17 years out of school, if I did it, so can everyone too :)

  1. hi everyone on all nurses. i have been just constantly reading all blogs and topics about the topic nclex and i must say > this is a brilliant support for people who have struggled like me...

    let me start by saying that i have graduated in 1995 from another country, came here 12 years ago but was so busy trying to raise a family with small children, keeping an 8 hr job in an office, being a wife, mother, daughter at the same time trying to balance life's chaos and craziness... to make the story short, everytime i take this exam, i would fail... god knows how many times i tried...

    every year i would sit and watch the weeks and months go by but deep in my heart i really wanted to be a nurse. and so 3 months ago i searched through google the best review books, the best study plan, the best cd to practice for questions and everything came from this website " allnurses.com"

    on june 9, saturday...i was facing that computer again and this time i told myself that i was in control and that later, i will become an licensed rn of california... took me 5 hours, 180 questions....later that day, tried the pvt trick...the best feeling since after seeing my kids for the first time

    if i can do it, then everybody can i used only 3 books...here was my study plan:

    1. saunders 4th edition ( it still worked for me - read from cover to cover. very strong content book. i will read 1 chapter then use the cd practice on the study mode using only the content. i will not move to another chapter or move to another topic if i never finished all the questions on the cd pertaining to that topic. it was a strong guide for me. a discipline, i must say...

    2. pda by lacharity - after i finished the saunders book, finished all the practice questions on the cd, i mastered every page of this pda. very very good source for prioritization and delegation. my exam had a lot of the prioritization/delegation/assignment type questions. i will not be able to answer them if without this book....

    3. all nurses study guide - i read this everyday on my last week. mastering it.. i thank god who ever contributed to this master reviewer because i was able to answer a lot from this guide...

    lastly and above all else and beyond... to god be the glory... i prayed everyday for this test, with all my heart and mind... i am nothing without the almighty so i offered my review everyday to him...

    goodluck to everyone, if i did it - with all the things i have on my plate now, then everyone can... as i was reviewing, there were days when i just want to quit and throw everything in the trash...but my faith and desire kept me going... i would say to myself...

    [[color="#ee82ee"]b]" one chapter a day, brings me closer to that license someday..."[/b]

    mitch, rn
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  3. by   Indian_rn2b
    Very Inspiring story.You did it..Proud of you..GOD iS Great..!
    Congratulations and enjoy being a Nurse
  4. by   PiperNurse
    Hi Mitch , thank you for that wonderful words... Like you I graduated in 1996 from another country.. We just moved here in California last 2010, and got my eligibility November 2011 . I took the NCLEX last month and I didn't passed. It meant a lot to me , I felt that if I passed it will be a great help to my family as we start of our new life . But I let my family down not to mention the additional expenses of retaking the exam. I have no job , my family is kind enough to let me concentrate with the review . They encourage me to take the exam again but I have mix emotion since I've been out for so many years and a foreign graduate there's a small chance for me to pass. It's been three weeks and I can't even open my books again. All Nurses helps me fight this depression as I read all the messages and your thread make me feel there's still hope for me. Thank you so much and good luck.
  5. by   amandeepkaur
    wow its really inspiring .......storyyyy .....well done,congrats to u
  6. by   Aspiring LPN-RN
  7. by   JENURSE03_RN
    very very very inspiring story thank you so much!!!!
  8. by   zb8943
    Thank you for sharing your inspiring story. Congrats!!!
  9. by   nthomp14
    Truly inspiring!! Congratulations
  10. by   begosh
    Congratulations! I'm sooooo happy for you!

    Your story is so inspiring to me as I am in the same boat. I graduated in 1987 and came to the US knowing very little about the nclex process. Got busy with life, raising a family, got stationed overseas, etc., and have now decided to get back in the nursing field. Last year, I took NCLEX RN and failed.

    This year, I'm taking 3 1/2 straight months to study (30 days Hurst online, then Hurst live review, then 30 days online again plus PDA, NCLEX 10,000). My problem area is content. I have my exam scheduled for late August. With prayers and perseverance, success is never out of reach.

    Thank you for sharing your story. Good luck to you and your family!
  11. by   Horsebytes
    I am so glad to see my sister in christ giving our Heavenly Father praise! Nursing School is bringing me so much closer to God!

    I can do all this through him who gives me strength. ~Philippians 4:13 (TNIV)
  12. by   GoosbyLPN
    Thanks for sharing Im in the same boat graduated in 2004...Im so happy for u I know I can do it now!!!! I was wondering u think I can sub Hurst review for Saunders ?
  13. by   nurse671
    Congrats RN! Truly inspiring. You are blessed. Thanks for sharing your story..
  14. by   Mitch Dizon
    Thanks a lot