Need someone to tell me how Carter Home Health compares to other home health as far

as being RN employee is concerned.

I know I can look up Home Health Compare, but I want to know thoughts of actual


Thank you.


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Could you give a location? Have never heard of this company and assume it is local.



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I may be a bit late in responding to you. I work for Carter, in the Hospice part. I don't know how they actually compare with other Home Health. Until I came to work here, I had worked at various Hospitals on ICUs. I can tell you 11 of us with a lot of ICU experience at OU Medical Center, have come to work at Carter, in hospice or home health over the last year. Only one has gone back to OU Med Center. The pace is good,. the staffing is good. My only complaint is the insurance sucks compared to a huge group like HCA. Otherwise, we are all quite happy.

My clinical coordinater was a co worker at OU. The CC for home health in the OKC office was also a coworker, who I consider very competent and nice. What office were you wanting to work in? I'm sure it varies by office. The people in the Norman office, that I had worked with at OU, seem to like it. I am in the OKC office. One of the people I went to Nursing school with, and worked with at OU is at the Stillwater office. He likes what he does.


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Thank you for the info.

Stillwater is office I am considering.



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Gary in the Stillwater office, was a class mate and co-worker at OU Med Center. I think he may be the Clinical Coordinater for the office. Like I said before, I'm not familiar with other companies. I would think if they pay what you ask, .... try it. Each office may be different, but I think all the RN positions are salaried.



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Hi. New to this thread. Anyone have any experience with carter home health in Irving, Texas? I am looking at an RN position there. Can someone give me pros and cons to the position?



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Carter just merged with our current home health here in Ft. Lauderdale FL. Seems like a great company but I will let you know.

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