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:o I will be starting night shift very soon. This job has mandatory meetings 1-3 times a week. All of these meetings are scheduled for 2pm. What has been your experiences with night shift and mandatory meetings? I think it is ridiculous. How am I suppose to get any sleep? Thanks


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that just happens to be one of my pet peeves. having worked night shift for 13 years, i have had ample opportunity to get upset about this.

[color=#4b0082]the management arrange these meetings directly in the middle of the night for the night folks, and just don't seem to understand or, perhaps, care how very inconvenient it is. and what has always made it worse for me is that the meetings are such a joke. everyone gathers together and chats, gossips, complains, vents etc. but rarely does anything important get accomplished.

[color=#4b0082]have never understood, since they always took minutes anyway, why they couldn't just leave that for the night folks to know what went on. now i am working days and feel so bad for night shift workers who show up exhausted.

[color=#4b0082]to be honest, i have always refused to attend these meetings. told them if they would like to tape them i'd be happy to watch during the night, or i'd read and sign the minutes. have tried to explain that perhaps the meetings should be at 2 a.m. but no takers on that one. when it came right down to it, the just let me not show up. might not work for everyone but it has for me.

[color=#4b0082]wow! rambling on and on. can you tell how strongly i feel about this??:chuckle

Just remember that there is probably a percent that you are allowed to miss without repercussions. I also have worked where the unit manager let me know privately that she did not expect me to attend since I worked nights. Try to speak to unit manager in a private setting about this and see how she feels.....she may not be able to say this around

other staff.

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I've had the pleasure of attending these things as a night shift worker. Fun, fun, fun! First, you get to hear complaints from the "know-it-alls" the complainers who think they can run the place and that we're all lazy, especially the night shift workers. Then we get hear the boss gripe at us. Some meetings consist only of in-service training--which is a blessing--but sometimes they're kinda boring. At times it's been excruciating to lose sleep to attend a meeting only to watch it turn into a screaming fest about how we're not doing our job. Then, after I'm thoroughly depressed and tensed up about my job performance, I'm supposed to go home and SLEEP??!??!!!? :angryfire

By the way, the staff meetings have been rarer these days, thank God, and tend to be in-service and informational meetings. But I do wish that management would be forced to work nights from time to time and see things from our end. :chuckle And my boss has assured me that I'm doing just fine and don't need to pay attention to the nit-pickers. That's good news to a perfectionist.


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Yeah, it's rediculous.

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If you're awake, go. If you're sleeping, don't set the alarm.

These folks will never wake up (bad pun, I know) to the fact that night shifters need their eight hours as much--or more--than the next worker.

We have monthly meetings and our Charge nurses take turns either coming in late or leaving late to run our meetings--held when we come to work.

So it IS possible to schedule meetings conveniently, if they try.


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We visited this issue a few months ago. I said back then if these meetings occur when I am sleeping, I do not go. I have been known to ask managers, would YOU like to have a meeting at say, 2 a.m. or at 9 p.m. after you worked twelve hours? Usually, I hear nothing but crickets after that...... meaning, they say nothing. You have a right to your sleep as much as any day person does and you have to defend it. Sleep is critical to wellbeing, health and alertness. You have to have sufficient sleep in order NOT to make potential life-threatening errors in your work.

Unless and until they make meeting times at change of shift (that are no more than one hour) or accomodate the night shift in a way similar to day-shift, I don't go. Period. Fortunately, my manager saw the decreasing numbers at her meetings and decided once a month at 5:30 was the way to go. That was reasonable to me and I make every effort to be there.


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Thanks all for your messages. Yes I think I will go to the meetings if I am awake and will not go if I am asleep. I wouldn't mind going if it was just once a month. I've gone to so many "mandatory meetings" in my life and have found them to be a total waste of time. I'm going to get my sleep which is much more important than anything else.


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As someone trying to get 11-7 staff to meetings, it is a little more difficult to get around these folks sleeping hours. I have some staff that go home and go right to sleep. Others stay up and go to sleep late. Some catnap during the day and others lie down right before it is time to come to work, especially if they were off during that day time. I tape all mandatory inservices and if I need to meet with them, I stay at work till 10:15 and meet with them at that time.


32 Posts and pm shifts are the hardest shift to work in, so all you night owls will have to bite.


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:o I will be starting night shift very soon. This job has mandatory meetings 1-3 times a week. All of these meetings are scheduled for 2pm. What has been your experiences with night shift and mandatory meetings? I think it is ridiculous. How am I suppose to get any sleep? Thanks

1-3 times a week?? That's a bit a manager, I make sure to come in daily before nights goes home, to be available to talk with them. I generally stay over into afternoon shift so I can be available for them also. Staff meetings are monthly, at 7:30am, 2:00pm, and 3:30pm in order to get as many people to come as possible, and they are paid if they come. Minutes are typed and posted so those who can't come can see what was discussed. I don't make a big deal if some can't attend as long as they read the minutes and don't say "no one ever told me that" regarding new information, forms, etc. I also utilize a communication board to relay information. And I try to work some offshifts periodically so I can be there for them. Your manager can find creative ways to get information to you and to receive information from you if he/she will try. :)


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Your facility is very lucky to have you!!!

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