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  1. amandeepkaur

    nclex experience

    i m in the same boat guys feeling devastated ,nowhere a loser:notworthy:.doing saunders now.
  2. amandeepkaur

    Failed the NCLEX? A Passed Down Blueprint to Pass the NCLEX

    WELL said THANKS for showing the way .
  3. amandeepkaur

    Foreign-trained RN - PASSED NCLEX-RN 1st Attempt!!!

  4. amandeepkaur

    hii...........help me with the pharmacology

    i know ur situation i feel the same way.......
  5. amandeepkaur

    To change state through cgfns before nclex exam

    hi where do you right now? becasue i know if you foreign grad but have ss than you do not need ielts in florida
  6. amandeepkaur

    NCLEX 9/19/2012

  7. amandeepkaur

    Help me pleaseee!!!

    did u try saunders ever? bcoz i think thats the only book help me alot,i am in same situation.....u can say in same boat but i am covering saunders page to page this time its kinda slow but trust me its helping me to getting my content strong....
  8. amandeepkaur

    I passed!!!! Yes! Pvt works

  9. amandeepkaur

    Pearsonvue Trick - Does it Work Every Time? Part 3

    congratsssss RN:nurse::yelclap:
  10. amandeepkaur

    saunders question and answer 4e

    i m doing the quest of each chapter from saunders 4 edition those r very good....but nclex 4000 r real;ly what i like...
  11. amandeepkaur

    ECG strips - what source did you use? Any help appreciated!

    sent u pm:)
  12. amandeepkaur

    What is different in Saunders 5th edition for RN

    hi i have both but honestly i like saunders 4 th edition n 3 rd edition much better....
  13. amandeepkaur

    ECG strips - what source did you use? Any help appreciated!

    i think saunders and hurst are best for ecg strips,i like it..
  14. amandeepkaur

    How I PASSED the 2nd time!

  15. amandeepkaur

    I am an RN! NCLEX Tips and Tricks Just For You!!

    congrats dear.....thanks for ur wonderfullllllll post
  16. amandeepkaur

    exam cram

    i think saunders best for content .....