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  1. Horsebytes

    I PASSED NCLEX with 265 Questions!!

    Congratulations RN!!!
  2. Horsebytes


    Another way to look at this situation is that she doesn't just talk about making things happen, she actually takes action! She may very well be a great asset to the company! From your post I understand that apparently there was a discussion about changes needing to be made, and you said X needs to be done etc. Rather than just sit around and talk about things that need to be done, she took the idea to management. I think it is wonderful that good ideas be taken to management. In my facility they can even financially reward people a portion of the amount saved by our company. If you had a good idea and just chatted about it and didn't take it to management then she has no obligation to mention you when she takes the idea to management. She didn't steal your idea as much as, she just took the idea where it needed to go. You certainly have the same opportunities as she does. Just my 2 cents.
  3. Horsebytes

    New to LTAC

    Compression Socks, rotate good shoes, vitamins, Tylenol, healthy snacks, take your lunch break, ask questions and don't sweat it. The facility will train you.
  4. Horsebytes

    8 yrs post nursing school

    Wow just wow is right! I read some (not all) of these posts and am appalled and ashamed for the profession of nursing! You people surely don't represent the nurses I know and love! I see someone being rude, another being passive aggressive, another just being a *****, another being judgmental, and another thinking she is entitled to an answer to a question that she specifically said was none of her business! How dare you judge someone's education and level of care by a post - for all you know the OP may have been studying brain surgery for the past 8 years but may have decided she likes nursing better. But no, just jump to the conclusion that she's forgot everything she ever learned in school... sheesh! If you are going to ASSUME something, why can't you assume the best instead of the worst? Nurses eating their young - bad etiquette! For the polite encouraging response posts, I thank you!
  5. Horsebytes

    Seeking new job; Less than 6 months experience

    I disagree. List each and every clinical rotation! Clinicals are experience.
  6. Horsebytes

    Quitting tomorrow, in panic

    Why not give notice tomorrow and don't burn the bridge?!
  7. Horsebytes

    Preceptorship in ED..any advice?!

    Congratulations! The ED is a great place to do your preceptorship! Do your best, as if you were being considered for the next job opening. Ask your preceptor if you can use him or her as a reference after you pass your NCLEX. Who knows, you may well be able to return to the same ED as an RN!
  8. Horsebytes

    Paramedic to ED RN

    Yep, I know a paramedic who failed out of nursing school because he was arrogant and insisted he knew more than his instructors. He would argue every test question that he got wrong etc. Just as well, he would never have passed the NCLEX...
  9. Horsebytes

    Anxiously waiting

    You passed! Congratulations!
  10. Welcome to nursing school! Where pretty much all the tests are multiple choice and all the answer choices are correct - but you got it wrong!
  11. Horsebytes


    Read and search this forum for absolutely ANYTHING you want or need to know.
  12. Horsebytes

    HELP! Took nclex yesturday !

    Yes, it looks like they changed the wording of the good popup, guess the BON got tired of all the calls from people saying the Pearson site told them to call. Bottom line though is that if Pearson's site does not ask for your credit card - - - (drum-roll) - - - you passed! Congratulations!
  13. engrnurse Try Mathew 21:22 or Mark 11:24 but that's not Luke 15:7!
  14. Horsebytes

    rationale ..seems wrong

    Yes, I picked reposition too when I read the question. I know that I have found several test answers that I don't agree with while doing "nclex" questions. I also have found totally conflicting answers to similar questions in different resources. It is frustrating sometimes.
  15. Horsebytes

    Big day is tomorrow...

    Just think... this time tomorrow you will be wondering if the pearsonvue trick really works.
  16. Horsebytes

    Testing February 6th... anxious!

    Everybody testing tomorrow good luck!