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nursenotamaid specializes in SICU, MICU, BURN ICU, Trauma, CTICU, CCU.

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  1. Assignment at Stanford

    AMN has an exclusive contract with Stanford. Because Stanford is a really popular assignment, they can get away with paying super low pay rates. The flipside of that is that Stanford (mostly ICUs, ORs, ERs and Pediatrics) is a really kickass place t...
  2. I went to nursing school about 12 years ago (wow...that long?!) and we were taught soap and water baths with wash cloths and we also had to make our beds with flat sheets, not fitted ones. Now, the hospital I work in does not *allow* soap and water ...
  3. Do you give back-rubs and foot baths to your patients?

    I don't give massages, generally speaking. However, for patients who are incontinent or immobile, I do rub protective lotion on their backs, bums, elbows and heels, but I wouldn't call that a massage -- its preventative care.
  4. ICU nurses: Do you check cornea reflex and gag reflex q4h ?

    Unless that patient is talking to me, yes, I do check, however, on our neuro's - we check q1h.
  5. Pittsburgh ICU nurses

    I would go to Trauma at AGH if you had the option!
  6. Family Members and their pearls of wisdom...

    I always love it when someone comes in asking for "my cousin", who they think is named Joe, but they don't know their last name, or why they are in the hospital. --... you're not really the cousin. go away.
  7. Need input from NIGHT SHIFT nurses

    Friendly: Our nurse educators come to the unit and stay until 11pm to get night shifters signed off on inservices. Unfriendly: I've worked there for 2 years, never ONCE met the unit director - not even for hiring. she let the assistant manager meet ...
  8. Day in the life of a psych nurse??

    Hey all! I'm an ICU nurse -- been working adult ICU (on the medical side) for the past 10 years and have reached the point of serious burn out. I wish I could go BACK to nursing school to do clinicals again because it's been so long, I have no idea ...
  9. Why did/are you getting your BSN?

    I'm going through the motions to get my BSN now just to open up more doors for MSN/DNP programs so I don't have to try to find bridge programs. It has been a massive waste of money and time and is really just an expensive formality.
  10. Has anyone coded a co-worker? Dealing with the grief...

    Yep. One of everyone's favorite guys in the cafeteria coded right in the middle of the day in the cafeteria. He had been there forever, really, really great guy. But also, one of those people that when you met him, you knew he was one bite away from ...
  11. Burn Out!! **Long**

    Most people face burn out at least once in the course of their career and it's killing me now! I've been working ICU for about a decade now and I am turning into a crispy critter. I travel nursed for a while, I changed ICU specialties and have now d...
  12. Nurse: Patient Ratios

    In California, our law *mandates* that no ICU nurse will ever have more than 2 patients.
  13. Nurse: Patient Ratios

    Generally 1:2. 1:1 for sick patients. We also go 1:1 for patients who are particularly needy, "VIP", patients who have a lot of road trips that day, very restless or too tasky. We 1:1 *all* patients who need isolation - contact or otherwise, all pos...
  14. Levophed Bolus

    I've only seen levo boluses used here and there, but we push sticks of neo all the time for acute hypotension in patients who are either maxed on their vasoactives or while we are getting the bags mixed. Works really well in a pinch!
  15. Christmas gifts for residents

    I was so confused until I read the age of your resident! I was reading the post trying to think of why in the world would I buy gifts for the residents (doctors) and wondering who came up with the idea to start gifting them! haha