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  1. Nurse with bipolar disorder or adhd?

    I think you have proven you are doing well as a nurse. If and when any issues arise regarding patient care or safety, then it should be addressed, just as any other nurse, not because of bipolar. You are showing you are mindful of keeping control, ...
  2. Hostile work environment

    You must stand up for yourself. If you start out with everyone dumping on you, it will only get worse. Believe me, they are all watching to see what you will do. Be kind but firm and professional.
  3. Psychiatric Certification

    There is no test to get certified by Medicare,,,,,,,,,you just submit your resume.
  4. Psychiatric Home Care Nursing

    I am a little confused by your post. Home Health does not do nursing home care. There are psych nursing homes. I have been director of one. No, I was not scared. Your experience prevents that. Not understanding the patients and their behaviors when ...
  5. Psych nurse pay?

    That's horrible!
  6. Psychiatric mental health nursing in tulsa

    Laureate is the nicest facility that I know. I worked there for agencies and loved it.
  7. Frustrated and considering a career change

    I suggest you try agency work. You can either stay where you are and do your college work, or take a travel assignment and do your college work elsewhere or online. Agency work gives you a chance to try other fields of nursing and other companies. G...
  8. Psych nurse pay?

    Psych nursing is a specialty and you are much more valuable than they seem to be paying..................knowing you are in a position to ask for better pay may help you..............psych nurses are hard to find.
  9. I read in the Nursing magazine years ago to "never specialize yourself out of a job". I think that was great advice and over the years, I have kept my skills/knowledge up in both areas. Psych nurses are difficult to come by and they are valued. Some...
  10. Psychiatric Certification

    Medicare certification for home health agency to be able to bill for psychiatric visits. This is in demand and makes it very simple to show that you are qualified. Once you get it, it is good for any agency you work just submit a resu...
  11. Psychiatric Home Care Nursing This website will help you. I loved the psych patients. You will be fine. The documentation will come easier as you do the assessments and learn what the question is asking and how to answer it according to government standards........
  12. Carter

    Thank you for the info. Stillwater is office I am considering.
  13. Carter

  14. Carter

    Need someone to tell me how Carter Home Health compares to other home health as far as being RN employee is concerned. I know I can look up Home Health Compare, but I want to know thoughts of actual employees. Thank you.
  15. Add'l jobs for RN's other than bedside

    I agree that being miserable in your job can effect your health in every way no matter how short .........months can hurt you mentally and physically and also socially as well as your family's well-being as they see the effects on you and cope with t...