Man-hater in my clinical

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yeah exactly thank her for all that she has done. later when you are working she will be the one with a 400lb gastric pt. looking for someone to help move the pt. or a combative pt that a male could handle just by being a guy. she will have her issues later when it counts, so no worries. issues now when it means little forget about it.


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I just started my first rotation (LTC) 3 weeks ago, and from the beginning I've been getting seriously bad vibes from one young woman in particular. I don't understand why she has to hate. Is it because she feels that men are encroaching in on one of the last female-dominated fields and trying to take that away from her? I try to make it known that I have a girlfriend and am not in the program just to meet girls. I am here for one reason alone: to learn as much as possible to be the absolute best nurse that I can be.

Normally I wouldn't let this get to me, but I swear she's trying to set me up all the time. Trying to point out my flaws and weaknesses in front of the instructors, spreading rumors to other students - and other stupid high-school things of that nature.

Does anyone else experience this crap? I know that I have to just be bigger than that, but it's really distracting me from learning at my best. I'm just looking for some wisdom...

Sorry to nag, but I've got to vent somewhere... :angryfire

Hello my friend,I have the greatest empathy for you for the same thing happened to me in the ICU.I was doing my job as a Nurse extern and found numerous pt care issues.Here is an example: D-5W infusing on a Diabetic /IV sheet stated 0.45NS should have been up 2 days ago.I brought it to her attention she changed it immediately and documented nothing . May I state I have never had or ever will have intentions to show up any RN's but this is how they interpret it!!.Another incident was a mans Pt acct# ID bracelet on a woman for at least 2 shifts with administering meds obviously breaking the golden rule of checking arm bands before med administration were talking at least 4 RN's here.I tried to protect the RN's and changed the band immediately saying ,"this looks a little tight lets put this one on a little looser.Aother situation making a long story short and getting to the bottom line was a 91 year old lady with broken rt Femur R/T osteoporosis who squeeled with rt arm pain everytime she was moved, I pushed for an Xray which revealed a broken arm which she laid there with for 8 days undetected.I can go on but the bottom line is over a period of 2 months they trumped up twisted truths about my pt care turned it into unit supervisor which started out by giving me a sheet with guidelines r/t what I could do and what I could not do.Nursing service supervisor was also there and they both interpreted they false accusations as gospel.The immediate unit supervisor did not even do a one on one with me before calling in Nursing service.They said I can turn in a rebuttal within 30 days......Hey what good would that do? So I gave two weeks notice and requested they wave it and let me leave then because I felt I could not work efficiently with "The Lynch Mob". I terminated my employment and went back 2 months later to apply for a job in a different unit and they said I was banned from employment for a period of one year...It was hospital policy after giving 2 weeks notice...I reported the pt care discrepencies to the upper authorities who did absolutely nothing about it .So in reply to your post ,YES I HAVE EXPERIENCED MAJOR DISCRIMINATION . I had to just let it drop because my wife works at this hospital and may have made things difficult for her..This was a huge injustice to me by the floor Rn's and even the unit supervisor.


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During my stint in college the first time around, I worked in a bank. My area was 100% female. It was the worst job I've ever had because the women were so catty and childish. Rumors, lots of gossip and the cold-shoulder treatment if you ever even disagreed with someone. Not to say all women are like that, but you definitely run into that more with women than men. My husband can disagree with other guys @ his work and then go out to lunch like everything is ok. You don't see that with women too often. Just hang in there. It's not going to last forever. :)

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Uandirns, I noticed that you are new and this is your first post. Congrats.

Do me a favor though. Go to the Introduction and Greetings forum to post a little something about yourself there. Members enjoy knowing who our new members are. Thanks for your post. Sorry to hear about your past run in with discrimination.


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Don't you worry now. I personally love men. :)


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Don't you worry now. I personally love men. :)
now thats a new perspective.:wink2:


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I am a 42 year old married junior nursing student in a BSN program. Not only am I male, but I am over twice the age of all my classmates. I am a retired construction worker, and stand out like a turd in a punch bowl with a back drop of all the eager, smart youngsters. I have had my share of folks who just don't think men, partitularly older men with wives and children belong in the nursing program. I work like a crazy person to keep a B or B+ average in all my classes, but still I get remarks, looks, and some general snippyness from about 1 out of 15 of my classmates. I let it fall like water off a duck's back. What matters is the dougnut, not the hole. Keep working to be the best nurse you can be, and let the nay sayers have their day. Who knows, she may drop out, and you will have the licence to practice when all is said and done. You may see her as a patient some day, and actually do her a good service in providing her health care when she needs it most. These are the things that make a person a human being. Not their age, gender, or sexual preferences.:)

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What matters is the dougnut, not the hole.
I am sooooooo keeping that in mind :)

PS: Are you a Roy Rogers fan?


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I try to stay positive as much as life will let me. My mother was a big fan of Roy Rogers, and never missed a chance to seee him do a show. She actually really loved Trigger, his trick horse more than anything in the world. That is how I came by the given name of Roy. It is funny, as my Daughter also loves horses and has all the same charm and manerisms as my mother who passed on before she was born. Funny how life works out sometimes. In many ways I am blessed, as I have had 4 generations of women in my life at one time or another to teach me that I really know very little about women, and probably never will. With this in mind, I do the best that I can to get along with them day by day and enjoy the differences we have. Patience is one factor that I embrace, as it helps me stay happy and pleasant regaurdless of what else it occuring at the moment.


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Speaking of man haters...I had a clinical instructor who was going thru a divorce this qtr. and she was out to get all the men in the group, which was like 5 of us. Man, just get used to it and brush it off. Remember, when you are quiet and don't say anything is when you look best to your instructors. They know what is going on.

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I just don't understand this. I have a good friend who is having problems with some female students on his clinical. Said female students made continuous comments about yet another male student and he had to go before a committee to defend himself and is now on probation.

Just do the best job you can do. I find some of my fellow students (now in my senior year) to be extremely catty--constantly commenting about another student's absences, etc. I get so freakin pissed off--it's none of your don't know what her life is about. :angryfire I just don't understand why it's such a problem to them personally grrrrr wonder I have more male friends than females :)


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i am sorry that you feel this way. i am in a nursing class of 32. only 3 are males. i love them dearly and couldn't get through the program without them. the first day of school the seniors are asked to give one piece of advice to the freshman. mine was to be good to the boys. they give the best hugs, have the biggest shoulders to cry on and become the best nurses.

best of luck to you.

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