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can someone help me with this math problem

You have on hand Tylenol 500 mg po tablets. The order is for Tylenol 500 mg po tid.

How many tablets of Cimetidine would be administered in a 24 hour period?


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Not like this is a crazy Heparin concentration and weird drip rate calculation. This is as simple as it gets.

You understand what T.I D. is don't you?

I would look into a medical terminology course...stat


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Yeah, that.

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A rule to remember--never ever give more than 4 grams of Tylenol in 24 hours. If it is an elderly or compromised person, sometimes the order will say give no more than 3 grams in 24 hours.


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If you are having trouble with your homework, you should talk to your teacher instead of looking to the internet to answer it for you.


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I suspect nobody's going to do your homework for you, but the least you could do is type in the questions as written, instead of combining them.

If that actually is the question, the answer is "That depends - what's the order for cimetidine? The order for Tylenol doesn't help."

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I do believe our collective leg is is being pulled........:yeah:


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I do hope you're right.


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"To help encourage appropriate acetaminophen use and reduce the risk of accidental overdose, the makers of Extra Strength TYLENOL® are implementing new dosing instructions lowering the maximum daily dose for single-ingredient Extra Strength TYLENOL® (acetaminophen) products sold in the U.S. from 8 pills per day (4,000 mg) to 6 pills per day (3,000 mg). The dosing interval will also change from 2 pills every 4 – 6 hours to 2 pills every 6 hours. The new dosing instructions are being implemented in an effort to lessen the likelihood of accidental overdose."

So...the recommended dose of Tylenol is now 3000 mg. But, this is really more to reduce the risk of the general public overdosing. 4000 mg is still considered safe, they just need to cut back so people aren't taking Four doses of Tylenol, four doses of a multi-symptom cold medicine, and four doses of an acetaminophen containing narcotic combo throughout the day.

I agree that someone is pulling our leg...either that or someone got "Tylenol TID" in their written discharge instructions from the ER and doesn't know what is means. Sometimes, we get sloppy and send home instructions using abbreviations and medical jargon. :-)


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can someone help with this math problem,

On hand Tylenol 500 mg po tablets. The order is for Tylenol 500 mg po tid.

How many tablets of Tylenol would be administered in a 24 hour period?

t.i.d. (on prescription): Seen on a prescription, t.i.d. means three times a day. It is an abbreviation for "ter in die" which in Latin means three times a day. The abbreviation t.i.d. is sometimes written without a period either in lower-case letters as "tid" or in capital letters as "TID". However it is written, it is one of a number of hallowed abbreviations of Latin terms that have been traditionally used in prescriptions to specify the frequency with which medicines should be taken.

Other examples include:

  • q.d. (qd or QD) is once a day; q.d. stands for "quaque die" (which means, in Latin, once a day).
  • b.i.d. (or bid or BID) is two times a day ; b.i.d. stands for "bis in die" (in Latin, twice a day).
  • q.i.d. (or qid or QID) is four times a day; q.i.d. stands for "quater in die" (in Latin, 4 times a day).
  • q_h: If a medicine is to be taken every so-many hours, it is written "q_h"; the "q" standing for "quaque" and the "h" indicating the number of hours. So, for example, "2 caps q4h" means "Take 2 capsules every 4 hours."


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This is a explains dimensional analysis.

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Yeah, where's the math problem?

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