient care management and treatment are up to date. there are also specialized hospitals for different diseases and that is where i am working at present. i resigned first from working in the private sector for a year and tried applying for the ministry thereafter. i applied locally, took the exams required and passed it... and finally i'm in... i'm still working till now and enjoying the buzy yet fulfilling work of an rn in the middle east. and working in kuwait is an experience i will never forget.
  6. whirlwind

    Working in Kuwait

    hi there! there are a lot of agencies that recruits nurses for kuwait at the moment. just google search.. anyhow, all government hospitals, that is under the ministry of health, are the best in terms of modernized equipments and renumeration packages. since we are in the gulf, then its tax free; accomodation, food and transpostation is being provided by the sponsoring facility and the pay is more beneficial than that of private institutions, (although private hospitals also provides good benefits.) anyway, best of luck!
  7. whirlwind

    VISA and SEC Assessment

    hello.. i received a letter from carna informing that i have to undergo sec assessment. i'm foreign based and has no canadian visa at all.. how's that? do i have to apply for a tourist visa or do i have to look for an employer who would reconsider hiring me as na.. any advise? many thanks...
  8. whirlwind

    poor man's dignity

    well said, ms, suzanne!!:yelclap:
  9. in my case, have been waiting for 2 months already since they replied that my registration is still on the assessment phase...
  10. whirlwind

    Pinoy Caregivers to Spain

    jpmbrn, i symphatize with u. i also had the same experience but somehow i have to choose between being a rn or deviating from such.. there are a lot of agencies who recruit rns to other countries like for example the middle east.. in here you work as rn, licensed as rn, and the compensation and benefits are much the same as that of what u earn being a us rn (tax free). u also have the priviledge to uplift your professional growth in terms of on hands training and good nursing experience... just try... maybe you'll find working in the middle east a lot enjoyable and fruitful after all. goodluck.
  11. whirlwind

    OMG!! I just looked at my quick results!!!!!

  12. whirlwind

    I haven't received any letter from Ca BON

    thanks ms. suzanne.. then she'll go ahead and register with pearson vue because calling the ca bon would only end up in frustration and a longer waiting period,as we already had experience with the board..
  13. whirlwind

    I haven't received any letter from Ca BON

    that is what we are expecting... we did call and emailed but to no avail... calling them took us so long in waiting till our call credit lapsed. anyhow, thank u for the info... we'll call them again next week..
  14. whirlwind

    I haven't received any letter from Ca BON

    not yet because she is waiting for the eligibility letter first before registration with pearson vue.. so can she proceeed with pearson vue even without the confirmation letter? with her 2nd retake, it took her only 1 month of waiting with her eligibility letter...
  15. whirlwind

    I haven't received any letter from Ca BON

    this is on behalf of my sister.. she is a retake applicant for the 3rd time for ca bon and submitted retake application form and fees dec 2007. till now no reply yet... and to think that she is already a retake applicant... any idea on how much time she'll still have to wait? thanks for any responses..
  16. whirlwind

    planning to move to canada ... part II

    congratulations!!!! u really deserve it...