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As a lot of you know I got my RN back in March. Since then I have continued to work at my present place of employment as a LPN because they wouldn't hire me on my floor as a RN due to some weird unwritten policy. A few weeks ago I applied for a position with Indian Health Services and was offered a job this week!! I'm so excited. I will be moving to Arizona in July to start my new life as a working RN.

I really wouldn't be here with all your support during my experience with Excelsior and taking the NCLEX. You all are the best. :redbeathe


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Congratulations! That is awesome news! Good for you for taking charge and getting a job in another state. Wishing you nothing but success and a wonderful transition. Afterall you deserve it!!!!!:redpinkhe

Oh, that's a wonderful development!

Good luck and joy and happiness and all that good stuff.



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Congrats---where in AZ are you moving to? We live in Glendale.



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I'm going to Fort Defiance, AZ.

Congrats---where in AZ are you moving to? We live in Glendale.



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Congratulations! I hear Arizona is a wonderful place. I hope it's everything you're looking for.

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Yay!! So excited for you, girlie. :D

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that's awesome! :D make sure to bring one of those fans you can wear around your neck and a spray bottle of water. have fun in the sun! woohoo! :D

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coooooolllll..good luck


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So exciting! Enjoy!!!!!!


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Thats awesome, CONGRATS!!!!

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Congrats on your move to RN and to another state. Hope you will settle in quickly. Enjoy! You have earned it. Traci

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