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  1. weetziebat

    I want to do something else

    I've been a nurse for a looong time and it just keeps getting worse. I can understand why you say what you do, but it may have something to do with the hospital or unit you're working on. Before you go through all the expense and time involved in getting into a new career, check out other things. Maybe a small, rural hospital. Or working with an HMO, or clinic. I have had very few nursing jobs that I could say I really love - alright, till now maybe one or two - but I'm now in hospice nursing and truly love it. One of the few great things about nursing is that it covers a very wide range of specialties from which to choose. Don't know anything about legal nurse consultants, but is there a forum on here for them? If so you might check it out. Hope you find a niche in nursing you like. If not, get out while you are young and find a career you can live with. You've got far too long before you can retire! Good luck :wink2:
  2. weetziebat

    Managing my time :-(

    Yeah, I've been told my notes are very thorough.:rotfl: What I'm finding helpful (when I have time) is to go back and look through other nurses notes and see just what they chart. Wow! can be a real eye opener. I've got to stop thinking there is a need to include so much info. I'm actually leaving the laptop at work. Eventually we are supposed to be able to do all our charting from home, which will be nice. In other ways maybe I'll miss the companionship and just being able to turn in any direction to ask a question. And, I agree - Starbucks is a fantastic place to chart!! Far better than trying to find a shady spot, though I sometimes will stop in a park after getting some fast food for lunch. Except I inevitably manage to spill sweet 'n sour sauce all over my blouse.
  3. weetziebat

    What is better per visit or hourly pay?

    I've never done 'per visit' but wouldn't want to either. Other nurses I know who have done this were excited about it at first, thinking they would make more money, but it didn't work out that way. I just prefer the known hourly salary, without feeling the rush to get done with the visit. Good luck with whatever you decide.
  4. weetziebat

    New hospice house, WHAT A RIDE!!!!

    I remember reading your posts about the new job and have wondered how it was going. So glad to hear you like it. I don't work inpatient hospice, but I do agree that hospice is the most rewarding field of nursing I have ever worked in. The satisfaction of really making a difference is what nursing should be and so often isn't. Sounds like you're doing a great job. :)
  5. weetziebat

    Managing my time :-(

    That's whats so great about this site - you get to see you are not alone with nursing issues and get good advice to boot. Been doing some thinking about why I feel the need to put in so much info. Doing the eval. and being the first nurse involved makes me feel like I need to do a detailed H&P, to include all aspects of the patients illness and life. Kind of like trying to paint a picture for the nurses to follow. So I include waaaay too much info, when you consider they are on hospice because they are dying, and we are there for comfort care. Not necessary to write a novel including the kitchen sink. Funny how some stuff just has to come to you in its own good time. Like realizing the above. Ten people can point it out, but you have to 'digest' and internalize it before it makes sense to you. Does that make sense? Anyway, it is good to see I'm not alone. Thanks for your tips. I'm still chugging along. No overtime so far this week. Woo Hoo!!
  6. weetziebat

    Managing my time :-(

    Thanks for the encouragement. We've been at it about six weeks now and just about everyone is pretty discouraged, and the meds are the worst part. We're having ongoing conversations and some things have changed - unfortunately not enough.....yet anyway. I know I'm a slow typist, but really don't think that is the problem. There is just so many 'picky' little things that have to be clicked on, and no typing speed, I believe, could make some of the stuff go any faster. But I do love my job, and management is really responsive to our request for changes, so I'm a hangin' in there..........just may need to vent sometimes........particularly when it takes me a ridiculous amount of time to finish what could have been done in a quarter of the time with paper. Am anxiously awaiting the time when it becomes not only bearable, but wonderful. Good to know that is possible.
  7. weetziebat

    Going Saudi first

    I agree that anyone would have much to consider moving half way round the world to any country, but the statistics you read about Filippinos having problems in Saudi are the uneducated folks who take jobs as housemaids, nannies etc. - where they live in the families home and are subject to the families rules and way of life. Many times they are taken advantage of by the segment of the population who feels women coming abroad alone are sort of like property. There are many cases of kidnapped women from abroad being kept hostage even in the U.S. The nurses working in hospitals are in a far different situation. But I'm tired of trying to point out that everyone is welcomed to their own opinion. Was just telling Barbie my experience as I lived there for eight years. Certainly no one is forced to go there, and the decision is entirely up to her. And folks, I am OUT of these Saudi posts. Many people see only what they want to and that's fine with me. Good luck with whatever you decide, Barbie.
  8. weetziebat

    Managing my time :-(

    Hi River, Don't have a clue what program we're using. Wouldn't be so bad if we could just freely type in information, but using the forms where you have to check the 'almost-correct' answer and then type in the 'real' answer, and having to 'fill-in-the-blanks' takes sooo long. If you make a mistake with a med you can't just delete it, you have to cancel, then the screen goes back and you do it again. Just a second there, five seconds here, and before you know it an hour has passed. I really take very few notes in the home. Just jotting down vitals. The rest I can remember till I get back to the office. I've tried using the computer in the home and it takes even longer, cause you are stopping to answer questions. Was told we're going to have another meeting as there are apparently quite a few unhappy laptop users. Only one hour of OT today. Woot!!! Ain't I great? :stone
  9. weetziebat

    Going Saudi first

    Well, the OP hasn't been back and it now seems to be a battle between the rest of us. I really don't want to fight about it - every country has good and bad. If you search around you can find facts to back up just about any opinion. Personally, I loved the time I spent in Saudi Arabia. They spend a fortune to keep it amazingly green, have a cool mountainous portion of the country, the breathtaking oasis at Hofuf where there must be hundreds of acres of palm trees, the Red Sea has fantastic diving, beautiful beaches on the Persian gulf - and, no, you won't find anyone in bathing suits lying on the sand - but no one stops you from taking off your shoes, rolling up your slacks and wading up to your knees. Nor did I have on my abaya or head scarf. Just slacks and a tee shirt. Everywhere is air-conditioned, and (I swear I'm telling the truth) I never met a Saudi who was anything less than friendly, respectful and willing to go out of their way to be helpful. Oh, except that one old man who was a sitter for his grandson at the hospital. He grabbed at my chest and when I told the Saudi interpreter, all hell broke loose. They grabbed the guy and four Saudi men lit into him about how wrong that was and gave him a 20 minute lecture, then made him apologize to me. If you read American statistics on murders, rapes and violent crime it would scare the bravest person. And, for all our freedoms, we fear walking alone at night in any large city. That is a fear my friends and I never felt in Riyadh. Maybe cause they behead murderers, rapists and drug dealers. Just my .
  10. weetziebat

    Going Saudi first

    you might want to make that a camel you ride to work on. have seen many camels in the back of pick-up trucks, and many goats in the passenger seats, but must say you'd be the first woman to ride a camel (or horse) to work. you're very welcome. i never mean to get involved in these saudi discussions, but when i read so many negative remarks, often from people who have never been there, it just irritates me so much i have to add my two cents. :uhoh21: what is really amazing to me, at least, is how the press (newspapers, television, whatever) lies. we get told what our government wants us to know, or think. it is only when you get outside the country do you see how one-sided the info we hear about is. (i know i ended the sentence with a prepostion, as i frequently do, and appologize in advance to anyone it may bother.)
  11. weetziebat

    Happily Addicted to allnurses.com

    :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: Yep, know the feeling. Love your song!
  12. weetziebat

    Managing my time :-(

    I suspect things will start to tighten up here pretty soon. Think the OT is being O.K'd since we just changed to laptops. Not something I imagine they'll be willing to part with long term. Have talked with nurses from other agencies who all say they feel the computer has slowed them down considerably, but its not like we have the choice to return to paperwork. So, I am hanging in there and trying to improve. Think it drives me crazy because I've always been an organized, OCD type and not one to lag behind. True, as I get older I have mellowed out a lot and no longer seek perfection. Something in the vicinity will be more than good enough. But still want to be in the vicinity, if you know what I mean. I do feel too much is expected of us if they stick with their present plans, but will just hang in there and see how it goes. Do my best - can't ask for more. Think I'm just gonna have to forgo the nice, relaxing 'getting to know you' chats with my patients - seems to be heading in the same direction as everything else. Only so much time to fit everything in, and its usually the patient time that suffers. Being salaried...........now that sucks big time!
  13. weetziebat

    Is it always better to die at home?

    llg, sounds like this is a real sore spot for you, and I'm sorry if I added to your grief by my response. In hospice work, I only deal with folks who want to die at home, if at all possible. Of course, it sounds like your mother made her decision, had enough money to do things the way she wanted and, in the end, died just as she wanted to. Nothing wrong with that! That is the entire concept of hospice - to let the people who are dying call the shots. A 'good' death is what we all want for our patients, and that means honoring whatever the patient feels best with. You have no reason to feel guilty or defensive - your mom had a 'good' death, and thats all that matters, no? :icon_hug:
  14. weetziebat

    RNs- Mostly first born? Alcoholic fathers?

    Oh, yeah, that dark, dark horrible path. All alone with a madwoman, and as a child what can you do? :sofahider In my teens, I took myself off to a psychiatrist, thinking everything must be my fault, like mom said, but confused, not feeling it really was. M.D. spoke with my mom, then told me "You don't need to come back to see me. You're not crazy, but your mother is and the best advice I can give you is to get as far away from her, as fast as you can, and never look back."
  15. weetziebat

    Coping skills for dealing with trauma

    Regarding dealing with burnout. I'm sorry to say, and believe I am in the minority, but once I get burned out, nothing will help it but changing jobs. I've tried all kinds of advice but I just never get back the enthusiasm or joy at working there, and then start feeling cynical and not caring. Oops! time to leave. Depending on the job, I've lasted anywhere from a year to seven years. Maybe you can turn it around with counseling. Good luck
  16. weetziebat

    Going Saudi first

    Barbie, I worked in Saudi for eight years. Most of that in Riyadh. I absolutely loved it. The last time I was there was in Sept. '05 Taif is a lovely city - much cooler than say Jeddah. True, the Filippino nurses are not treated as well as western nurse, which somehow includes South Africans, but all the Filippinos I spoke with said it was much better conditions than they'd expected and the pay was far more than they'd make at home. The only thing to keep in mind about the money is that, while it is a lot more than at home, and your rent, utilities, meals, transportation, uniforms etc. are paid for, the groceries you buy will be considered expensive. Same price for everyone. Also any clothes you buy, though some places, like the souqs have tiered prices. Westerners pay most, Filippinos in the middle, and Saudi's the least. Helps if you bargain. I would say to go. It's only a year contract, which is very unusual for Filippinos, and you'll have an entirely different experience to add to your life. Also, since there are so many Filippinos there, it is a very social time. Unlike now for westerners, since so many have left. I never felt afraid, and the Saudi people are lovely. The press plays up problems and it may scare you, but it is really lovely there, and you'll get to spend your time waiting for your U.S. visa learning new things. The Saudi hospitals tend to have the latest equipment and techniques and the doctors are happy to explain and teach. Military hospitals are good as well. Good luck with your decision!