My feet hurt!

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I am working 16 hour shifts on the weekends and my feet burn something awful by the end of the second say. So does anyone know of a good shoe that might help? I have tried Danskos and they aren't doing it for me.......

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Support hose and bring an extra pair of shoes to switch halfway thru. It works!

ETA: I find Keens are comfy for me but I have a flat foot. Alegrias are super soft too. I can't wear them everyday but they will get me thru a 12 hr shift, no prob. I love how Danskos look and I have a few pair but can only tolerate them for about 6 hrs.

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Other than Danskos, the only other shoe I've found that doesn't make my feet ache at the end of a shift are Keens.


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I went to a sporting goods store and bought a pair of $150 running shoes. This was after first trying the $30 pair from the discount shoe place and having the same problem as you. Best $150 I ever spent -- high end athletic shoes are designed to cushion the blow to your feet every time you take a step. I tried on several different pairs and picked the ones that felt the cushiest as I walked around the store. I still use them when I walk for exercise, even though I now have a desk job.

Good luck!


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Quarks work for me, and they are not terribly expense. I have plantar fascitis and this is one of the few shoes that does not aggravate it. The suggestion to change your shoes halfway through the shift is a good idea.


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Try new balance they work great. Some people can't wear shoes or crocs Danskos that other people can wear. So don't go for the new fad or fashion think practical. Look you wear tennis shoes and ones that never hurt your feet and they have been tested time and time again like in the mall supermarket amusement park and so on. Now just because you get in to Nursing why change. Oh i know its the look of the in crowd LOL. Well here's a hint for you it's not working best go back to something that you know works. ( don't mean to make it sound like a smart arse) just joking but really try Nike Steps or Reebok New Balance even Sketchers shape ups. I'm just telling you what i hear from other nurses who just happen to be female. I mean i use to go to work and they would talk about shoes were to buy scurbs online and so on you know the drill. these are my thoughts use them as you wish..


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Get a solid, stable shoe. Peel back the insole and make sure whatever is under the insole is HARD for support. If it is just soft material it will not support you. Then buy Powerstep orthotics to replace the insoles that come with the shoe. I worked 12 hour shift on concrete and this really works. Before i did this my feet hurt 30 minutes into my shift. Powerstep

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Try new balance 622. They are the only shoes that have helped my feet and I've just about tried them all. I tried the sketcher shape-ups, but when you are tired, I have trouble balancing and looking like I'm not They are cushy...but can't see wearing them for a double. Good luck!


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Find out if you are a pronator or a supinator. Google these terms. Look at the wear pattern on the bottom of your shoe. Is it worn around the outer rim? If so you are a supinator. To see how high your arches are get a colored sheet of construction paper and lay it on the floor. Wet the bottom of your foot and then step onto the paper and stand normally. If barely any of the middle of your foot shows up on the paper you have a high arch. If more shows up you have a medium arch. If almost all of it shows up you have a low arch. Once you know whether you are pronator or supinator or low, med or high arch you can figure out what type of shoe you need. The New Balance store is fantastic for helping you figure this out even if you don't buy their shoes. They have a pressure board that you stand on and it takes a digital image of your foot showing where the most pressure is. This image is then printed out for you and the sales rep can help you choose shoes and inserts that will alleviate the pressure. I am a supinator with a high arch and plantar fasciitis. I bought two pairs of shoes, a set of inserts, and some socks for less than $300 and the shoes have really been helping my feet. Good luck!


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BTW, the New Balance sales rep told me that running shoes are really not the best choice for standing/walking. He said it is because the construction of a running shoe is set up for repeated instances of micro-pressure caused by the quick, repetitive steps involved in running. For standing or walking you need a shoe with firmer construction.


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I have tried nursing shoes, crocs, high end athletic shoes and I finally have discovered that New Balance are my favorites. Best of all they are not horribly expensive although I am willing to pay to keep my feet happy. I do have a pair of the Skecher Shape-ups and I switch off shoes some nights as I have heard you should not wear the same shoe day after day (give those babies a chance to air out) but the New Balance remain my favorites. Good luck!! :redbeathe


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Landau comforts... i have to wear all white leather shoes so I bought some $60 nikes trying to make an effort to still look cute at clinical... after the second day I bought the Landaus... not perfect but sooooo much better than the nike. I am also gonna try the support hose even though I'm young... anything to make my feet feel better!!!