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NCLEX anxiety really bad. I want to cry.


I am taking the NCLEX RN on Monday. I am really nervous and can't stop crying. I have studied for the past month and slept on my couch. I have been neglecting my family because of all this studying. If I don't pass on Monday, I think I might just give up trying. I have studied NCSBN, Kaplan 2014-2015 book, Yellow book, LaCharity, Hurst, and Exam Cram. What can I do to help with this anxiety?

Watch tv the anxiety is normal I would be worried if you didn't have anxiety how hwve your Kaplan scores been

I only have the Premier book. I have been studying the question in it. I didn't buy the Qbank. Did I make a mistake by not buying it?

This test has no real power over you, though I know it feels like it does right now. Your post struck a chord with me because I felt exactly the same way a few months ago. I studied for hours every day and neglected those who love and support me. The anxiety? I don't know what to tell you to make it go away, all I know is that I let myself cry when I felt overwhelmed and I kept reminding myself that this test CANNOT kill me. The worst that could happen is that you fail. Then what? This test cannot take away your life, your family, or anything else you love. It may keep you from achieving a dream for a little while longer if you don't pass--but it cannot harm you. I have no idea if that helps, but that's how I got through my anxiety. It will all be over soon. Best of luck to you.



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I can totally relate. Honestly there wasn't much that helped me with my anxiety but I can tell you that completely ignoring my study materials the day before was a great idea and I just went over lab values before sleeping. But the one thing that made my anxiety WORSE was studying with others and using their study materials. Because people tend to focus on different things although no one is wrong you will feel behind/anxious when you hear what they know. Just remember you'll get some answers wrong but you will undoubtedly get answers right. Trust your studying and your materials; never compare yourself to someone else and don't be AFRAID if failing. I know three separate girls who recently passed (on their 3rd attempts) and they agree, the sky didn't fall, the world didn't come to an end :) You got it!

Thank you FunnyNurse10 and IbeRN for the advice. I am turning on the television now. I never thought of the NCLEX test like that IbeRN. I will remember your quote from now on------ "This test cannot take away your life, your family, or anything else you love. It may keep you from achieving a dream for a little while longer if you don't pass--but it cannot harm you".

Thank you NurseStelri.

I have lost days of sleep stressing over NCLEX, but no more. The Lord helps those whom help themselves, so I put it in the hands if The Lord and of course study.

Take breaks! Do something you enjoy. Don't let the NCLEX get the best of you.

I know is anxiety ridden but you got this far you know? And absolute honesty...you already tried stressing, now let's try not stressing

Ps proud of u for turning the tv on


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You've been given excellent advice so far. What about listening to music? That can either relax me or rev me up depending on what I'm listening to.

If you like classical music, Handel's Water Music is very calming and relaxing. You can check it out on Youtube.

Good luck!

If you can afford it, go get a massage. You could just meditate for a little bit and visualize your new name plate with RN following your name. You know this stuff. You cannot but two years of knowledge into a 4 or 5 week study session. You know it. Remember God doesn't call the qualified, He qualifies the called. God will see you through this challenge. Good luck.

The movie is over and the tears are coming down. I guess I will start the music therapy and get a massage in the morning. Thank you everyone for the advice.

Romioust is this your attemp at NCLEX? Did the rest of u guys pass on your first try?

romioust don't let anxiety get over you.. I failed first time because I was nervous and I wasn't focused at all.. you seems your very prepared good job... Kaplan book its amazing strategy book my friend forced me to do it and I am almost done with it ... I am using almost same resources... stay positive.. relax.. write on the note they gave you RN :) because your going to be RN...apply strategy when is needed.. I will pray for you.. and you get this!!!!

I will be taking it a 4th time on 11/06. With the Lord's help it will be the test I pass and become a RN. I am pouring everything I have into passing it this time. It is going to happen. This time it's my time! :)

Thanks everyone for the very helpful tips. I woke up with puffy eyes and another string of grey hair in my head. Sharpeimom, I turned on Handel's Water Music and fell asleep to the music. It was quite soothing. Today, I studied again from 11 am until 10:15pm. Now, I am about to put on another movie to help with anxiety and crying.

romioust Don't study a day before the exam try to relax review labs.. important notes.. Watch movie.. go run.. eat healthy meal.. and try to speak to someone who is special in your life that makes you happy!! Your so close of becoming RN!