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  1. zb8943

    What happens in the real world if:

    For NCLEX purpose, between the two options you mentioned, I would chose: culture the wound. According to Kaplan, in the NCLEX land ("ideal world") you have the MD's order to culture the wound. Also, wound culture is another piece of assessment. In real world, as others said, I would call the MD and use SBAR.
  2. zb8943

    Any tricks to remembering normal lab values?

    @myprideandjoy. you can use dimensional analysis: ml/hr= 500 ml/50 units x 5 units/hr ml/hr= 50 ml/hr [color=#333333] in this example, units cancel out and your answer should reflect what the problem ask: ml/hr. [color=#333333] dimensional analysis is an orderly and systematic mathematical process that results in consistent accuracy, provided the equation is set up correctly.
  3. zb8943

    Kaplan.Saunders.NCLEX oh my!

  4. zb8943

    Took NCLEX-RN Today

    Congrats to all who passed! :)
  5. zb8943


    Best of luck to you. You can do it! :)
  6. zb8943

    Counting down

    Best of luck to everyone! Nursing school is unlike any other academic experience. :)
  7. Thank you for sharing your inspiring story. Congrats!!!
  8. zb8943

    The good "pop-up"

    Yes, the "good pop-up" is accurate although I was skeptical about it too. Congrats to both of you!
  9. zb8943

    Kaplan scores and readiness???

    My scores were somewhat similar to yours and I passed NCLEX with 75 questions on my first trial. You'll do fine! Good luck!
  10. zb8943

    New cardiac nurse--advice?

    This is a good website that has info about the heart, ECG, ACLS. Tools | SkillStat Learning - Fast, Fun and Effective!
  11. zb8943

    My NCLEX story...8th times a charm!

    Congratulations! No one should ever give up!! Your story is very inspiring.
  12. zb8943

    Exam in 3 days, took my last Qtrainer today

    It's "normal" to feel that way. You may have the same feeling during NCLEX (at times) and after you take the NCLEX. At least I had it, but it turned out OK despite everything. Good luck to you! You can do it!
  13. zb8943

    Pearsonvue Trick - Does it Work Every Time? Part 3

    Based on my experience as long as it says "delivery successful" and you get the same pop up, it means that you PASSED, so don't worry! Congrats!
  14. zb8943

    Praying PVT is right!!

    I had a similar experience 3 months ago...Don't worry, PVT does work! However, it feels good to see those numbers associated with your name. Congrats!
  15. zb8943

    Telemetry - Any advice for a student nurse?

    An ECG, ACLS, PALS classes are helpful if you can afford them. As a nursing student, I found the following website helpful for the heart rhythms: Tools | SkillStat Learning - Fast, Fun and Effective!
  16. zb8943

    New Grad RN still no job

    Wish I could help you, but I am on the same boat. You are not alone. Stay positive and eventually we'll get a job. Best of luck to you!